Mother’s and memories often go hand in hand like when she held yours as a child taking you to your first day of school, guiding you through your young life or just a quick squeeze of it as a teen and later holding it softly late in her life.  Always your child, always with love and forever thinking “I hope I did OK with you, I tried my best “ and she did, she did it with love.
We all have stories, some good, some bad, joyous, frightful….  of our mothers.  Even the most severe punishment and discipline, I realized later, she was doing her best with her guidance and with love and always fooling me with “wait till your Father gets home.”

This may be a painful memory for some and may have memories of given for adoption, fostered or lost them early in life for other reasons, remember they gave you life and for that we can all be grateful.
For those that find this a difficult memory, please accept my apologies.

I lost my Mother years ago, but I still have memories of her holding me one her lap teaching me to read, later spelling (sorry Mom), taking me to art museums and political and Union gatherings.  Teaching me how to make my breakfast, coffee, separating darks and whites, peanut brittle and imperfect balance.  She played catch with me when my father was busy and locked me out of the house when I broke curfew (and we had crappy plastic lawn chairs and summer Midwest mosquitoes) but was always there to praise my accomplishments no matter their size.  There is no doubt in my mind that the most important things she (and my Father) taught me was the joy of learning and respect of others.  She was far from a saint.  She was my Madder, Mom, Ma, Mommy.

This is a short post, because your comments are what matter the most, if you feel like sharing yours whether fun, sad or glad, and for everyone burning breakfast  or visiting her, give her a special hug

Happy Mother’s Day.

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My mother-in law passed away last year from cancer. She was 60. Its been a brutal year for my wife since then. She was my wife’s best friend, my two sons’ confidant, and a good and kind lady who was one of the first of my wife’s ultra-mormon family to accept and embrace the heathen her daughter was dating. This is for her.


My mother was my best friend, too.

So when it came to her dying, and my older brothers, they lost their mother, whereas I lost my best friend.

It’s hard.

And I don’t care how long it’s been, time does heal, but the pain never goes away.


Mom is 82 and going strong. When I called her today, she was mowing the lawn. (I would have, but I couldn’t find a lawn mower with an 800 mile handle)


KT that’s awesome. I hope you get to enjoy her for a long time to come.


Anyone here who is or has had, does have, will have or knows someone who has or once had a mother: We’re all to be congratulated–and thankful.

Happy mother’s day to us!


My mom was all like, “Why would you do that?!”

And I’m like, “Everyone else was. It looked like fun.”

And she counters with, “If everyone jumped off the train bridge, would you jump right behind them?”(there was a railway bridge in town spanning the river. pretty high up)

So of course I said, “We already did that. A long time ago.”(by “we” I meant me and my brother. that’s right. 2 boys.)

All that was left was for her to say, “Get in the damn house and wash your hands! We’ll deal with this after supper.”


A very Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms here and out there. I hope the kids have done something really special for you. Mine unfortunately have done nothing but demand food and cuddles since I opened my eyes, they are now fed and I just had to make my own mug of tea. Kids!!!!!!!

Treasure them when you can, when they have gone you are left with a hole in your heart that never heals, and sometimes bittersweet memories for all the things you wanted to say and didn’t, and all the things you have wanted to share with them, and couldn’t.

Cheers to ALL the mothers around the world, and thank you!


Bito, I love your mom! She did a great job!
She did much of what I do, Arts & Activism!
Beats the Mall!
Happy Mothers Days!


Happy Mothers Day to ALL moms on the board, whether of the four legged or two legged variety!

I am not a “natural” mom, and my children seem to come packaged for me at about age 15. But I feel truly, truly blessed to have been able to “choose” such wonderful and wonderous human beings to be “mine”.

Today I was awakened by a great cup of coffee from the Blov, and the Pup at the bedroom door, with a gift of bath salts and a sweet card. As any mother will agree, it’s the words and the cards that perhaps mean the most. My four legged “babies” all communicate with the Blov as the interpreter.

My mom spent her life trying to take care of my sister (and yes, she DID like her best – but Daddy liked me best. We were lucky there were only two of us.) She was an excellent cook, cleaned the house like nobody’s bidness, and would iron my father’s clothes and hankies while watching “Edge of Night”. She fed and cleaned up after MY pets. She had a very loving heart, and was one of the sweetest souls on earth. I take more after my daddy, sorry to say.

All moms are special, and to them all, I say “Congratulations to you. Look what a difference you made.”

That being said, I am happy to have grown up in a time and a place where I had the choice of whether or not to bear children. For a woman who chose NOT to be a “real” mom, I’m thankful I’ve been given the chance to be the “American” mom to so many.

And thanks, Bito for this lovely tribute to your mom. I will thank her tonight for the gift of you when I say my prayers. – AB


AB, A Mom is a Mom.
It doesn’t matter how your children arrive; just that they did, and you were there.
We have two ‘adoptees’ in our family. They are Our Kids, Period.
One of them has decided to have a natural child, and adopt to fill out their family!
Our Kids are Our Kids. The kids know how they arrived. They also know they are treasured.
Nothing else matters.
Happy Mom’s Day!

Haruko Haruhara

Pamcakes and huckleberry syrup for Mother’s Day!


I lost my Mom in December- this is a particularly hard day.
But after reading your post, I realized I had so many Happy Memories to cherish; so many hugs to feel again, so many notes to reread- it’s a good day to focus on what I have of her.
Thanks, bito!


Many condolences, jkk. Every holiday for the first year after a bereavement is so difficult, isn’t it? The thought that’s always in your mind is: “Last Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc., she was still with us.”

I hope you find comfort and solace in all those good memories today.


Mom passed away on the 20 of December- so Christmas was a daze, today was far more clear..
e’cat, nobody has a perfect relationship- you just have to discard all the hurtful things and maximize the good ones.
kes, unfortunately this looks like the ‘first year’; I’m sure it will be hard.
But, as my dear nephew said at her funeral, ‘The only reason Grandma lived so long was because she was waiting for the Cubs, and the Pacers to win championships!”
“At 86, she just gave up!”
Moments like that will always creep in 🙂
Happy Mother’s Day to kid, and furrykid Moms!


As much pain as you are in, jkk, I deeply envy you that relationship. My relationship with my mother was 50% battle zone and 50% guilt, with only a tiny smattering of good times. I tried for years to “fix” it but never quite succeeded. You are so lucky to have had that closeness.



Thanks for this post, Bito!

A very happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful Moms at The Planet and everywhere else! And for all adult kids out there…


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Planetary moms out there!

This will sound so familiar to so many of you 21st century moms. Yours truly is scheduled to work today, but is hoping to be put on the on-call list. Not for whooping-it-up purposes, but because the daughter is also scheduled to work. And her daughter is sick with strep. So the best that can be hoped is that I will be able to fill in for the working mommie to care for the little sick one on Mother’s Day.

Where is the June Cleaver life we were all promised? 😀

Would we ever have regrets about having become moms, though? Never!

And a big Thank You to b’ito for thinking of us all.


Happy, Happy Mother’s Day to all our Plant Pov Moms! Wishing you flowers, candy and plenty of LOVE!
We’re celebrating by heading to Brimfield’s huge antique shows – it’s sort of an enormous show combined with the atmosphere of a Renaissance Fair! Hope you all have Fun too.


Hi- I know Brimfield but never got to the antique fair, sad to say. I’m many miles from there and miss it, so I especially wish you a wonderful time. Enjoy!