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bito On September - 1 - 2011


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Every so often I intrude TO/OT with a personal pick of a site that I find important that I feel needs to be shared and not lost in the shuffle of the constant flow of thoughts on The Planet.

And yet with globalization, we seem to have developed a strange apprehension about the efficacy of our ability to apply the innovation and hard work necessary to successfully compete in a complex security and economic environment. Further, we have misunderstood interdependence as a weakness rather than recognizing it as a strength. The key to sustaining our competitive edge, at home or on the world stage, is credibility — and credibility is a difficult capital to foster. It cannot be won through intimidation and threat, it cannot be sustained through protectionism or exclusion. Credibility requires engagement, strength, and reliability — imaginatively applied through the national tools of development, diplomacy, and defense.

The Y Article

A National Security Narrative


kesmarn says:

Working in a hospital tends to teach people to keep their emotions pretty much under control — at least while they’re on the job. But tonight I came about as close to losing it as I ever have.

I was admitting a patient who needed in-patient attention because she was so sick from the side effects of chemo that she was getting dehydrated. She was down to about 88 pounds and was so weak that walking the short distance to the bathroom was almost too much for her. In the process of the admission interview, we are required to ask patients whether they have any concerns about paying for medications or their hospitalization.

Her answer was: “Oh yes! The state just threw me off of Medicaid. I ended up on Medicare, but I have no Part D, so I have to pay for all my own meds.” (This included her chemo.) “I’ve tried and tried to call my case worker but the phone just rings and rings most times. If I am able to get through, all I can do is leave a voice mail. And the case worker never calls back.”

I assured her that the Social Service people would get on the case and advised her to let them fight the battle for her while she got some rest.

Inside, I was boiling.

This is not “austerity.” This is murder.

How Kasich and his Tea Party cronies could expect this frail, very ill woman to navigate through the systematic and deliberately neglectful maze they had set up is beyond me. I’m sure the medicaid case workers have ridiculously unrealistic caseloads. I doubt that they are intentionally refusing to return her calls. No. The blame for this horror story doesn’t fall on the patient, the case worker, the hospital, or the Department of Job and Family Services.

The blame for this belongs squarely on the shoulders of John Kasich, the Koch brothers who own him, and the RW in the State of Ohio.

There should be an especially hot corner of the Great Eternal E-Z Bake reserved for that crew, comes the REAL rapture.



American Civic Knowledge Survey

Both the ancient Greeks and Romans valued wise and public-spirited citizens. Let’s see just how wise you really are? Are you a Barbarian, Philosopher King, or something in-between?


Mapping the Measure of America

Written by bito

Was once a handsome frog until kissed by an ugly corporate princess.----- Like a well honed knife, the internet can be a wonderful and useful tool. It can be used to prepare and serve a delicious meal or it can be used to cause harm. peace

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  1. SallyT says:



    However, one of my favorite old movies is Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) with Cary Grant.

    • KQuark says:

      Wow this is bad.

      Love old movies and “Arsenic and Old Lace” was one of my faves. The character actor rolls of Peter Lorre and Raymond Massey were priceless.

      Did you ever see “Balls of Fire” (1941)? That was a great movie with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck.

      • SallyT says:

        KQ, I loved the Brewster sisters, too, in that movie. Yes, I love “Ball of Fire”. They promoted that as Snow White/not so white and seven professors. (I don’t remember if there really were 7 professors or not)

  2. SallyT says:

    And to think I use to like Rocky Anderson…

    New Party-Justice Party


    Gee, Rocky, I don’t like you anymore!

    • KQuark says:

      Sounds like a vanity campaign to me. He probably knows he can’t win as a liberal Dem in Utah so he’s gonna take his ball and start a new game.

      • SallyT says:

        KQ, I don’t know. He was a pretty popular Governor in Utah and was elected as a Democrat. So, he won there before. I have no idea why he is doing this.

        • KQuark says:

          Respectfully, he was never governor of Utah. Like you said earlier the highest office he held in Utah was Salt Lake City Mayor. They haven’t had a Dem governor since the ’80s.


          Anderson has had a chip on his shoulder since he was not supported by the Dems when he ran for a House seat and lost to a Republican. He attacked Obama even before he got into office.

          • SallyT says:

            You are very right! He was the mayor of SLC. I dont know why I said Governor. Brain freeze! It would only be possible for a Democrat to get elect in SLC as that is as close to having a liberal section as anywhere else in the state. He doesnt care for the Prez that is for sure. He has been really talking up Huntsman. I don’t think he cares for Romney that much. I just don’t like him even talking about another party and claiming to be a Democrat. I am sure it won’t go anywhere.

  3. kesmarn says:

    Ron Paul’s anti-Gingrich video. Impressive, Mr. Paul. And gracias, too, for saving us the time and money.

    • kesmarn says:

      President Obama signed an executive order the day he took office to close Guantanamo. Since then, Congress has voted no less than four times to continue policies that keep Guantanamo open. Congress has voted unanimously against civilian trials for detainees, voted against funding the closure of Guantanamo, and voted for indefinite detention.

      Thanks to Bob Cesca for clarifying. Again.

  4. kesmarn says:

    “Please don’t come in and disturb me no more. When I’m gone you all can come back and do whatever they want to.”

    The words of a nearly 104 year old lady who was nearly evicted from her home — along with her 83 year old daughter. Deutsche Bank foreclosed on them. But the sheriff’s deputies and the movers couldn’t bring themselves to go through with it.


    • SallyT says:

      Kes, on Lawrence Odonnel he just announced that Chase Bank has decided to let this 104 year woman stay in her home. They said they will work something out with her. Lawrence also added that Chase made 19 billion in profits this year. I think they could let this one pass don’t you?

      • kesmarn says:

        Wow, Sally, how magnanimous of ’em! They’re not going to push the 104 year old lady out into the middle of the street in her bed on Christmas day!

        Should we all send a thank you note to Ebenezer Dimon?

        Sorry for all the snark, but good Lord…! What have we come to?

    • SallyT says:

      Kes, there are good people in this world! Bless those men for walking away. She has lived there for 53 years! How much could she owe on that house? How much could that bank be out on it? They have been fighting the bank for years. There is more to this story, too, Kes.
      We had a woman here in a wheelchair and a sign saying: “I am 88 years old. My house is paid for but I am going to lose it because I can’t pay the property taxes on it this year.”
      Portland doesn’t have a sales tax but our property taxes are very high. With so many people moving up here from CA and paying way too much for houses (of course still less than in Calif) and the games the banks were playing with people and home loans, we passed a bill in 2008 that they could raise property taxes by just a certain percentage each year. The housing market was booming and people were getting hit with property tax increases in enormous amounts. (Ours went up $1000) So, they wanted to control the increases and spread them out. Well, now it has gone the opposite way and our houses are worth less but the taxes are still going according to the that bill. People are in an uproar! This poor woman has been caught in that trap. That damn housing game the banks played have affected us in many ways.

      • kesmarn says:

        Sally, I remember seeing “Gone With the Wind” when I was a kid and wondering what was the deal with Scarlett and always paying those darn taxes on “Tara.” I was too little to realize that you could own your home free and clear and still lose it if the property taxes weren’t paid. I had never heard of that happening in real life.

        And I suppose it didn’t happen all that often back when I was young.

        Now, however, it’s a different story. There ought to be exceptions made for the elderly, wouldn’t you think?

        • SallyT says:

          Kes, there is help for the elderly but not if your house is worth more than you owe. If you have equity, you are suppose to borrow the money against your house and pay the taxes. Now, who is going to give you a loan if you are old and no one is making loans anyway?? They don’t forgive the tax but defer a portion.

          • kesmarn says:

            Good question, Sally! Who’s going to lend to an 88 year old (or a 103 year old)!?

            And the tax office assumes that she can repay a loan? If she were able to repay a loan, she wouldn’t be having trouble paying her damn taxes in the first place!

            I think maybe we mere citizens are just a little too logical to be working for the county tax department. Just like those sheriff’s deputies in Atlanta.

            • kesmarn says:

              Sally, sad but true. And in this housing market, I wonder if it’s even still possible to get those reverse mortgages that allow you to borrow against the house on the assumption that the bank will own it when you die. It’s hard to imagine that many banks want to own even more real estate right now.

            • SallyT says:

              Tax Collectors don’t care how you repay the loan to the bank. All they want is the money for the taxes that year. Of course the lady is on a fixed income so any payment is going to be hard. I am sure her taxes are $4000 for the year. They won’t lien your house until the 3rd year. If you pay atleast one of those years, they won’t lien until the next year and it being 3 years outstanding again. She is probably at that point.

  5. SueInCa says:

    NYC has it’s own megalomaniac in Bloomberg -- NYPD is his army


    • SallyT says:

      Sue, I bet when Bloom was a little boy he loved playing with those toy soldiers, those green rubber ones. Does this mean that NY is a police state?

  6. bito says:

    Just saying:
    Woman Who Blew the Whistle on Massive Foreclosure Scandal Found Dead

    43-year-old Tracy Lawrence was scheduled to be sentenced on Monday morning. She faced a maximum of one year and a $2,000 fine after pleading guilty to one charge of notarizing the signature of a person not in her presence. When she did not show up her lawyer notified the judge that she was concerned about the woman’s safety. Police went to her home and found her body. According to KSNV Las Vegas:

    Metro Homicide Detectives working the case said, “It is unclear if her death was due to natural causes, or if it was a suicide.” Detectives said this afternoon that they have ruled out homicide as a cause of death.

    Ruling out homicide within hours is fairly suspicious for a woman who had so little to lose. Her only crime was to robo-sign tens of thousands of fraudulent documents on behalf of Lender Processing Services, a large company routinely used by major banks. This month she turned herself into the Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto. According to MSNBC….

    More>>> http://wepartypatriots.com/wp/2011/11/30/woman-who-blew-the-whistle-on-massive-foreclosure-scandal-found-dead/

    • kesmarn says:

      Why would she voluntarily turn herself in, go through the whole legal process and then commit suicide? This doesn’t add up.

      They don’t know the cause of death yet, but they’re absolutely sure it’s not homicide? That’s interesting.

      I wonder if we’ll ever know what really happened here, b’ito.

      • SallyT says:

        That, too, Kes. And, a one year sentence that would probably been house arrest or probation for a first offense. $2000 fine is nothing. More to this story for sure.

        • kesmarn says:

          That’s what I thought, too, Sally. And it’s doubtful they would have given her jail time and a fine for a first offense. Maybe one or the other. Something smells on this one. And it’s not “Country Apple.”

    • SallyT says:

      Bito, I don’t think I could read that and not be suspisious. They find her dead on the day she is to appear in court???? And, her attorney was concerned about her safety???? I think there may be more to this story……

  7. SueInCa says:


    Occupy Wall Street violates the tenets of Christianity…..but the Tea Party?

    “In truth, these two movements have been intertwined since the dawn of the Tea Party movement in 2009, when Republicans with a religious-right constituency saw a way to seize greater power within their party by playing to the Tea Party crowd.”

    • This is my biggest complaint against organized religion. It is far too easy to manipulate in the hands of dishonest people. That’s why I flinch whenever religion is included in social and political narratives. One’s faith is a very personal matter and has absolutely no place in the public discussions, outside of one’s church, cathedral, temple or mosque.

  8. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    A Confusing Story: Where’s the Truth?

    It is being reported that the Senate voted Tuesday to keep a controversial provision to let the military detain terrorism suspects on U.S. soil and hold them indefinitely without trial — prompting White House officials to reissue a veto threat.

    The measure, part of the massive National Defense Authorization Act, was also opposed by civil libertarians on the left and right. But 16 Democrats and an independent joined with Republicans to defeat an amendment by Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) that would have killed the provision, voting it down with 61 against, and 37 for it.

    I spoke with legislative aides at both of my Senators’ offices and with an aide in Sen. Udall’s and Sen. Levin’s office. The linked statements below reflect their thinking.

    Below please find three links. The first provides the exact wording of the provision with some comment pointing out the key lines; the second is Sen. Udall’s Amendment, the third is Sen. Levin’s response to the attacks on the Appropriations Bills, the fourth is a commentary that provides the best analysis I have found so far.

    Bottom Line: It appears that Levin’s Bill is the one that respects citizens rights more than the Udall Amendment. And hardly anyone has spoken of the impact of the Supreme Court Hamdi Case which is very germane.

    Here they are:






  9. SallyT says:

    If someone has already posted the following, sorry for doing it again. But Ellen Brown is one of my favorites when it comes to understanding national debt.

    European Central Bank Fiddles While Rome Burns


    • SueInCa says:

      I love that website. If you like that, you will also like


      It will keep you up to date on what the religious right and GOP candidates are saying you might not catch in your surfing.

      • SallyT says:

        Sue, to be honest, I don’t really follow that website much but I just watch for articles by Ellen Brown. (she was also on HP today with the same article but I refused to look there even for Ellen) I did look at it closer today and found some interesting things. Thank you for the other site. I will add it to my favorites and check it out.

        • SueInCa says:

          I got it mixed up with truth2action, not truthout which I also read. So many websites to get info and I am running like the proverbial chicken

  10. bito says:

    I am the #99Percent, and I have #9Demands to get America working again. What are yours? #ows

    Americans across the country have spoken up. We’re sick and tired of a country that only works for the 1%. It’s time to bring the corporate agenda to an end, and it starts with these demands—common-sense policies that would restore the balance for the 99%.

    What do you think we need to do to make America work for the other 99%? It’s up to you to make the ninth demand. It’s your opportunity to say what you think will get our country working again.


    1. Tax Wall Street for gambling with our money. Pass the financial speculation tax.
    2.Support education. Put teachers back in classrooms and ease the crippling burden of student debt.
    3. Keep working families in their homes. Pass a mortgage relief plan that puts the needs of homeowners above the greed of mortgage bankers.
    4. End too big to fail. Rein in the big banks NOW and hold the people who caused the financial crisis accountable.
    5. Fair share of taxes from the 1%. End the Bush tax cuts for the 1% and close corporate tax loopholes.
    6. Businesses should invest in jobs. Corporations must stop sitting on their profits and start hiring again here in America.
    7. Extend unemployment insurance. Millions of Americans are still out of work, and unemployment insurance is a vital lifeline.
    8. End corporate control of our democracy. Abolish “corporate personhood” and restore full voting rights to real people.
    9. Your call, add your suggestion


    Another good source:

    9 Ideas for Congress to Address the 99 Percent
    Simple Steps to Get Our Economic Engine Running Again

  11. bito says:

    How the 1% live:


    it’s 45 minutes long, so I won’t embed, but bloody amazing.

    • kesmarn says:

      b’ito, I actually saw this when it came out on CNBC, back in the days when I had cable. The first thing I thought was: “CNBC is such a tool of the mega-wealthy, why would they want this picture to be put out there?” And I still don’t know the answer to that.

      The next thing I thought was that the goal of almost all these ultra-wealthy people was “legacy planning.” Insuring that their kids and their kids’ kids, ad infinitum would always be “secure.” Translation: “would never have to work.” If work is so beneficial for the poor, why is it poison for the rich? If unemployment insurance makes people weak and dependent after just a few weeks, what does not working for generations do?

      I guess I’m just not as smart as my betters, b’ito. ‘Cause I can’t figure that one out.

  12. SueInCa says:


    Funeral services for slain officer Capoot of Vallejo are being held today. We have helicopters flying all around Benicia and Vallejo right now. The Officer was killed in pursuit of an alledged suspect in the robbery of a local Bank Of America. They expect over 4000 to attend the funeral including the Governor and other state dignetaries as well as Police Departments around the country. Officer Capoot was well known and a favorite of the community who gave of his time to all kids in the community.

    RIP Officer Capoot

  13. SueInCa says:


    You can come to church in Pike county Kentucky but if you are a bi-racial couple you can only participate in funerals. Well thank god for funerals then.

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