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Buddy McCue On March - 12 - 2011

Written by Buddy McCue

I am a middle-aged artist and musician who was born and raised in the Southern United States. I have a Flickr page where some of my artwork can be seen : http://www.flickr.com/photos/bmccue/ I post various creative things on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BMcCue7 And you can hear some of my modest musical compositions here: http://home.mindspring.com/~safeathome/artandmusicofbuddymccue/id8.html

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  1. coffeegod says:

    Cup of Water
    Autumn Bee
    At The Circus

    I am so not worthy. You rock!

  2. Truth says:

    As I have promised I come back with my wish list for further postings…. I place my wishes here since Oskär is certainly one of my most favorite pictures. I like the tomato too, but compared to Oskär, he wins…

    The order is more or less according to your flickr page

    -- The Rising of the moon
    -- Autumn Bee
    -- Sketch of my neighbor’s tree
    -- Reading
    -- Brueghel (Proverbs)
    -- Light in the Woods with Imaginary Elements
    -- Mike Stretches his toes
    -- Artist from Brazil
    -- Pendleton Avenue
    -- Young Lady playing the clarinet
    -- Jaguar
    -- Cat looking at a grasshopper
    -- Self-portrait in a white shirt
    -- Houses of Parliament
    -- Colorado Mountains
    -- Sketch of Shells
    -- and the other cat- and dog pictures.

    So I contained myself and chose only those. There are more pictures that I like, but these are my favorites which I hope you’re going to post here over time.

    • Buddy McCue says:

      Truth -- Thank you for your input. You are ‘way too kind.

      I really do want other people to post some art before I put any more up, though. The fact that you would like to see the Brueghel gives me motivation to finish the reproduction… I”ve been slowly working on it for a very long time, and I should definitely put a finish on it.

      Besides, it has the potential to be a real conversation-starter (which is good -- I like the conversations around here.) As you probably know, The Netherlandish Proverbs is an illustration of different sayings that were common when Brueghel painted it, and I’ve been trying to imagine what a contemporary painting based on the same idea would look like. When I post the finished reproduction, I intend to encourage our fellow Planeteers to add their own sayings and idiomatic expressions that they have heard over the years.

      The two that spring to my mind are two of the ones I hear pundits and opinion-writers are saying a lot these days: people who have betrayed are often described as having been “thrown under the bus,” and people whose ideas are marginalized are described as being “kicked to the curb.”

      Can’t you just imagine a whole painting filled with over a hundred literal illustrations of such sayings?

      • Truth says:

        Buddy, good idea to collect more sayings, although I hope not all are as harsh as the two you mentioned!!!

        It’s great that I now know the meaning of the Brueghel picture. I think when I was a child my mother, who is from Holland, had a poster of this picture somewhere (or maybe another Brueghel picture), but I never knew about the meaning. I just found it a somewhat scary picture.

        As for your humbleness: I understand your reasoning, although I find you are simply too humble here. The section is called Art Corner, and not Buddy’s Art Corner, so everybody understands they can post here, and I think they’ll do over time, or some as soon as they discover the new section. AdLib also planned to shift existing Art work into this category.

        In any case, if within one week or so nobody is posting, I hope you post something new. After all there are several categories that were created and then not really used soon afterwards. That would be a pity as I really enjoyed, nay: needed the respite of all the tragedy of the past days, and also the respite of politics.

  3. Love it, Buddy. Your use of light and shadow really gives the subject character.

  4. Questinia says:

    Who said Edward Hopper didn’t paint cats?


  5. Khirad says:

    I actually just sat back and absorbed this for a bit.

    Ergo, it’s truly good art.

    Not just a picture or likeness of something, but more than that.

  6. escribacat says:

    You are a gifted artist, Buddy. I looked at your website as well…really beautiful work. I’m a fan.

  7. teamplayer says:

    Lovely painting, Buddy.
    I so admire creative people and, truth be told, am a bit envious.

    • Buddy McCue says:

      I envy all the great writers and storytellers and news reporters around here.

      It’s all I can do to maintain some semblance of proper grammar. I don’t know if I’ll ever get up the confidence to submit an actual article.

      • jkkFL says:

        Just visited your flickr pages.. wow..what talent!
        Your cat sketches caught my heart!
        Would love to see your stained glass..stained glass is something I wish I could do- or afford! :)
        Every day I find something else I can’t do!

  8. Chernynkaya says:

    Buddy-- I LOVE that painting! What talent. I’m so glad you put that up.

  9. Questinia says:

    Reminds me of Hopper.


    BTW, did you know in Swedish skär means “pink”?

  10. whatsthatsound says:

    Very lovely!

  11. msbadger says:

    Buddy- I know you very little from HP, and I’m glad to see you here. Great work- love Oskar! Excellent :)

    • Buddy McCue says:

      It’s good to BE here.

      And if you don’t see me much, it’s because I do more reading than writing here.

      • AlphaBitch says:

        Ha! My problem exactly. Welcome to the club.

        LOVE the painting -- absolutely stunning. One of my favorite “friend artists” is Gordon Fowler. He does “Monet goes to Mexico” type of work. Lives in Austin. Married to a favorite “friend musician” Marcia Ball.

        Another of my music friends has a VERY talented visual artist wife, Kit Swaggert. They live in Nashville. I’m just lucky to know both, since I have ABSOLUTELY no artistic talent whatsoever!!

  12. Truth says:

    Thank you Buddy! It’s great to see Oskär bigger and to know the picture is in a place where I can look at it time and again without changing the site…

    I like it very much, it is very lively and the light effects are just marvelous.


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