Here are a few nibbles and noshes of stories today which you may find a bit interesting:

1. Israel loosens chokehold on Gaza

JERUSALEM – An Israeli decision Thursday to ease its blockade of Gaza under intense international pressure could spell the beginning of the end of the chokehold that has hurt ordinary Gazans far more than their militant Hamas rulers.

2. AP poll suggests growing support for healthcare law

The Obama administration is touting a new Associated Press-GfK poll that suggests growing support for the healthcare reform law. The poll notes that while Americans remain divided — with 45 percent in favor of the new law and 42 percent opposed — support has been growing steadily since reform was signed into law in March; just last month, opponents still outnumbered supporters 46 percent to 39.

3. Most Americans support Arizona immigration law

A new Washington Post/ABC poll finds that 58 percent of Americans support Arizona’s tough new immigration law. Support is strongest among Republicans and independents, and least strong among Democrats, especially minority Democrats.

Still, the support is qualified in some respects. Even as a majority of Americans back the measure — which gives law enforcement officers authority to check the immigration status of people they have stopped or arrested — 57 percent of Americans also favor giving illegal immigrants who are already in the country a chance to become legal, if they pay fines and meet other requirements. Almost half of Republicans polled also support the path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. In another result that rubs against the logic of the Arizona law, just 46 percent of respondents agree that states should be able to make their own border policies.

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Interesting statistics about HCR. I’m guessing it’s because FOX is not filling the airwaves with Obama-killing-grandma propaganda as they were during the debate.


Whew, AdLib – major stuff!

The Gaza story interests me enormously since I was part of a group looking at the Dominionist Christian influences over many aspects of life, notably this blockade. It seems as if the tide is slowly turning against their hegemony as world opinion turns against the inhumanity of Israel’s efforts to create an internal colonialism with Palestinians in the place of the Irish to Israel’s replacement of Britain. Public opinion matters, though it’s past time that these sentiments were so vigorously aired.

I doubt most Americans, even Jewish ones, really understand the corrosive evil of Christian Zionism on Israel and Judaism. Christian Zionists are entirely instrumental – they want Israel simply to fulfill their amazingly un-Biblical prophesy that if they (not the Jews) rebuild the Temple by driving out all Muslims and reclaiming the mount, the End Times will come, Jesus will return, and they, the Christians, will ascend to Heaven. They profoundly wish the death of the Jews. Convert – maybe OK, but otherwise, death.

How can anyone IN Israel wish to ally with such horrible people? Even for the support the CZs give in Congress, is it worth it? How can your ally be trusted if at the end, said ally wishes your eradication from earth and certainly heaven?

Israel will know peace when they stop being imperialist and violent. When Palestine is allowed to create its own nation state – no impediments, no blockades, no violence, no chipping away at their land – then peace will come to both nations.

Until they figure that out and until they determine that there is a much better way than they now pursue with these dreadful “allies”, then ONLY world pressure will make them stop. Enough already. The time has come to end the blockade and the horrors of imperialism, and if it takes world pushback, then that’s what we shall pursue.