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Marion On April - 27 - 2011

So now we have the long-form birth certificate. The 44th President of the United States is a natural-born citizen, and the document was produced amidst a fervor of speculation which has never gone away since being slyly introduced into the campaign arena by some disenchanted and bitter PUMAs. A large proportion of the GOP freshmen Congressmen elected last year doubted that the President was really an American citizen, and their Congressional leaders refused to disabuse them of such a silly notion.

The fact that the President was forced to end such insidious speculation by actually producing his birth document is an embarrassment for America and a blight upon the intellectual reputation of its citizens. The fact that it had to be produced after weeks of outright slander at the hands of a high-profiled American business mogul and reality television star, who’s, allegedly, mounting a run for the Office, himself, smacks of something else entirely.

Donald Trump has often mentioned briefly that he’d like to run for President, but such remarks were always incidental. Trump was too busy shedding wives and businesses to do anything serious in preparation for running for public office – like voting. Yet all of a sudden, for the past month, all we’ve seen is Trump on any and all television networks and chatshows, loudly declaiming doubt about the President’s citizenship. It didn’t matter that everything he was saying was an outright lie – that no one in Hawaii remembered the President as a child, no one admitted going to school with him, that Trump had sent investigators to Honolulu to seek out the elusive birth certificate, that the document was hiding something about who or what the President really was – something sinister.

The only thing that really mattered was that Trump was contributing to the Big Lie school of propaganda: repeating something often enough and loud enough so that eventually people hearing it would come to believe it. Since over 40% of Republicans already believed that the President wasn’t American, not only did these claims further ensconce their belief, they convinced this demographic that Donald Trump was the best and most qualified candidate to run for President from the Republican party.

Some people reckon this is all a publicity act, designed to garner viewers for his television show on NBC; others disagree. On Monday night, Bill Maher, guesting on The Late Show with David Letterman, bet Letterman a week’s wage that Trump was a serious candidate for President. He was doing this, reasoned Bill, simply because he could.

I’m wondering if Trump’s got other motives.  I’m actually wondering if Trump isn’t a stalking horse, a smoke-and-mirrors man testing the waters for someone else.

True, since Trump’s emerged, no less than Michelle Bachmann and Mitt Romney have declared they’re setting up “exploratory committees” – sorta kinda like a cowardly way of wondering what people will make of them as candidates before they actually declare. If people like them, they’ll be bold and go for the prize; if they don’t, they’ll retreat to oblivion and lick their wounds. Ron Paul’s emerged with a committee of his own.

But something else has happened too.

Two days ago, Haley Barbour was the first of the wannabes to announce that he actually didn’t intend to run for President. The former RNC chair and current Mississippi governor has certainly run into some long-term memory problems with regard to the history of race relations in his home state, and he’s an ex-lobbyist and Washington insider, which would mean Haley would campaign, not for change in Washington, but for much of the same old same old.  But Haley’s closing the door on his candidacy opens up a couple of other doors as well.

Indiana governor Mitch Daniels has often been pitched by the pundits as a viable Republican candidate for 2012 amidst a field full of hucksters, flip-floppers and certified batshit; yet Daniels repeatedly has said that he wasn’t interested in running, especially whilst Barbour, a personal friend, was thinking about a candidacy. Such was their friendship, that Daniels wouldn’t even think of opposing him on the campaign trail; rather, he’d put his full endorsement behind the Mississippian.

Now Barbour’s out of the race, closing the door of candidacy behind him, but graciously holding a door open for Daniels, should he be so obliged.

Not only that, but there’s also a grassroots movement afloat in certain areas of the Republican party. The Republicans are a party steeped in history, just as the Democrats are. The only difference is that the Republican Party is mindful of history and uses it as a guide, where the Democrats, since 1970, at least, have thrown historical caution to the wind. This particular tranche of the party is harkening back to the election of 1952, when it looked as though their only hope was the ueber-conservative Senator from Ohio, Robert Taft, son of the former President and Chief Justice. Horrified at the thought of such a Rightwinger being the front-runner (in those days, there were such things as moderate Republicans), various party operatives got a movement going that resulted in the drafting of war hero, Dwight Eisenhower, and the rest – as they say – is history.

Now there are rumours afloat of an effort to draft Jeb Bush, after looking over the flotsam and jetsam offering themselves up as sacrificial lambs.

What’s this all to do with Trump? I’ll tell you.

Trump blasted on the scene, preaching birtherism from all angles. He took it, shook it and threw it into the mainstream in a way it had never been done so previously. On his way, he managed to make enemies of three such important American icons as Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld and Robert de Niro. Whereas before, birthers were to be scorned and ridiculed, like the preposterous Orly Taitz, now an American business tycoon was echoing doubt and threatening all sorts of investigative action, dominating the conversation in and around serious political discussion shows, amongst other things.

The result is that the President produced the document: to stop the silly season behaviour and shut everyone the hell up. Trump trumpets victory, saying this was all he ever wanted the President to do, and he’s done it. The birthers skulk away to mutter their doubts to themselves and try to come up with something else with which to disqualify the President, searching for yet another euphemism to use in place of the word “black.” John Boehner breathes a sigh of relief, because he won’t have to slap wrists and compromise his principle of not telling people what to think (not that he ever really had any principles in the first place).

And into this somewhat saner arena could step a bona fide, viable and potentially strong candidate in the form of Mitch Daniels … or even a drafted Jeb Bush. Just remember that the last time the Republicans drafted a Presidential candidate, we got 8 years of GOP rule and an introduction to Richard Nixon.

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  1. KQuark says:

    The biggest problem is we live in a world of increasing denialism which some of you know is one of my favorite science blogs and where I got most of my truly subjective information about universal healthcare systems around the world and the ACA law in the US.

    Chris Hayes had two guests on that explained the psychology of what I call denialism. One guest said there is actually pathological behavior that has developed based on emotions for conspiracy theories like there are for people who are pathologically sexist, xenophobic or homophobic. One thing both guest pointed out was that the internet is the perfect place to foster these pathologies. I have always talked about the existence of internet bubbles meaning whether the issue is birtherism or climate change denying an ideologue can spend the vast majority of the time they spend on the internet in those manufactured falsehoods and simply ignore any data that is contrary to their opinions.

    But today it’s even gone beyond the fringe internet crowd because the crazy has slipped into the MSM mostly for momentary reasons. That’s why there is not an Edward R. Morrow that can save us with the truth anymore. Because anyone can just ignore any part of the media that is telling the truth especially since there are media outlets like Faux News and 90% of talk radio that are expressly delivering ideologically based pathological lies.

    • whatsthatsound says:

      Exactly. And guys like Alex Jones who scare people about evil overlords who control everything, start wars and assassinate leaders at will, but can’t seem to do anything about Mr. Jones himself. I asked a Jones supporter that once, “how come they don’t just shut him up if they have no scruples, plan on wiping out a quarter of the human race and can get away with whatever they want?”

      His answer? Alex Jones is not “important enough”.

      The king of all conspiracy theorists, the guy who is alerting the world to “their” plan, with a whole army of devoted listeners and readers, isn’t important enough? I mean, what can one say when faced with such?

      • chazmania says:

        It just occurred to me that denializam can work on anyone.
        Im not saying AJ is right im saying some may throw out the baby with the bath water because the nanny is crazy.
        When is it a conspiracy is valid? when its found out? but then its not conspiracy anymore?
        Funny the people in our history that had been arrested for blasphemy or heresy for claiming the world was round and was pronounced crazy..
        I think the guys a bit nuts myself but has some valid arguments.
        as well as all the people that denounce religion make valid points.. Science is a language as well as religion is and can be used to describe aspects of the spiritual self.. i don’t think they need to be mutually exclusive. Its the bastardization of both for the control and manipulation and exploitation of other people by a few power made sociopaths that has made it aberrant and dangerous to our survival as a people and species..our ignorant arrogant use of technology coupled with religious nutters as to its use has been a recipe for disaster for us all…But technology in itself is not “evil” its use and abuse that IS a form of “evil” when its used in the way i described. to oppress and exploit and strip from some to give to others wielding the power of the technology.
        I believe there is a clear “them” in positions of power in our world that use their positions to manipulate the system to advance themselves off the backs of others.
        we all see it and talk about it and wish it was more in the peoples awareness.. So i don’t like the idea of heavily labeling people as does most right wingnuts in an attempt to demonize people. (IE “liberals” now associated with the criminal elite narrative that seems to have worked wonders on the moron majority)….I realize i just was hypocritical myself calling right wing-nuts what they are…OOOPS
        Oh and to answer if Donald trump is a horse?
        NO he is a fucktard rich nut case example of EVERYTHING that is currently wrong with the human species..

        • whatsthatsound says:

          Chaz, AJ may have “valid” points as you say, but he has no one to blame but himself that gets lost. He is so OTT, he slathers all kinds of hype onto those valid points, thus INvalidating them. His paranoia meter goes up to eleven. And yes, frankly, I’d like to ask again, why do “they” tolerate him?

          My guess? “They” are not who HE says they are. The world is run by greedy and unscrupulous people, that can clearly be seen. They are all over the place, and they are doing their work to foment antagonisms because it helps sell weapons systems, etc. Bad, greedy people seem to have a habit of scratching their way to the top of our commerce based society. Why lump them into some ancient cult? Why, because the fascination factor goes up so much higher when you do. People tune in! You become their hero, the brave champion of humanity against the sinister overlords. It’s a great sell, and AJ is making it work.

      • Khirad says:

        Excellent move! How come I never thought of that tact with the Prison Planet woo-woos? After all, it doesn’t do any good to argue about facts or logic with them.

  2. PocketWatch says:

    BTW, after doing a little research, and something to stick in your back pockets if needed…

    Trump has always loudly claimed that his casinos are 100% squeaky clean, never any connections with organized crime. He says this a lot.

    Not true, it turns out. People he has hired to run his casinos have had ties to the New Jersey mob and Asian organized crime.


  3. whatsthatsound says:

    Okay, I’m dense. As usual.

    This article is suggesting that Trump isn’t seriously thinking of running, but he might be pretending that he is in order to:

    -- jumpstart the candidacies of OTHER Republicans? What, like the Republican Party was planning on sitting out the ’12 election otherwise?

    -- look ridiculous so that other, real, candidates like Jeb and Mitch Daniels look better? Like the Republicans don’t have enough crazies ALREADY doing that? (Bachmann, Paul, Palin, Huckabee, etc.) How does joining a crowded line help?

    Aren’t Republicans supposed to be allowed to have credible candidates (if indeed Mitch Daniels is one, I don’t know about him)? And shouldn’t it be THEIR responsibility to demonstrate that indeed they ARE credible? What does The Donald have to do with that?

    Moreover, how does the Repub party INCREASE its chances of being taken seriously if it fields a freak show primary, with a few non-insane types thrown in for good measure?

    I don’t get it.

    • AdLib says:

      Right with you on all of your points. As you say below, sometimes an egomaniacal media whore is just a egomaniacal media whore.

      • escribacat says:

        You guys have strong arguments on this point but — I still think that “the do” is not as stupid as he acts. Well, stupid maybe, but extremely cunning, and capable of and willing to take on any sort of deception. Remember he has managed to build up a fortune a couple times and become a media sensation — unlike all the other dollar-oriented moguls. He knows how to manipulate the media and seriously enjoys doing it. There is a strong possibility that he doesn’t believe all this hogwash he is spouting and is simply manipulating the media — perhaps for fun, perhaps for other reasons. Last week, LO was talking about how Trump doesn’t even TRY to give intelligent answers — he is not taking his own “campaign” seriously. Could be simple arrogance — perhaps, and perhaps not.

        • AdLib says:

          As WTS and Kes pointed out, Trump would have to be altruistic, egoless, self-sacrificing, more interested in principle than money and fame, and willingly subservient to far less powerful and wealthy people.

          I just don’t see how any of these traits could be attributed to Trump thus I find his motives to be exactly as expected, self-serving and intended to increase his celebrity, power and tv show ratings.

          As for whether he believes anything he’s saying, I agree with you, he doesn’t believe any of this crap, it’s just a cynical dog whistle to get media attention and Bagger devotion.

          His pandering seems so transparent to me. If the Birthers thought the world was flat, Trump would be saying that right now too, anything to be the star of MSM news channels and whip up the morons and racists in the GOP into supporting him.

          Being at the top of the GOP polls gives him power in the media, he knows it and to scum like him, power is all that matters, he’ll say whatever it takes to get it and keep it.

          • escribacat says:

            I admit, Adlib, I have trouble seeing Trump as “altruistic, egoless, self-sacrificing, more interested in principle than money and fame, and willingly subservient to far less powerful and wealthy people.” 😆 Seems a little unlikely.

      • PocketWatch says:

        AdLib -- And a ‘cigar’ is just a ‘cigar,’ which in the Donald’s case, is true, regardless….

    • kesmarn says:

      WTS, the argument also implies that The Donald is capable of acting somewhat altruistically. That is quite a stretch. Even if one assumes it’s a sort of calculated, pragmatic altruism, it still seems very out of character.

      I don’t think he’s even that complex.

      He seems to operate from the lizard brain only.

      • whatsthatsound says:

        Yeah, that too. I have a really hard time picturing him colluding with a bunch of back room GOP “fixers” to participate in something like this.
        Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, let’s remember.

  4. funksands says:

    Dear Mr. Trump:

    Its me again, your biggest fan, I was at your recent press conference in New York, front row! I was the one in the “Celebrity Apprentice­s Do It Better” shirt. I waved, but you must not have noticed me. I tried to get your autograph at the rally in Boca Raton last week, but you must have been in a hurry.

    Anyway, I’ve been following you around in my brother’s van ever since I saw you at the Marriot Shoals in 2005. We were having a fund-raise­r to build our local library, and thanks to the $5000 per plate ticket, we got almost 12% of the funds we needed.

    I was captivated by your dazzling smile and even more dazzling brain, and ever since I’ve made it my mission to follow you like an acolyte, learning the Trump way. It’s been difficult without a job to make ends meet but thanks to my disability check and unemployme­nt I’ve been okay.

    Things haven’t been easy for you either, declaring bankruptcy four times and seeing your hotels and casinos close must have been difficult. Obviously you need to hire some better employees!

    I am very anxious to finally have someone like you teach our country some fiscal discipline­. Entitlemen­ts are going to be the ruin of our nation. The Trump way of innovation­, imaginatio­n and guts is what will pull our nation through.

    Thank you for exposing the President for the imposter he is. Without your tireless sluething, who knows if we ever would have forced the CIA to forge that birth certificat­e.

    Anyway, time to move the van before I get a ticket. Keep up the good work!


    The Lowest Common Denominato­r

  5. whatsthatsound says:

    FACT! Hawaii didn’t become a state until 1959!!!
    FACT! Obama’s birth certificate says he was born in 1961, TWO YEARS BEFORE Hawaii became a STATE of the U.S.A.!

    ERGO……oh wait never mind……

  6. foodchain says:

    Where is Edward R Morrow? We have a type of McCarthyism growing again. Where is the news? Instead of stopping, they assist Trump? He is laughing at us all. He made our President do something no other news, birther, GOP or anyone else could do. How do we come to this? How do we lose the purpose of the discussion to a minor point? How do we all get so lost? The point is not to prove it. The point is why are they asking? That is the penetrating question. That is the debate we are not having. The big picture. The GOP leads the discussion all the time because we get caught defending rather than questioning the premise.

    • choicelady says:

      Good on MSNBC for calling out The Donald and Ms. Taitz. MORE important, they called out NBC and CNN for covering this BS and for letting The Donald blather on without noting whether or not he is renewing his entertainment program which means NO, he is not running for Prez.

      That the CNN reporter in the White House briefing should keep up this drumbeat of stupidity puts CNN into the wingnut camp. I realize they are hard pressed for news (since covering real news is hard, doncha know) but honestly -- grow UP!

      We do have good commentators, a la Murrow, but they are NOT on mainstream news. Every day I become more impressed by LO -- he does at lower volume what KO started but became too hyper to finish. Cool dispassion works. Fervid hype undermines the message, and that’s where KO breaks down. LO was right to get angry with Ms. Taitz who would NOT answer the question but now has some drumbeat on President Obama’s selective service Social Security number. Now how would she GET those records which are not public? Well the old-fashioned way -- fake ’em.

      And shame on Oprah for asking Obama why “it took you so long” to “produce your papers, BOY.” She just validated Jim Crow and apartheid standards for Black men. That alone was as disgusting as anything Taitz and her ilk have demanded.

      Let us agree that if this is the new standard that everyone, including The Donald will have to comply. The Donald’s mother was not a US citizen at the time of her marriage to Trump’s father -- she was 18 and came from Scotland. Was she legally present? Was she ever a US citizen or a citizen when The Donald was born? And where are HIS records concerning military service during Vietnam? Did he use his father’s influence to evade the draft? Ask questions of a sitting president, you should be able to answer them yourself.

      This racist BS is beyond disgusting. It is powerfully dangerous, and Trump needs to be called out on it. Thank God MSNBC and some others are beginning to do this openly. Only willingness to state that Trump’s motives are entirely racist will end this garbage. HE is playing the race card, not his critics. The truth shall set us free.

    • bito says:

      Exactly fc, I f you listen his short presser, he wasn’t so much admonishing the birthers as much as he was telling the press WTF, why are you guys even covering this crap, we have serious things that you can discuss. All that went right over their heads and they were back on the birther story.


      They couldn’t even have the intelligence to know when they just got scolded.

    • foodchain says:

      Sorry, the rant got to me, but I think the question is still valid: why do we run to defending their attacks instead of questioning the attack itself? Why not put it in their field for a while?

      • audadvnc says:

        The MSM is owned by a half dozen giant corporations that represent the Top 400 families. They have no interest in sharing with you little people. They plan to take it all for themselves.

  7. KillgoreTrout says:

    I just finished watching The Last Word with Orly Taits. BRAVO, BRAVO Mr. Lawrence. He handled that exactly the way people like Taits should be handled. I would love to see more of these crazy people treated in the same manor. Answer my question or get off of my show. I really hope this becomes a trend in American broadcast journalism. Once again, BRAVO Mr. Lawrence!

    • chasethis says:

      KT--I most appreciated LO’s intro: “For the first AND LAST TIME EVER on this show--Orly Taits.” Paraphrasing, of course.

      His fearless take down of NBC programming executives tonight and over the last few nights indicates to me he’d really really like to lose his job over a righteous cause.

  8. Artist50 says:

    Marian -- I always love your passion. I don’t know if they’re making way for Mitch Daniels but being from Indiana, I’m warning you be very afraid. Today we are the first state that is considering stopping all funds to Planned Parenthood on our own. Mitch is actually not as socially conservative as those he has around him like Mike Pence, but he has privatized anything he can get his hands on in this state, rented our toll road to another country, tried to privatize Medicaid which didn’t work and we’re still paying that back. He took away our unions rights’ about five years ago, so he’s really ahead of the game. He doesn’t have much charisma but he works hard and his ratings are high in Indiana. The gossip around here is that his wife doesn’t want him to run.

  9. BlueStateMan says:

    The “charges” put forth by the “birthers” have been categorically answered ad nauseam to the satisfaction of all reasonable people… and however many times that the unreasonable try to deny it, the prime motivations behind this concocted “controversy”, is this;

    If President Obama was exactly the same man…

    If President Obama had exactly the same credentials…

    If President Obama had exactly the same documentation..

    … but was WHITE instead of BLACK…

    There would never have been a “birther” movement to begin with.

    There are many genuine problems facing the United States that need serious attention, and to spend even a nanosecond acquiescing to the vapid demands put forth by a cadre of crackpots is giving them credence that they don’t deserve.

    A simple rule of thumb in this instance is to “ignore the ignorant”… they might not go away, but they should never be allowed to control the agenda.

  10. foodchain says:

    I think Donald is a STRUMPET. He’s Trumposterous. But, the larger question here has nothing to do with Trump. The larger question to be asked is why this has gone so far without any attack on the Birthers? Frozen Face from AZ has given grace to ending this subject. But we are talking about Obama and Trump (argh) rather than talking about why. We are being hood winked at this very moment. The issue is the persistent attack on an elected president—just as they did with Clinton, although Obama does not have smoke near him as did Clinton.

    The message of the media is so immediate and toxic that we all run to it instead of question it. The next march should be on the media.

    • chasethis says:

      foodchain--“The next march should be on the media.” YES! The media, following Fox’s “Fair & Balanced” bullshit lead is leading us right down the road to wrong. I could give a shit about “fair and balanced.” We need rigorous and probing investigative reporting. Without it, we are where we are. It IS Trumposterous.

      (Style points also for “strumpet.”)

  11. BlueStateMan says:

    Fun piece in “The Smoking Gun”…

    “This morning’s White House release of President Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate will, of course, do little to derail the “birther” movement, which will now analyze the document with the kind of verve previously directed toward those Texas Air National Guard memos faxed to CBS from that Kinko’s in Abilene.

    So here’s a few nutty points about the birth certificate sure to be seized upon by the nonbelievers:

    • If the original document was in a bound volume (as reflected by the curvature of the left hand side of the certificate), how can the green patterned background of the document’s safety paper be so seamless?

    • Why, if Obama was born on August 4, 1961, was the “Date Accepted by Local Reg.” four days later on August 8, 1961?

    • What is the significance of the smudges in the box containing the name of the reported attendant?

    • David A. Sinclair, the M.D. who purportedly signed the document, died nearly eight years ago at age 81. So he is conveniently unavailable to answer questions about Obama’s reported birth.

    • In the “This Birth” box there are two mysterious Xs above “Twin” and “Triplet.” Is there a sibling or two unaccounted for?

    • What is the significance of the mysterious numbers, seen vertically, on the document’s right side?

    • Finally, the “Signature of Local Registrar” in box 21 may be a desperate attempt at establishing the document’s Hawaiian authenticity. Note to forgers: It is spelled “Ukulele.”


  12. bito says:

    If you were watching Rachel and her piece on Goldie Taylor’s “Show me your Papers”


    • Kalima says:

      I’m not allowed to watch it in my location. Could you please ring and ask them if I have to move off my sofa, or just move a bit to the right or left of my screen? Thanks!

      • bito says:

        Kalima, while not as good as watching it, I think she added some in the video, you can see her remarks by clicking the link.

        • Kalima says:

          Thanks bito, I really DO feel like such an outsider when they do this to me. I’m on my way to watch. 🙂

          They have excommunicated me there too bito, no problem, I might get lucky somewhere else. *Sulksinacorner*

          • bito says:

            Kalima, that is strange, wonder why?

            • Kalima says:

              I’m a pinko-commie, no that can’t be right.

              There was a time a few years ago when during a CNN international news broadcast, my screen would suddenly go black and have a huge red X on it. For awhile I thought that I had been watching an X-rated film and had forgotten to turn it off. Turns out it was some dumb copyright thing about a story I could watch at any time on the Japanese news. Makes no sense to me.

  13. PocketWatch says:

    Been cruising around the interwebs, and now I see it’s all about proper notorization and the lack of a “proper” seal on the birth certificate…

    OK, then!

    • Kalima says:

      I demand to see theirs, I feel like wasting time nitpicking this morning. Don’t these people ever work for a living, they seem to be chained to their computers and must pee in an empty beer can.

      • bito says:

        C’mon, Kalima, they use quart Mason jars to pee in, beer cans don’t hold enough. 😉

        • Kalima says:

          I’ve only ever had to do it in plastic cups, and it is always a disaster. What a thought, I hope that they do it in a straight line, I’d hate to see the state of their carpets. Shudder. 😯

      • foodchain says:

        Kalima: Gave me a good laugh on that. This is such an infuriating issue, like a rally bad discussion with an angry child but there are no adults in the room. We are outside the “fishbowl” and can jump up and down but we can’t stop them. BTW, hoping for better and better and sunny and warmer.

        • Kalima says:

          I know fc, WHO are these people?

          I’m scared to death to read any more for fear of catching something from them.

          Thank you so much for your good wishes. The sunny and warmer has come to pass, but the downside is that it makes me sleepy. One more cat to feed. 🙂

          • Haruko Haruhara says:

            Hookay, fair is fair.

            Donald Trump if you want to run for president, let’s see ALL your financials … your tax returns, your bankruptcy proceedings, your divorce proceedings, all of it. After all, there’s some “legitimate” questions out there.

            Sarah Palin, if you want to run for president, let’s see ALL your medical records. PROVE to us you were actually born in the United States, PROVE Trig is really your baby.

            Michelle Bachmann, show us your financials on how your family received farm subsidies from the federal government to the tune of $250,000.

            How do you like it, Republicans?

          • foodchain says:

            Cherish them. I’ve had such great pets--hence foodchain (we had so many pets we had a —) They all have passed on from old age. So many great memories. I have no muddy feet or hair for a while! 😉

            • Kalima says:

              Yes I am fortunate in so many ways, and I’m glad that this brought a smile to your face. If I suddenly nod off and accomplish nothing else today, it will have been quite worth it. 😀

            • foodchain says:

              Kalima: what a smile I have on my face! Just a terrific image. You are fortunate even in this difficulty.

            • Kalima says:

              Oh I do fc, I still have 15 of them, I was talking about my sleepiness, and joining them for naps. I call my hubby the “big cat” because he can sleep just about anywhere.

      • PocketWatch says:

        Kalima -- this subject has always been a laugh to me anyway, simply because of the ‘dog that didn’t bark.’

        Has no one ever heard of “opposition research?” When there is a viable candidate for any national office, and even state offices, the opposition ALWAYS does research on the candidate, looking to dig up dirt and bad stuff, or even anything that can be spun.

        When President Obama became the Democratic candidate, does anyone think that the Republicans, as virulent as they are, didn’t do that research? Did they simply miss this little point?

        This whole thing is, and always had been, utter nonsense, given how people are elected these days.

        • Kalima says:

          PW of course they left no stone unturned in their rabid attempt in 08 to find someone to down him with. This is just trying to blow smoke up the rectum of 2012 voters. I hope they wake up or invest in chain mail underpants before next year, although some just love being led around the yard by their nose rings I’m sure.

  14. choicelady says:

    I demand The Donald show us HIS long form birth certificate.

    NY doesn’t issue them.

    Then I want The Donald to show proof of his ever having gone to college at all.

    And then a CAT scan to prove he is alive under that hair and has a brain.

    • jkkFL says:

      Personally, The only things I want from Donald Trump are:
      A. SILENCE
      B. Absence
      Other than that.. he can do whatever he does. I can avoid them.

      • Kalima says:

        I think he needs to clean, shampoo or rethink his rug. It sure looks moth eaten and wayward in the last few links I left on MB about his fights with Seinfeld and De Niro. Oh and stop with the old fashioned, orange tinted Max Factor pancake make up, he looks quite “alien” for a “white” man

        Forgive me, I was just trying to see how it feels to be as ridiculous as he is. :).

    • AdLib says:

      I created a bogus one for Orly Tate I posted here…if I have time tomorrow…

  15. escribacat says:

    LO bringing Taitz on to “apologize” to the president….ticking…she doesn’t look very pleased! Why not? Lawrence cornering her… “Are you now ready to apologize for the crusade….?” “Well, I hope I will have time to respond, which I did not have an opportunity to do before….blah blah blah…Obama’s statement is just a pre-emptive strike… blah blah blah…selective service certificate…blah blah blah…” LO pinning her in raised voice YES OR NO ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE…wow — she’s still denying it and LO is PISSED!!! ….”All right, that’s it. Get her out of here. I brought a crazy person on the show….”

    WOW. Yea Lawrence O’Donnell. That must have felt really good.

    • kesmarn says:

      😆 I saw it too, e’cat and posted about it on TO/OT.

      That was a little moment of television history wasn’t it?

      • escribacat says:

        It was a truly brilliant moment I will never forget. I felt like he was speaking for me and the president and for all of us who have been putting up with this fucking bullshit for too long.

        • kesmarn says:

          I so hear you, e’cat!

          (See my comment to AdLib, too, which was so much like yours! We’re on the same wave length here.)

          I don’t know what it’s going to take to shut these grenade throwers up, but we really need to do it.

          Rachel is talking now about how financially out-gunned we are. And that’s true. But I don’t think money is always the deciding factor. There are ways we can battle this crap without having to spend a fortune.

    • AdLib says:

      Between LO and CM, MSNBC is hosting “Bagger Smackdown” today. There seems to be a bit of pent up anger at these Birthers for their racism and dishonesty that’s finally being aimed at them, to drive the stake in their hearts and kill all possible credibility in the future.

      • kesmarn says:

        I sensed that even with the President, AdLib. The non-verbals during his speech said (imho): disgust, irritation, and some level of exasperated amusement.

        I think he and a lot of other citizens (including yours truly) are truly running out of patience with lunacy, venality and stupidity. It’s getting to be more and more difficult to suffer fools gladly.

        Fools do so much harm. To everyone.

      • escribacat says:

        I’m feeling it myself, Adlib. Watching the POTUS show his birth certificate on television really made me ashamed of this country. I’m glad he did it so we can put an end to this crap but the subtext of this whole drama is really embarrassing.

  16. lynettema says:

    So now Trump is going after Affirmative Action. Asking how President Obama got into Harvard when the Donald couldn’t.

    It’s time for Media Matters to get involved. It’s time to hit The Donald where he lives. He needs to be fired. We can start with his sponsors. With the racist remarks he is making, NBC needs to lose him.

    • AdLib says:

      It’s the same pandering to the racists who cling to birtherism, Affirmative Action is once again code for hating black people.

      Your suggestion is excellent, we should start talking about a boycott of all things Trump, I would think the NAACP might be interested in organizing that.

  17. PocketWatch says:

    An hour ago… The Donald in New Hampshire:

    “Now, we have to look at it, we have to see, is it real.”


    • Kalima says:

      This is what I said early in your morning on TO/OT, wondering who would be the first dumb quack to question it’s authenticity, and now we know who that idiot is, or was it Faux Snooze?

      Looking at this whole questioning of your President’s birth certificate as an outsider, I still have trouble picking up my jaw from the floor, especially with your msm. Could they even try to be more obvious about the fact of how much they are enjoying this?

      • Mightywoof says:

        I have to agree Kalima -- I’m forcing myself to stop rolling my eyes as I read more and more of this nonsense; I’m afraid one more roll and my eyes will never return to front and centre 🙄

  18. AdLib says:

    Can I just say, there was all this pressure from the MSM on Obama providing his BC which was a non-issue since legal documentation was already provided.

    Meanwhile, Bush fought to hide how he illegally avoided service in the Texas Air National Guard and improperly received a discharge. That was private information that shouldn’t be provided, even though it would have provided critical information about his dishonesty and how he cheats, which is information voters should have had in 2004.

    • choicelady says:

      AdLib -- one of the most horrifying moments to me about the AWOL issue of Forty-three is the rampage against Dan Rather over the document he had from a deceased commander that SAID Bush was AWOL. The attack on Rather, backed up by IBM, claimed said document was typed on an IBM Selectric Executive that was not publicly available in 1971 when the document was supposedly typed.

      OH. YES. IT. WAS. I worked in the President’s office at Cal State Dominguez Hills. We had those Executive typewriters IN that office from 1971 on. We hated them because they used proportional fonts -- if you typed a W but needed an i you could not erase and replace as you could on the conventional Selectrics. It was worse the other way around -- God forbid you typed a “skinny” letter but needed room for a fat one!

      I remember them well, and any perusal of documents in the chron (chronological) files of 1971 would let you know that virtually EVERY president’s office in the CSUC system (as it was known then) used those Executive typewriters.

      I wrote, called, emailed CBS and Rather stating this -- no one EVER answered. Why IBM would lie is beyond me, and why NO one followed up with a simple investigation of use is further beyond me. It scared the bejeezus out of me because it was so blatant. But why would RATHER not pursue it? It cost him his job. I have to suppose the message never reached Rather, and I had nowhere else to write.

      But here is the unvarnished truth -- IBM Executive typewriters were in common use in executive level offices in 1971. Period. I used them. I hated them, so yeah -- I remember them very clearly. That refusal to admit the model was in use was the biggest LIE OF ALL.

      • kesmarn says:

        That’s a heart-breaker, c’lady.

        It literally is along the same lines as the little parable — “For want of a nail the kingdom was lost.” (You know the children’s ditty — the lost nail caused a lost horseshoe, which caused a lost soldier, which caused a lost battle, which lost the war for the kingdom.)

        A seemingly small thing like which typewriter was in use when causes massive damage to careers and the defeat of a clearly superior candidate… A heart-breaker.

  19. AdLib says:

    I often criticize Chris Matthews but if you get a chance to watch Hardball today, he has on one of the Tea Party “leaders” on along with one of the AZ state senators who sponsored their birther bill…and he lays them out completely.

    He nailed the Tea Party loon to a point where he just wilted and couldn’t speak. The AZ State Sen regressed to sounding like a 5 year old lying about not stepping in paint with his footprints leading right up to him.

    For those wanting to see Baggers get hammered, this is a bit satisfying.

  20. choicelady says:

    Thanks Marion. I am not a good prognosticator of candidates, either those who choose to run or those who can win. I never see the allure in people with whom I disagree -- Huckabee being at the top of the list. NO ONE should ever contemplate electing a Dominionist Christian as president, but he’s hiding that fact, so…

    I think Chris Matthews nailed Trump, whether The Donald runs or not. Yesterday Chris called Trump “the whoopee cushion of the GOP”. That’s The Donald. That’s all I need to know.

  21. bito says:

    While I agree with some of the post and many of the comments, remember this is nothing new for Trump. The main difference now are the multiplying of the 24/7 cable crappers. Trump has been “thinking about running for President/ NY Governor since the 80’s and has said many outrageous, unsupported statements for years. He is a P.T Barnum, a bearded tattooed alligator lady, step right in, only two bits. Step right up, com’on in! And someone is always the first to start the crowd to step right up, the shill,a plant, a person paid to act like just an observer ready to enter the tent to see the freak. That is what we call the Media today.

    Run a search for yourself, type in History of Donald Trump running for president.

    • AdLib says:

      Right you are, Bito. This is par for the course indeed for this egomaniac. I see no conspiracies or strategies here (all the Repubs scrambling due to Trump makes it clear to me), just a wealthy asshole who needs to feed his sick ego.

      • bito says:

        AdLib, the only difference of his “joining the reform party and thinking of running, being pro-choice/pro-life, a 10%/20%, I forget, surtax on those making over a million, bankruptcies, calling Mayor Koch a moron, divorces, affairs, and now this birther shit is that we have 24/7 cable crappers. I don’t he is even a racist, he just uses racism to get in the news and feed his ego.
        And people fall for it, over, over, over…….

        • Kalima says:

          Don’t forget his childish and quite vicious display with Rosie o’Donnel years ago, how low can you go?

          • bito says:

            Oh, Kalima!! While never a big Rosie fan, that spat showed him for what he really is. Great call.

            And this guy a President?

            • Kalima says:

              😆 cl, you found it. No need to keep it under our hats or even sit on it. It’s official, Trump is a “fart”, the small kids in the U.K. say so.

            • choicelady says:

              Kalima -- I can’t reply below to your revelation that “trump” means “fart” -- which means Chris Matthews is right in the Whoopee Cushion remark! Only apparently Trump doesn’t NEED a cushion!

            • Kalima says:

              Making snide remarks about her sexuality showed that he’s not even fit to run a company never mind a country. Just looking at him has always made me feel queasy. When he opens his mouth, it’s “run for the hills!” A dumber mogul/mongrel, is hard to find. He’s going on about your President’s education now. 😆 😆 😆 !!!!!

              Btw, the word “trump” is slang used by small children for the word “fart” in the U.K. I should imagine it comes from the word trumpet, as in “Blowing your own trumpet” and it’s a perfect name for him because he certainly does a lot of that. Figures.

      • choicelady says:

        I agree, bito and AdLib. The man is nothing but a media whore. I remember his past forays, bito. You are quite right about that.

        Now, of course, with the “long form” presented, the NEW conspiracy from the Donald is that it’s falsified.

        So I don’t think the Whoopee Cushion is done yet. If you have no brains, you substitute hubris and chutzpah, and bingo -- you’re the center of attention. Stupid sells.

  22. agrippa says:

    I am about half decided to credit the state of the GOP to GWB. Eight years of that fool dragged down the party and drove away most of the talent. That administration is one the GOP and much of the country want to forget. I am not at all sure of the reasons for Nov 2010; I think that it was the recession and what the Dems did not do about it. I think that the WH turned over running the campaign to the party. That should not happen again.

    It looks like the GOP wants to return the favor. The GOP is overplaying/misplaying their hand in washington and in several states.

    This circus of GOPers running and not running is becoming a black joke. They may realize that no one can beat Obama.

    The key is Congress. The Democrats must regain the House and enlarge their caucus in the Senate. Then, pass effective legislation.

  23. PocketWatch says:

    This whole birther thing was nonsense right from the beginning, and there is a simple reason why.

    I have mentioned elsewhere that I was in the NSA, and held a Top Secret security clearance, including cryptographic access, which got me into places that even the President himself was not allowed to go without jumping through a lot of hoops. I taught people how to install and maintain the crypto machines that encoded all the traffic between embassies all over the world, the State Department and the White House, and also military intercept applications.

    To get that clearance, the government spent over a million dollars on my sorry ass. And that was back in 1970. FBI agents interviewed the nuns I had as teachers in grade school, my HS teachers, and people in my neighborhood. I heard about it, believe me. FBI guys wandering around a little town in Northern Wisconsin get noticed, believe me. I’m told my FBI file is over 6″ thick!

    Now, knowing that, what kind of scrutiny does a Presidential candidate get? How can anyone believe that a person’s life isn’t torn apart in great detail, along with his family and his friends, by the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, and his political party long before the primaries, or at least once he or she becomes a viable candidate?

    All those people missed a little thing like not being born in the US or not being a US citizen? I don’t freaking think so!

  24. bettybp says:

    Sometimes, when the prospect of TPubs becomes too horrible to contemplate, I amuse myself with silly little limerickys. The one for The Donald:

    There once was a critter named Trump
    Whose words to the throat brought a Lump
    The Donald thought it was Admiration
    But to us it was Perspiration --
    For the Donald is truly a Hump!

  25. escribacat says:

    I smell something here too, Marion. I suspect Trump might have been playing “Distractor”. Or — is he really that stupid that he believed the birther bullshit?

    • bettybp says:

      Hi, escriba! I too wondered it all that loud “Trumpeting” was merely to make the other Tbominations look good (not good, but not as off the walls as Trump) -- taking into consideration that Bachmann and even Jan Brewer have actually backed away some.

      • AdLib says:

        But if all knew this would make Trump look bad…would this egomaniac do that? And would he be at the top of the polls if this was true?

        Sometimes and egotistical panderer is just an egotistical panderer.

        • bettybp says:

          It’s true that the Strumpet Trumpet is a huge egomaniac; but nothing sensible can explain this fairly late coming Birtherbs from him -- perhaps because it’s just plain nonsensical.

          • AdLib says:

            I see plenty of sense in it. If you wanted to become an overnight darling of the GOP rank and file and get your face all over tv, go to the extremes that stir up the MSM and the Bagger base.

            It was very cynical, simple and effective. But Trump, like other billionaires, Wall Street, etc., only look at immediate gain without long term consequences.

            As mucb as he’s happy to get all this publicity, when this is all over for him, he will be forgotten by the baggers and reviled by reasonable people.

            And it will hit him in the pocket as well as doom his show.

  26. foxisms says:

    Great piece, Marion!
    And I’m surprised too at people making public announcements of NOT “throwing their hats in the ring”.
    Seeing this and not wanting to get lost in the deluge of people by the millions who might be contemplating such a moment of grandstanding, I’d like to announce here, publicly and officially that (a-hem,) I will not seek the office of President of the United States, either.
    I’m sure this will help many other Americans in struggling with this oh, so difficult decision as to who they may or may not vote for.
    Great! Now the only other person I would genuinely like to hear this from is Donald Trump and I too can rest easier.

    • AdLib says:

      Damn! Now who am I not going to vote for in the GOP?!

      Trump sucked all the air out of the room, how does Barbour, Daniels or Pawlenty get airtime on the MSM away from Trump.

      Marketing is everything in politics and if you can’t get your face and message in front of the voters, you can’t win. There are plenty of circus freaks in the GOP primary already, anyone who can’t outdo them hasn’t a prayer.

      And as I mentioned below, with regards to all the Repubs not running, how about the proposition that internal GOP polling is showing Obama will likely win against all comers?

      • foxisms says:

        All I know, AdLib is it ain’t me.
        I’m hardly GOP and I’ve already announced my non-candidacy.
        Besides, I’m hoping for a call from The Big Guy…maybe he’d like to add an average American with poor typing skills to his staff.
        I may not have a chance in hell, but I feel I have to be ready, just in case.

  27. AdLib says:

    A very interesting proposition, Marion and great background.

    There are indeed devious machinations behind the scenes, especially on the GOP/Koch/Corporate side.

    In the case of Trump though, the whole scenario does seem consistent with the egotistical attention-whore that he is. Trump is like Palin in that he sought to exploit the idiots and make idiocy “cool”. By doing so, he followed in Palin’s steps and attracted wide popularity among the GOPIDIOTS.

    The discomfort of the powerful in the GOP was visible, Rove, Cantor and others coming out to discount Trump and in some cases declare that Obama was a citizen.

    Just as with Palin, this seems like another case of an “outsider” in the GOP using massive pandering to the worst instincts of GOPIDIOTS to whip them up and get them marching mindlessly behind them.

    So, I don’t see the stalking horse ploy at work here.

    Also, when it comes to Mitch Daniels, he can’t win the GOP primaries (same with Pawlenty). The bulk of what remains of the rank and file GOP are Birthers, Baggers and Bigots. They demand the kind of extremist pandering that Trump, Palin, Gingrich, Bachmann, etc. are all vying to give them.

    And Jeb Bush? Would the nation elect another Bush after the last one? No way, at least not this soon after the last one destroyed our nation. I couldn’t think of a more powerful GOTV for Dems and a more discouraging choice for Indie voters than another Bush running for president.

    The Baggers primaried many Repubs who were more in the Daniels mold and aside from nearly zero name recognition right now nationally, there is nothing about Daniels that is more attractive to extremists than the extremists they already know and love.

    There could be a different outcome but I think the most likely result of the GOP primary will be a candidate that has established cred with Baggers and is in tune with the extremist, angry mindsets of their base.

    That being the case, I would say that Huckabee is the “best” candidate they have who touches those bases. Romney is not loved by Baggers, with RomneyCare and support for gay rights in his past and being a Mormon, I don’t see enough enthusiasm for him.

    Barbor has a massive ego too, he wouldn’t bow out to let Daniels have “his” presidency. Consider that Barbour has done extensive polling. Why isn’t he running? The polling likely showed he couldn’t win and very possibly that no Republican is likely to beat Obama in 2012.

    As for Trump, he could get far by continuing to pander, if he did decide to run. He could be their Palin candidate since Palin is acknowledged even by the GOPIDIOTS not to be bright enough to be President. And Trump could spend enormous sums on his own (though he would get millions from corporations).

    I see Trump not as a stalking horse but as an opportunist. There was a vacuum, with a majority of Repubs not happy about their choices and none of those who were likely candidates receiving much attention.

    I don’t think he planned on running but when he saw himself vaulting into the lead, his ego no doubt loved it and it had to get him thinking seriously that if the right things happen, he could indeed be president.

    Now, I don’t believe that, Trump would never be elected…but if his ego tells him it’s possible, stay in the fray TrumpRoast and keep dragging it all down.

    • foodchain says:

      Hi Marion, Always provocative and exciting. I think Trump is a new word; bigger than ego and sensationalism because of the very nature of this set of attacks. He’s more similar to Charlie Sheen. His real estate operations can’t be helped by this—especially his attacks on Obama’s education. The Title IX attack is geared to the same race baiting as the “illegitimate” president. It is not clear that this advances Trump in any way other than he can say he could embarrass Obama where everyone else only tinkered with it. He could make Obama do something that no one else could.

      As to the void of GOP candidates? Too many were culpable in the Bush spending fiasco, march to war, WMD’s Saddam Hussein = 911. No one has a record on which they can run except a governor. I do think that there are some who enter the fray to obtain $$, TV, book tours, etc.

      What I find the most troubling is not the GOP, not Trump, but the media. Complete lies pass for truth. Obfuscation is now a heightened skill. An uninformed electorate is the greatest threat to democracy.

  28. smit9187 says:

    As an African American, I am disgusted that white hate and stupidity has forced a duly elected President to prove he was born in this country. I know all whites are not guilty of this so I am not talking about all whites. The whites who are so wrapped up in being white and superior they absolutely cannot concede that a black person has any worth, these are the folk I speak of. This is so sad.
    I sure hope Jeb Bush would not be foolish enough to run after what his idiotic brother destroyed. I hope the economy continues to improve so even a Mitch Daniels wouldn’t stand a chance.

    • jkkFL says:

      having a foot in each state, I can flat damn guarantee this country does NOT want Mitch or Jeb!
      The mystery to me is how everyone forgets Daniels was director of OMB for Bush! (‘My Man Mitch’- comparable to ‘Heckuva job, Brownie’)
      I quote Wiki:
      “During Daniels’ 29-month tenure in the position, the projected federal budget surplus of $236 billion declined to a $400 billion deficit, due an economic downturn, and failure to enact spending cuts to offset the tax reductions.”
      HOW do people blow this off??

    • foodchain says:

      Hey smit: I couldn’t agree more. this is one of the most disheartening escapades I’ve ever seen. And then to ad the Title IX challenge to harken even more bitterness is beyond the pale. That the GOP’s focus is to embarrass a Democratic President without providing one wit of forward legislation should be treasonous.

      As a small note of comfort, they were pretty rotten to Clinton but at least there was smoke on that one.

    • whatsthatsound says:

      It really is disgusting. Short-sighted, small-minded, mean-spirited, people have brought everything down to their level, and that is sad.

    • PatsyT says:

      Smit, you are right on the money.
      I grew up in Cleveland Ohio and remember very well the
      exodus of the whites from the east side to the further east side.
      But in Cleveland Heights, we got a award one year for being the most
      successfully integrated community in the nation.
      My family is caucasian and we had a few hard core racist in there,
      one of my relatives was a George Wallace supporter.
      I feel like when I see these RW people today
      I am reading a book that I read before and
      I hated that book to begin with.
      It makes me sick.
      There are so many ways that they disrespect our President.
      I see right thru these charades.
      I can feel the hate oozing from them.
      All I can say is that kind of hatred
      makes the one doing the hating
      very ill in the end.

    • foxisms says:

      Smit, it’s paralyzingly stupid in that anyone would possibly think that anyone could run for president in this country without verification of origin, survive the scrutiny of an international media that handles itself like a gossip tabloid through the (more than a year) campaigning to said elections and then maintain the helm of this nation for 2 1/2 years and actually not be American citizen by concealing an actual non American place of origin.
      A man in President Obama’s position can’t keep a shaving cut or a sinus condition from the press or his detractors, yet he (or anyone) could somehow conceal his/her nationality..which is a legal prerequisite for either running for or holding the office of President???
      Ask Schwarzenegger how easy that would be. But for that caveat, he’d have run for this already and put a second cracked actor in contention for the Oval Office.
      The stupidity of the people who have kept this myth alive for so long is only exceeded by the people who heard, listened, believed and supported the insanity from the sidelines.
      This isn’t just about bigotry. It’s about monumental stupidity on a level I find surprising that far too many people didn’t dismiss in it’s entirety from the onset of the delusion.

    • escribacat says:

      Smit — It is disgusting and embarrassing that the president actually had to do this. The fact that 40% of Republicans actually bought into this bullshit really says something about them — and it ain’t pretty.

    • AdLib says:

      With you on this Smit, how does the US look to the rest of the world that our president has been forced, after a lifetime as an American and 2 years of being President, to show his BC and prove he’s American?

      This ongoing transparent racism is enabled by the MSM giving tv time and credence to these racists, presenting their attacks as legitimate and honest “doubts”.

      Wish we had an independent media again, which could stand up and at least label this racism for what it is…and not provide massive amounts of airtime for racism to be mainstreamed.

      • Marion says:

        How does the US look to the rest of the world in this? Well, looking at it from part of “the rest of the world” … pretty shitty.

        • AdLib says:

          Exactly. For the man who is supposed to be one of the most powerful in the world to have to produce his BC 2 years into his presidency…because idiot independent voters were beginning to believe the BS, looks pathetic.

          That is, Obama doesn’t look pathetic, Americans do.

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