There was a drum circle for Earth Day in one of our parks here in Atlanta, and my wife & I attended, and brought our drums.


Usually, the people here who participate in this don’t like photographers, but I explained that I was only taking shots to make a painting, so they let me do it. I used my photos as reference for this oil painting. It’s about 40″ x 30.” That’s my wife on the right, playing the conga.

I had painted the moon on her drum, and there was a sun on the blanket that they had laid down for people to kneel on, so I thought that was a neat juxtaposition for the painting. The whole thing (the drum circle I mean) turned out pretty well… about 20 or 30 people showed up.

I like big drum circles like this. Even though I don’t play any kind of drums very well, I find that if I bring my bongos, I can just stop thinking and let my hand do what they will… they kind of fall into place, and keep the beat all on their own.

This happened a few years ago, to be honest, but I thought I share it with you all, because the painting did come out pretty well.

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It’s extremely difficult to depict that sort of scene (60s, hippies, new age, etc) without it looking cliche. Most writing, painting, photography along those lines really falls flat for me. You, however, have transcended that problem, went beyond the “scene” and found the people. Really well done. I think it’s got a bit of Diego Rivera in it.



Buddy, really great work. I don’t know why it reminds me of Seurat



Funk — This is one of my favorite paintings, ever.


This painting reminds me of some paintings(I am sorry I don’t know the artist) that were featured in the Cosby Show. They were pastoral scenes of black women and the artisty caught my eye.

I am a Thomas Pradzinsky fan. I love his paintings of Paris streets. I have one of his serigraphs number 12 of 200. Cour de L’Etoile D’or is the name of the painting.


Another beautiful painting!
I love the soft- almost ethereal quality.


Buddy, this is wonderful. The dappled sunlight is perfectly done. The trees are amazing. And the character I like best is the woman on the left with her frank, steady, unsmiling but not unfriendly gaze out at the viewer. She pulls the observer right into the painting.

I’m recovering from a ridiculously expensive car repair at the moment, but I would still love to make arrangements to be able to own my very own signed Buddy McCue! I’m going to hold that thought!


Kudos Buddy. Another great painting. I really like this one. (not that I don’t like the others) 😉