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AdLib On July - 2 - 2011

On this 4th of July weekend, the thought’s of independence and grilled burgers come to mind (not necessarily in that order). With Republican governors flouting the will of the people to benefit the wealthy at their expense and Republicans in the House threatening economic destruction if they don’t get to do the same on a national basis, the people are rising up.

Independence Day is coming at a very appropriate time, just when we need to remember how important it is to be a free people and not dominated by the powerful few. So this weekend’s theme is about being American and our belief in freedom and independence. So whether it’s a song about America or doing your own unique thing, show your independence by posting whatever songs speak to you.

This Land is Your Land – Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen (celebrating Obama’s Inauguration)

America – Simon and Garfunkel

Rockin’ in the Free World – Neil Young

American Girl – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield (Cheers WhatsThatSound!)

Revolution – The Beatles

Your turn to declare your independence and share your songs…feel free!

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Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Buddy McCue says:

    Here’s an old Irish emigration song called “The Green Fields of America,” played by Chris Ricker on the cello:

  2. zenith1959 says:

    Alice Cooper, “I Love America”

  3. Buddy McCue says:

    The Star Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix:

  4. SueInCa says:

    Neil Diamond -- Coming to America

  5. Khirad says:

    I’d be remiss not to include this:

    Soundgarden -- 4th of July

  6. Khirad says:

    Duncan McCall Pipe Band -- America’s Medley

  7. Khirad says:

    I call this what America really looks like. The Tea Party would call it an “invasion” leading to Shari’a Law.

    • Buddy McCue says:

      This makes me smile.

      The music here is a real mix of things, just like the American people. You can even hear the Roy Orbison riff at about 2:00. Very optimistic video!

    • kesmarn says:

      Delightful, Khirad.

      What the Tea Party always forgets is that assimilation happens no matter what. Much to the dismay of the old folks from the old country, by the time two generations are here, the kids can barely utter a dozen words of the “native tongue” grammy and gramps spoke. My daughter, who studied Spanish in high school and college, knows more Spanish than almost any grandchild of Hispanic immigrants we know.

      You can’t stop assimilation. But then, maybe that’s what the Tea People are really afraid of. Not the outsider. But the one who is inside enough to go to Harvard, Columbia or Stanford and compete with them.

      Long live the melting pot.

  8. whatsthatsound says:

    One Nation Under a Groove

  9. jkkFL says:

    And, for the guys..
    American Girl πŸ˜‰

    • whatsthatsound says:

      jeez, jkk! This has to be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard in my life! As revenge, I’m gonna try to get you to listen to this:

      • jkkFL says:

        HAH! wts, I thought you and Michele were tight..She liked it so much she stole it!!
        And…I would take Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood ANY day over that B52 crap!!
        You are in time out!! πŸ™‚

    • bito says:

      And Michelle Bachmann has cease and desist request on using this song in her campaigns. πŸ˜†

  10. jkkFL says:

    A Tribute..

  11. jkkFL says:

    What the US needs right now:
    A Bridge Over Troubled Water..

  12. jkkFL says:

    American Trilogy- my favorite!

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