The Muslim Community Center debate is not about logic. Those of us who have this need to be… rational, will never ever understand the other sides argument. It would take a lifetime for us to kill off that many braincells.

Yesterday on The View, Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg did something most people aren’t brave enough to do – show Bill O’Reilly that not everyone is going to stand for his BS. That I said, I seriously wish that someone on the show would have pointed out that a large part of the reason that such a large segment of the population feels that this center should not be built is because they are drunk off of Fox News Juice. (Recipe for Fox News Juice at the bottom)
This whole… “debate” started with “Muslims are building a Mosque AT ground zero!” This is rhetoric that was regurgitated and fed to people on an endless loop for god knows how long on FNN. The fact that this statement was not, and is not true, meant absolutely nothing. And it STILL means nothing today.

Today we know the following:

It’s not a mosque, it’s a COMMUNITY CENTER.
It’s going to be built, not AT ground zero, but blocks away from it – not even in viewing distance.
There is an actual mosque less than a mile from GZ.
and – this is the kicker – part owner of Fox News has helped to fund the builder of the community center.

Yet, people are still upset? Really? Why? Oh that’s right… irrationality fueled Fox News Juice.

So here is the deal… The next time you are faced with someone yammering on about the GZM… Go find a nice brick wall and argue with that instead. It’s equally as rewarding.

Now, as promised….

Recipe for Fox News Juice:

Blond Hair Dye  – Honeysuckle Dew Drop for maximum effectiveness
Falafel Extract – Just put one in a blender
Clown Tears – From Glenda Beck
Hallucinogen – anything you can get your hands on
White Out

It doesn’t matter how much of each thing you use, but the more falafel extract, the better.

Bon appetit

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I’m going to be very honest here, and this is always when I get into trouble.

9-11 was Saudis that flew planes into the WTC, Pentagon, and there was the plane that crashed in a field somewhere.

Now, I do actually believe that the Bush Admin had enough warnings, intel coming in from France and Germany, telling them to look out, because there were warnings about Arabs taking flight training in the US and something called Al-Qaida, and if anyone remembers, Condi Rice asked Al Who?

And then there was the guy who covered the breasts on statues, and for the life of me, I cannot remember his name, but he yelled and said that he did not want to hear anything more about Al Qaida.

Did they know?

I don’t know.

But did they ignore warnings?

Definitely yes as Richard Clark wrote a book about it and testified to the 9/11 commission and apologized to the families.

We were in France when all the “must go to war” against Iraq was happening, so we only got the European News, and let me tell you, France was against it, as was Italy and Germany.

Guess you’d know that, as that was the time that Congress declared no more French fries but Freedom Fries.

It was very embarrassing being an American living in Paris at that time and we started saying “Je suis Canadien” because to be an American in France at that time was so much not a good thing.

I’ve got to hand it to the French that they never blamed Americans, but rather the American government.

Back in them days, there was not the anti-Muslim that’s all the rage now.

I do know that France is now on a mission in deporting Gypsies or Romanians and banning the burkha and if you’ve ever lived in France, which is the most purist of socialism, even though it’s not pure, and the French want Socialism.

I’ve also lived in Montreal, but only for 3 months, but let me tell you, if any country has a problem with Muslims or Mexicans, it’s Canada.

They have some sort of law protecting “the rights of man”, and so Muslims that work are allotted 3 times every day for them to lay down their rugs and pray to whoever they pray to, and the illegals, the Mexicans that work there are welcome and then when they go back to Mexico they can collect unemployment.

I don’t know anything about Islam, but do not think that’s a friendly religion, but then again, what religion is?

I wish so much that Mohammad Ali was still cognizant enough to come out and calm folks.

People fear the unknown and it would be a wonderful thing if famous people who are Muslim would come out and tell people that there is nothing to fear.


Fox really is a hideous disease in the American media scene. I wonder if we will only realize decades from now just how pernicious they have been.

Periodically I click them on to assess the situation, so that I won’t be totally blindsided by what emerges from them.

Just moments ago they were schizophrenically trying to spin the fact that there won’t be a COLA increase in Social Security payments this year into an attack on the Obama administration. These are the VERY people who side with folks who want to dismantle the entire Social Security program!! Or at bare minimum, to privatize it. NOW they pose as the outraged Avengers of Justice for the elderly over a few bucks worth of cost of living money? HUH?

The pathetic part is that seniors eat this stuff up. There’s a significant percentage who watch all Faux all the time. I know this question has been asked a bazillion times before, but: ever occur to them that they would have zip, zilch, nada in the way of Social Security if not for the Democratic party? It IS, after all, a socialist program!

Does the ability to maintain an accurate bullshit detector decrease with age/wealth/intelligence?


Wasn’t the COLA for SS passed under Nixon and took effect in ’75?

Someone on NPR early this morning remarked that the R’s would spin this to an anti-Obama weapon. He also said “What Hypocrisy.” When W. was prez, the house R’s wanted to “change” how the COLA was figured so it could be reduced.

Well, if that’s the case, I’m pissed! I haven’t gotten a raise, er, adjustment in two years!! I want my country back! I’m too stupid to figure out that it is based on inflation.


😆 “Nobody’s supposed to depend on the government. Except meeeee!” The T-Bag retiree’s mantra.

I’m not down on seniors with oxygen, walkers and Medicare paid-for scooters. (I’m not exactly in the first bloom of youth, to put it mildly.) Just the ones who don’t want anyone else to have health care or other benefits that other civilized societies think of as normal, standard operating procedure.


DCTVixen, so nice to see you and very salient post!

How about putting the shoe on the other foot?

The terrorists who blew up the Oklahoma Federal Building, the worst terrorist attack in this nation’s history after 9/11, killing 168 people including 19 children under the age of 6, were Christians.

So our nation was attacked by Christians.

The terrorist who bombed the Atlanta Olympics and killed Americans was an Evangelical Christian.

So, our nation was attacked by Evangelical Christians.

The terrorists who assassinate doctors for providing legal abortions are Evangelical Christians.

So our nation was attacked by Evangelical Christians.

Most people belong to a religion. It takes an extremist to commit an act of terrorism due to one’s religious beliefs.

So of course, the specific religion is irrelevant, it is the immorality, self-righteousness, hatred and/or mental illness of the individual that is to blame for such horrendous acts.

As Bill O’Reilly proved.


Good points, AdLib. I would say, sigh, that McVeigh and Rudolph weren’t evangelicals but were fundamentalists so they are far more in sync with bin Laden and wahabbi Muslims. Not precisely the same, but close nonetheless.

Your REAL point though is that when these Christian Identity folks did their horrid deeds, we NONE of us said “Eeeek – America is under attack from Christians!!!!” Nor did we say they were “brush heads” (for their short hair) or in any other way defame and denigrate them as a class of people. Nope – they were “extremists” who had nothing to do with US. Uh-uh, nope, no way. Not our problem.

It’s SO comforting to be exclusionary, isn’t it?


Fox spews has been very busy and it shows!
Why don’t we see this on the MSM?

One of the witnesses to Friday


I just posted this ‘elsewhere’. Some of the righties kept intentionally missing the point by saying “true or false, the hijackers were Muslim.”


True or false, over four dozen families whom were Muslim lost loved ones to extremists?

True or false, there was already one mosque, and another makeshift one in the Twin Towers?

True or false, there is one a couple blocks away? (Masjid Manhattan)

How come Muslims pray in the Pentagon near where the impact there was? How do you feel about that?

True or false, takfiris (Wahabbist extremists) hate Sufis and those trying to reach out in an interfaith manner as much if not more than anyone else?

True or false, this kind of talk has spread across the country?

Pepe Lepew

I think the Muslim center in Manhattan has to be hands down the dumbest non-issue I’ve heard of since Obama’s birth certificate. You hit the nail on the head. The thing that annoys me the most is when people call it a “Muslim Victory Centre.”
It’s NOT on hallowed ground. There are already mosques in the neighbourhood. There are strip clubs closer to Ground Zero than this proposal. If this is really about “hallowed ground,” why has no one cared about strip clubs in the neighbourhood?
Just more evidence that are country is being driven insane by Fox and the MSM in general.


The Victory Mosque thing is a dead giveaway of bigotry.

I don’t even bother with those. It’s no use posting facts.

I rapture those in the same way I do with the worldwide Jewish conspiracy type posts. I will not put up with that.

And, when I whittle them down, when one of the guys a while back of one of the orgs was whittled down on MSNBC, he came back to what?

“Victory Mosque”

Yeah right this isn’t about bigotry.


Had these so-called “news” network thickheads bothered to get off their barstools to do a little thing known as research, they would have discovered that there was a mosque already in one of the Twin Towers before 9/11. Of course this would have been of no benefit to the misinformed that they were trying to reach, so as usual, they just made things up and added to the misinformation. Amazing that they actually get payed for this. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could do this job if they have no moral compass or a hint of a conscience.