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AdLib On June - 17 - 2010

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. bitohistory says:

    I saw an hour long show on PBS (I think) on this subject. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Is it any wonder they were having kidnappings of oil execs.in an attempt to clean it up and share the wealth?

    The New York Times reminded us today that while the oil spill in the Gulf is an acute shock to Americans, oil spills have become a way of life in the Niger delta. The area has

  2. PatsyT says:

    Check out these arial photos

    Aerial photos of the oil slick
    James Duncan Davidson, TED’s conference photographer, is among a crew of five photographers and videographers reporting on the Gulf of Mexico for the TEDxOilSpill Expedition. His photos, taken aboard a plane above the Deepwater Horizon accident site, reveal the staggering extent of the oil slick


    • bitohistory says:

      Wow Patsy, Seeing those pictures after reading the article I just put up with all the oil PR people saying ” it’s not that bad--Nothing to worry about--It will go away--it won’t harm the gulf”

      I don’t think that guy has looked at the destruction the spill has caused. The slicks are so vast those ships looks like little toys.

      Amazing, Thanks

  3. bitohistory says:

    Oh Kewel, The Gulf of Mexico Foundation with its Gulf of Mexico Program,is proud to acknowledge these companies for the 2008 “Guardians of the Gulf Awards:
    BP America
    with Guardians like these, whats to worry?

    Could these groups possibly be what is known as “front Groups”?


  4. bitohistory says:

    The big scramble today for the Goopers is to cool the Joe oily thing. They want to put the whole thing on Bartons lap. But, wait a second the largest GOP caucus in the house, the Republican Study Committee supported it yesterday:

    Last night, the Republican Study Committee (RSC), the largest caucus of Republican House members, fired off a statement declaring that the $20 billion dollar negotiated by BP and the Obama administration for victims of the oil catastrophe in the gulf is a

    • kesmarn says:

      O brother. Since no one in real life could be as dumb as they’re all pretending to be, we have to look below their superficial comments to find the more superficial bed-rock of their convictions. Which would be that corporations never do anything wrong and that more money should always be channelled to big business and big businessmen.

      Well…if this is “tainted money,” then I’m sure that Bobby Jindal and all the Republican business owners on the gulf will have nothing to do with it. Which leaves more for the rest of us.


  5. bitohistory says:

    “Oily” Joe and his next apology.


    Sorry U.K., we didn’t mean it. OK? please?

  6. Blues Tiger says:

    Just be patient and I am positive that BP will take all steps to right the wrongs to the satisfaction of all you “small people”… 😀

  7. bitohistory says:

    If the Dems don’t use the fact that the “RETHUGS are for BP and against the little people.
    And the fact that they keep voting against deficit reducing bills while yelling about the size of the deficit.

    If the Dems don’t use it in the midterm they are sorry.

  8. PatsyT says:

    Joe Barton has a face book page


    He still has his statement up

    Joe Barton PERSONAL UPDATE: today is hearing with BP ceo…..BP is definitely responsible for the accidental oil spill in the Gulf,and should be liable for costs of clean up ….BP should also, however, be given due process ….The President’s $20 billion fund,negotiated in the White House with the attorney general in the room, is unprecedented and smacks of a shakedown .

    43 people like his comment
    over 500 have something else to say…
    on the first page……

    “You are a a**hole!”

    • PatsyT says:

      A little update on this site….

      It’s still up and OMG the photos are making me laugh so hard!!!!

      I am not sure if this is his real site but lots of people there think it is…
      Just not sure …the photos in the photo gallery are kinda giving it away.
      I don’t think Joe Barton would have put up those photos….
      Reading the links….
      This can’t be his page
      someone was very quick and creative
      oh boy this has me laughing

      • AdLib says:

        He’s being hammered! And the few loons who try to support him, sound virtually insane.

        As they said today on MSNBC, Dems would be just as insane not to cut commercials for the election with the BP apology clip from Barton.

        All they need to do is flash a card at the end, “Republicans controlling government again? Really? Vote Democrats.”

        • bitohistory says:

          Harry Reid spent 5+ minutes of leadership time this morning on the Senate floor bashing the repubs on that and pushing for tax cuts on the uber rich and holing up unemployment benefits, medicare payments and tax cuts for small business.
          He kept saying over and over about Repubus apologizing for /toBP

    • bitohistory says:

      I like this comment on his facebook:

      Christy Usilton said:

      Hey Joe. Newsflash: THE GULF OF MEXICO IS DYING, AND THE ATLANTIC OCEAN IS NEXT. My beloved native state of Florida will be ruined. The people in SE United States are being poisoned. BP has lied over and over again. Tony Hayward should have been arrested today for his smug non-answers. This apology of yours to BP was beyond shameful and I’m wondering if the paycheck for this “shakedown” remark was worth it to you.

      30 minutes ago

    • bitohistory says:

      How’s that working out “oily”? 500 to 43!
      Seems that a few of his fellow R’s in the house that aren’t to happy with him either.

      “GOP Rep. Jeff Miller calls for Barton to step down from top committee spot over BP comments.”

      Rep. Jeff Miller (R-Fla.), whose Pensacola district is among the most-impacted areas in the Gulf by the oil spill, condemned Barton for apologizing to BP CEO Tony Hayward during a committee meeting on Thursday.

  9. Mightywoof says:

    Arrrrg -- in lieu of a group hug I think we need a group apology!! All together now ………. :)

  10. boomer1949 says:

    I’m sorry I missed it all; I’m really, really sorry. :sad:

  11. PepeLepew says:

    Joe Barton has apparently apologized for his apology…. :)

    What a doofus!

  12. bitohistory says:

    Patsy,Did Barton just apologize for this morning or what was that all about? I need a replay?

    • kesmarn says:

      Patsy, thanks for this! Have I mentioned that you are a genius?

    • choicelady says:

      What amazes me is how little they spent per corporation in the last election. If you’re gonna be bought as a Congressman -- shouldn’t it be for a whole lot more? Don’t you have STANDARDS? They’ve sold their souls for very little, IMHO.

    • bitohistory says:

      Patsy, I had to take one of my many naps and you greet me with this site?
      It’s chockfull of info! Seems ole’ Mr. (I’m Sorry, BP) Barton is leader of the pack. No wonder his feelings are with the Gas & and; Oil Companies.

      Looks like if you want to hit the jackpot it helps to be from Texas and Republican.

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