Here’s a fresh life sign from

“Secrets From Beyond The Emerald Curtain”

– An investigation into the Huffington Post and its founder –

In the meantime, again excellent people have joined and escribacat has supplied more extremely valuable links. Buddy McCue painted for the title a picture that reminds of “The Wizard of Oz”,  depicting Arianna at the controls, not realizing that the real power lies with Dorothy, that is with us. So yes, this is going to be pretty interesting!

Now unfortunately jdmn17, who was supposed to write Part 1, has disappeared weeks ago and simply can’t be traced. Since he is such a reliable person I realized too late that for some reason he really couldn’t be here and I could also not fill in for him since I had too many other assignments this week. I do hope all is well with him.

However, thus the start of the series is going to be delayed for another 2 weeks and will start on April 1st instead. Moreover it will be published on Fridays, not Saturdays, so people could notice the article while roaming about between the Friday Music Thread and Vox populi.

Evidently, due to the circumstances I urgently need someone who writes Part 1.  There are still other vacancies, which I hope get filled now. In spite of me somehow ending up with the reigns in my hands this project was intended as a collaborative project, and if nobody comes forward to cover them, we may have to drop several chapters.

Probably the restriction to about 950 words may have been somewhat too strict and I guess I didn’t point out earlier that in case of much material you could also split your contribution into two chapters. Yet these are just guidelines (in order to prevent all too epic chapters), but if the reality of your article proves to be otherwise, that’s fine too.

The chapters below are still subject to change, since we have a lot of new material which I’d like to accommodate (but have no time to do so until earliest next week), and as I’ve said, since I’m not sure if someone is covering the existing ones, other chapters may be dropped.

Planned contents of each episode (as of now):

  1. Experiences of an average user and how he felt the changes at HP over time (Person sought to cover Part 1)
  2. Zero tolerance policy for critique at AH. Moderation, pending, deletions, censoring, banning. How does HP deal with user complaints about that? How does HP deal with unwanted opinions? (Covered by foxisms)
  3. How Huffington Post manipulates their headlines (Covered by foxisms)
  4. Misleading headlines and their effect on users. (Covered by SueInCA)
  5. Misleading headlines and their impact on President Obama’s reputation and the resulting eroding of support from the Left. (Covered by escribacat)
  6. Misleading headlines and their impact on the Democratic Party. Nearly no coverage of protests by the Left (while the place got swamped by tea-party and celebrity coverage) (person sought to research and write this)
  7. Summary of chapters 3 – 5: How progressive is Huffington Post? Who declared AH the “Queen of the progressives?” (person(s) sought to summarize, probably best one or more of those who worked on Nos. 3 – 5)
  8. Vast discrepancy between the headlines and AH’s behavior: Are her words and deeds matching? How is the record of her deeds in comparison to those of the President? Can she hold a candle to him? (Covered by Truth)
  9. Introduction of AH’s shady cult, main theories, accounts of former members (brainwashing, belittling, life threats etc.) (Covered by Truth)
  10. What is the influence of AH’s shady cult on the HP? Is she still a member, is she in contact with the leader of the cult? It seems that her sister is heavily involved and that at least until 2008 HP employees were sent there for “training” (or rather brainwashing.) (Covered by Truth)
  11. AOL: a) short information about their business philosophy, their political affiliation and their business practices b) First hand experiences of former members  (Covered by Pocket Watch)
  12. a) The following, plus exact legal background: “There is one fact about corporations that must be recognized. Corporations have no responsibility to the society they exploit for their revenues, they have only one legal obligation…to make as much money as possible. Shareholders can in fact successfully sue those running a corporation if such decision makers ever chose to be socially responsible at the expense of generating the most profit. (Entire quote from AdLib) b) Is there anything that can be done about that? (This one can’t be dropped!!! Who is going to write this???)
  13. Summary of the findings of our investigation, conclusions and introducing further steps that we are going to take (Covered by Truth and contributors, commenter’s input is going to be included)

Thus chapters 1, 6, 7 and 12 still need to be covered. Especially No 12 is a very important one, for it makes clear that people who run a corporation can be sued for acting ethically if they do so at the expense of making a win. And blindly holding utter selfishness (or pure material interests) over doing what is right is simply one of the basic problems in any society. I wished someone with knowledge on the legal background of this issue would come forward to cover this!

It is still understood that every episode is sent for review latest one week before the publishing date to

Now I hope we can pull this project off – together, that is! Best wishes, Truth

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This was posted on Current a few minutes ago:

0 PoliticalAmazon

There’s no question that HP isn’t “lefty”–and hadn’t been for quite awhile.

1. But here’s a more interesting question….Is Arianna still a Prophet for John-Rogers MSIA Cult?

Once Arianna divorced Michael Huffington, she quickly started moving away from MSIA. She does this personality white-wash every so often, but the one with MSIA is perhaps even more important than the one she did afterwards–when she went from Gingrich’s darling to rightwing basher.

Follow the money….

“COLUMN ONE : Tracking the Mystical Traveler : The church founded by John-Roger has sparked controversy over some of its teachings, now-defunct gala awards and a peace retreat near Santa Barbara. Now it is in the news because of Arianna Huffington”.


2. Here’s an interesting project (see the image with this post)

It’s an INVITATION TO A COLLABORATION on a series about Arianna and HP!

“…is going to be the title of the planned series, whose goal is to reveal to a broader public some of our more unpleasant experiences at HP, to expose the extensive manipulation on different levels that’s going on behind the scenes there and how it may be related to Arianna Huffington’s cult, the MSIA, which also goes by the veil “Insight” seminar. Further we plan to lay bare the hidden agenda of Ms Huffington wherever we are able to pin it down and back up with facts. And, most importantly, we want to draw a fair amount of attention to Huffington Post’s striking lack of progressive credentials.”

46 minutes ago flag reply


Very interesting. Truth–did you post that?


Hey, Truth!
When I edit my posts on WordPress, they provide additional content about whatever topic is in my post on a sidebar. These showed up. You probably have seen most of these, but anyway, these are for you!

Huffington Post Continues To Soften Its ‘Liberal Soundtrack’ By Hiring Libertarian Contributor

Did Arianna Huffington Steal the Idea for the Huffington Post?!5690851/did-arianna-huffington-steal-the-idea-for-the-huffington-post

Comments on Arianna Huffington’s AOL Announcement

HuffPost Ends Its Liberal Soundtrack, Publishes Andrew Breitbart Essay Defending NPR Sting

Blogs about: Huffington Post


Truth—I pulled these from the Daily Planet for your project. I hope they fit in.

HuffPost Hires Libertarian

Newspaper Guild Calls for Boycott of Huffington Post


Truth, I know similar things have been written about Arianna already, but it’s always good to see more. I found this today:

“Opportunist Arianna Huffington Reverts to True Colors”

Someone linked to it on Twitter. Hehe!

For America and Roosevelt

Something that shouldn’t be overlooked ( but might be, because we had to learn to overlook it to stay sane ( or pretend we were ) when we were there )– is just what an absolute freakshow the whole thing of 9 out of 10 articles being in some way on religion, about how religion and science are finding common ground with respect to the topic at hand, etc. etc. I mean, that was / is just absolutely flipping BIZARRE for what is supposedly a major news site. Or does that go under the “ cult ” topic?
That and the divorce section. And the other 1 out of 10 articles being about Arianna. Oh, never mind . . .

For America and Roosevelt

Feel free to use this – I came across a thumbnail in my Safari browser recently which is one particularly sickening memory –
this Sam Stein story was the lead :

– and there was a positive story on the budget posted by Sam Stein on the same day.

It could not have been more obvious that an agenda was being filled.

I was going to start screen-capturing all of the obviously racist incidences of unflattering photos of the President, unfortunately ( or fortunately for my mental health ) I never got anywhere on that.


I hesitate to bring up HP posters by name here, but it might be nice if Rich Misty could address #12. Am I trippin’?


O.K., I gotta admit. A couple of days ago I got a new name at HuffPo{spit} and decided to just casually go in and type the thoughts I usually type but in no way give an indication that it was me. I wanted to see if it was my ideas that were popular or just me.

First of all,I can’t believe the comments that just disappear now. I checked out Breitbart’s pathetic columns and the comments were just one insult after another. And rightfully so. But that place is weird, man. After being here for a while it’s like going to an alien planet.

And people HATE me. I managed to pull in 6 fans so far but if they had an enemies total next to it, it’d be much much higher. Some of it I didn’t even get, though. I kept getting replies about me and Rush Limbaugh and having tea with Michelle Bachmann. All I did was disagree with their ideas not their objectives.

The first moment someone told me I was absolutely wrong when we were only debating opinion, I had to leave for awhile. My original response would have never made it post moderation. Still some cool people there but most of them seem so paranoid about everything. BillLoney appears to have established his own doomsday cult.

Just a weird place. I’ll probably wait a few days to go back. This nuclear plant thing has them all at each other’s throats.


Adonai–I think I saw you there and was wondering if it was you. What’s your moniker there? We could cause some trouble. I love trouble.


GOD Hates Us All.

And I am way ahead of you 🙂


Adonai–When are you not? We shouldn’t feel guilty about playing at the HP {spit}. It can be fast moving, rip roaring fun. Then I come here for some thoughtful sanity.


Oh darlin, count me in! Trouble, Mmmmmm, bone to a god—for the right cause of course.