Much of what I’ve learned about politics I learned in the duck pond. Sounds strange, I know, but keep reading.

So it’s a normal day at the duck pond… birds singing, dogs playing in the park behind me, blue sky overhead and snow-capped mountains in the background.

In other words, a darn near perfect Sequim day. The sun is still low in the sky and I’m snapping a few pics of a male Mallard. The sun illuminates his green neck feathers beautifully.

But just a few webfoot strokes away is another male Mallard – with his girlfriend… or maybe someone he just met. I have no idea. Anyway, the male’s head is bobbing up and down furiously in what would be described as body language for “Yes?  Yes?  Yes?” The female stares at him for a few seconds, nods her head twice and boom! (Or maybe bam!)

Mr. Mallard immediately assumes a male Mallard-superior position. Translation: He’s atop his girlfriend, holding her head under water and, well… how shall I say this… humming the Mallard equivalent of the Olivia Newton John song, “Let’s Get Physical.”

It doesn’t last long. Just a few seconds. (Now, ladies, be nice. I know what you’re thinking.) Afterwards, the male actually races in circles around the female.

So, the guy assumes a self-serving position one moment, and then takes another position in another moment… AND THEN DOES VICTORY LAPS.

I know, about now, you’re thinking I’ve OD’d on the Nature Channel and that this has absolutely nothing to do with Politics, but it does. Take for example Newt Gingrich. (Now don’t go there. I can read your minds and that’s NOT where I’m heading, although…)

On March 7th, Newt hopped all over the Libya situation (pun intended) and said this. “Exercise a no-fly zone this evening . . . This is a moment to get rid of him [Khadafy]. Do it. Get it over with.’’ Newt is being clear enough, right? No room for interpretation about what he said.

But on 23 March, Newt then said, “I would not have intervened [in Libya]. I think there were a lot of other ways to affect Khadafy.’’

Conclusion: Whenever politicians want their way with you, their head will bob up and down and they will assume whatever position suits them. Shortly thereafter, they will take another position – even if is the exact opposite. Moral of the story, when there is a lot of political head-bobbing going on, someone is about to be taken advantage of… like that lady Mallard I met today.

Just look at this political duck. It really does look like he’s smiling, doesn’t it?

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Great story! Amazing pictures!


Really nice article, SB2. I’d love to see Newt and John McCain do a duet of that old “You say tomato, I say to-maa-to” song.
It would go like,

If you say to-may-to,
then I’ll say to-maa-to
but if you change to to-maa-to
I’ll change to to-may-to


Wonderful, Sequim!

If that mallard represents Newt, do we dare hope that our Dem dogs will eventually be able to pose for a victory photo kinda like this?


Absolutely terrific photos, btw, Bob!


Another enjoyable article, Sequim Bob, cheers!

Another reason Newt’s head bobbed could be that it doesn’t have a conscience weighing it down.

If only politicians were more like birds, in the winter we’d be able to take back our country so easily while they were all down in the South.

Buddy McCue


That is a great way to illustrate exactly WHY Newt behaved in the way he did.


2ndClassCitizenPundit was heading to a rally to get him neutered. Newt, not the duck. I wished him luck. 2CCP, not Newt. I have a rusty tin can and some duct tape with his name on it. Newt’s name, that is.


I have always said that, when you really want to understand something, pay attention to Nature.

I told my nephew, back when he was getting interested in girls, to:

“Observe the male deer. A buck is King of the Forest. He has the best food, the best sleeping place, is smart enough to avoid all sorts of trouble.

“Then, one day, he sniffs the wind, and senses a female deer. He immediately becomes the dumbest animal in the woods. He ignores everything else when tracking down that doe. He never sees the hunter.

“At that point, the doe then gets the best food, the best sleeping place, the preferred watering hole. In short, she gets everything he used to have.

Observe the deer…”

Lesson learned.