My car broke down yesterday right outside GOP headquarters here in Los Angeles yesterday. As fate would have it, my cell phone was out of juice. I decided to go into their offices and asked Dick Headly, the gentleman who turned out to be the head of the GOP in CA, if I could use their phone to call AAA and an interesting conversation unfolded:

DICK: No you can’t call AAA on our phones, they’re not for calling socialists.

ME: The AAA is socialist?

DICK: They “help” people instead of letting people help themselves. Being an American means you have the freedom not to help anybody at anytime for anything. And we Republicans value our freedom! Not the Democrats though, look at how they’re trying to take away our freedom by accusing us of expressing hostility and violence in our rhetoric. Those sons o’ bitches should be strung up!

ME: So…you’re saying that you don’t use angry and violent language?

DICK: Are you fucking deaf? Hell no!

ME: What about all the gun references in all these political statements by Republicans?

DICK: Shoot, you’re so off target! Just because we rifle through a few loaded phrases, we still aim carefully to hit the political bulls eye with our army of party regulars. We’re only gunning for putting the crosshairs on our enemies and pulling the trigger on penetrating shots at them. And we would like to shoot them with our guns. Whoops, scratch that last bit.

ME: I noticed that after accusations that there were too many hateful and violent political sentiments being expressed, the Republicans, even though they weren’t mentioned, reacted very angrily.

DICK: Who wouldn’t be angry at being told they use hateful speech? And the Democrats are the real haters for accusing people of being hateful. Just as blacks are the real racists for accusing white people of racism and refs are the cause of fouls because they call them.

ME: So, are you saying that only criticism of hateful speech is hateful?

DICK: Exactly! Look, if a target with a political opponent’s initials on it is shot in the forest and there’s no one there to criticize it, did it really express violence?

ME: So there is a philosophical aspect to your usage of violent rhetoric.

DICK: Here’s how we in the GOP look at it, “I shoot, therefore I am…not gay.”

ME: That was a bit homophobic. And overly insistent.

DICK: (proudly) Why, thank you!

At this point, I saw a tow truck pull up outside behind my car and guessed some socialist soul had kindly called them for me. I shook hands with Mr. Headly which was a good thing because once outside, the tow truck driver said I needed a quart of oil so I just let it drip off my hand and gladly drove my car away.

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OK, after a VERY long two days, good ones but stressful and creating scads more work for me, I had a headache, upset stomach, and sinus problems. I admit the sinus was probably not related, but I’m kvetching here, don’t bother me with details.

So as I said, I sat down to read this and wound up laughing SO HARD I now feel 100% renewed!!!! The biggest guffaw of course is the oil fillup, but the whole imagery is spot on and freaking believable!!!

I’ve been listening to various people defend Sarah on her “blood libel” comment, and what amazes me – other than the conservative Jews who have sold out to her Christian Dominionism in support of Zionism – is the Mystique of Victimhood that permeates the Right. It’s what gives them the gumption to be uncivil. They’re victims, you see.

Victims of WHAT one might ask. Well – we liberals and worse have taken away ALL their freedoms and are enslaving them!!! Can you NOT see that? We point at her for her utter irresponsibility in using gun sights on Congressional Districts. When someone takes her up on that imagery, well – she has suffered mortally from our repressive criticism! When we tell her fellow Dominionists that they cannot use the institutions of government to proselytize – we are stripping them of their “religious freedom”. When we tell anti-abortion protesters that they must stay 15 feet from unwilling patients and clinic entrances, why – they are “persecuted” for their beliefs!!!

Conservatives have created the cult of victimhood. Why? Because REAL victims have helped create real change. So Faux Victims can at LEAST whine and flap and demand the same. When some of us don’t buy it, that’s when AdLib’s scenario kicks in – if they can’t demand compensation and changed laws to assure they keep power and money, well then they create Double Speak and incivility. White is black, rich is poor, thugs are abused, thieves are robbed, head stompers demand apologies from the stompee, and someone who is criticized has suffered a “blood libel”. You doubt it? You $^(*&# !!! – we’ll show YOU!!!!

Most 4-year-olds know better, but the conservatives have raised whining and self pity and victimization to an art form. It is now public policy. For them, you understand, for them and only them. They need a new form of affirmative action – be nice to white conservatives.

So yes, AdLib, thank you for a great laugh at their delusions!!! It seriously made my day. You nailed it and them, and if they never EVER get an “ah hah” moment of self awareness, well at least they’re good for major entertainment!!!


I still remember the calm, almost dismissive tone then-future-Prez Obama used during the campaign, c’lady, when he referred to the RW flap over his “lipstick on a pig” comment as “phony outrage.”

They just have phony outrage honed to an art, don’t they? It’s hard to imagine that, back in Sarah’s basketball days, she wasn’t the kind of player who would dramatically crash to the floor, grimacing and writhing in faux misery, when an opponent merely brushed against her. What better way to gain an advantage in the game than by having the ref call a foul on the opposing team?

Too bad that seems to be just about the only skill she took away from her high school career… 🙁

But, turning to a person who is not working on a PhD in self-pity — namely, you! — I have to say that I hope you’re feeling better now.


Thank you, kes, yes! AdLib’s provision of laughter made me allllll better! And I LOVE the image you offer up of Sarah crashing to the floor in pumped-up “injury”. I bet you’re right!

Have a GOOD day, all. Here are liberal memes –

Love is better than hate. Laughter is better than self-pity. Kindness is never wrong. Inclusion is better than isolation. Pouting sucks.

Planeteers know these things. Maybe others who wallow in self indulgence and mock victimhood will figure them out. Hope is better than not.


Choice Lady
I always enjoy your comments. If you want to unload a few things on me, let me know. I am shooting for the database to be done by Wednesday, then I am free so can take on more. If I come in, I come in no big deal.


I sent an email to you and the team.


The Word, by Stephen Cobert was just amazing. “Life, Libery, and the Pursuit of Angriness.”

Five minutes of perfection, IMHO. (Sorry for the buzzkill ad, but worth it.)—life–liberty-and-the-pursuit-of-angriness

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Word – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Angriness
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog</a> Video Archive

EDIT: In all sincerity, AdLib’s post was every bit as good!


Good stuff!! 😆


“Freedom of Screech” 😆


“Mark DeMoss Disbands ‘Civility Project,’ Citing Conservative Attacks, Grim View On Discourse”

“The worst e-mails I received about the civility project were from conservatives with just unbelievable language about communists, and some words I wouldn’t use in this phone call,” DeMoss told The Times.

And this is funny in a gallows humor way:

The pledge he sent to 585 representatives, was simple:

I will be civil in my public discourse and behavior.

I will be respectful of others whether or not I agree with them.

I will stand against incivility when I see it.

Yet two years after the launching of the initiative, he had only three signatures: Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Reps. Frank Wolfe (R-Va.) and Sue Myrick (R-N.C.).


What creeps me out is that Sue Myrick is the woman who wrote the preface to some RW book that affirms a “Muslim conspiracy” because CAIR openly – and this is the key issue – is seeking to place some of their young leaders into Congressional internships. How something open and transparent can be a “conspiracy” eludes me, but Myrick is wedded to this notion, and she is part of a small but intense group wanting to rid Congress of ALL “Muslim influence and infiltration”. So her signing the civility pledge has left my brain in a meltdown. Yikes.


Dear AdLib, I just had to take advantage of the handy “email this” button at the bottom of your post to send this off to the very lib Mercy women I’ve been known to hang out with on occasion.

They’ve had their own batch of troubles in AZ, what with their compassionate policies at one of their hospitals coming under fire from RW religious folks (yeah, there’s a claque of ’em in Catholicism, too…sigh). Excommunication resulted.

I know they’ll appreciate your finely-honed sense of humor, because they have the same brand!

Plus — added bonus — you’ll very likely have a boatload of candles lit for you and the Planet.


…. the tow truck driver said I needed a quart of oil so I just let it drip off my hand and gladly drove my car away

I don’t know whether to do a rim shot or say ouch 😆

I’m getting tired of hearing the rw, I’m getting tired if hearing about them ……… how much more must you all, living below the line, be totally pissed off having to deal with them!


😆 😆 😆 Thanks for this laugh my friend, and for the ringing of truth in it that permeated my ears and eyes.