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KQµårk 死神 On April - 1 - 2010

Since it’s the day after April Fools day I thought songs about fools and humorous topics would be a good theme for music night.

For the third week in a row a Beatles song is the best place to start.

The Beatles – Fool on the Hill

Evanescence – Everybody’s Fool

Led Zeppelin – Fool In The Rain

Diane Birch – Fools

The Republican Anthem

Can you believe this fool was president for eight years?

The poster children for compassionate conservatism.

Written by KQµårk 死神

My PlanetPOV contact is [email protected] Proud Dem whose favorite hobby is cat herding. The GOP is not a political party, it's a personality disorder. Cancer, Heart Failure and Bush Survivor.

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  1. Chernynkaya says:

    Ashanti -- Foolish

    Fools Rush In (Frank Sinatra)

  2. LiseLives says:

    You can leave your hat on …..Joe Cocker

  3. Chernynkaya says:


  4. Chernynkaya says:

    So, who here is on board for tonight’s VP?

  5. Khirad says:

    An ode to Borderline Personality Disorder:

    The Dresden Dolls -- Girl Anachronism

    • Chernynkaya says:

      My kid has that cd-- and she did that to her eyebrows too.

      • Khirad says:

        The eyebrow thing is too cool. I love that sort of thing -- takes some dedication to pull it off.

        They had Amanda Palmer on NPR once. She also said in an interview how she was a nerd who hung out at lunch with her Latin teacher (I relate). It gives me hope that Frances Bean Cobain is working with her.

  6. Chernynkaya says:

    Alann Sherman

  7. KQ says:

    The King of music parodies; Weird Al Yankovic.

    “White and Nerdy”

  8. Chernynkaya says:

    Speaking of the Nelsons-- did anyone else notice how slow they all spoke, and with no emotion? They had a flat way about them.

  9. Chernynkaya says:


  10. Chernynkaya says:

    Khirad-- this one’s dedicated to you! (Found it by accident but I like it!!)

    3 Idiots-Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh (Full Song)

    • Khirad says:

      Heh, thanks! Hadn’t heard of that movie, Aamir started out in comedy though. Leave it to Bollywood to fit in a serious sad song (he/she was like a blowing wind).

      Silly songs! One from an Aamir classic,

      And the ever hot Shilpa, going deewana, ‘crazy’:

  11. Chernynkaya says:

    Just a reminder-- Vox Populi starts tonight at 7PM PDT! Be there or be square!

  12. Chernynkaya says:

    Sorry if anyone already posted these-- I was gone most of the day!

    green day -- american idiot HD

    “Weird Al” Yankovic -- Canadian Idiot

  13. TheRarestPatriot says:

    I wanted to repeat my past post about the film, Flashbacks of a Fool starring Daniel Craig (007) that just blew me away and I recommend highly.
    Here is Roxy Music (Bryan Ferry) playing the theme song from the film. Listen to the twangy, flirty opener as he sings his desire to be with his love…then the intense relationship stage where he tells her how much he loves her to the long instrumental stage of their love and falling out of love until the end where he reflects back on those years together…simply amazing…

    • LiseLives says:

      Very clever composition -- a totally different sound from what I’ve known of Bryan Ferry (whom I love !! as an artist btw) --
      This is the sound I’ve listened to over & over, through the years :
      Don’t Stop the Dance --

      • Chernynkaya says:

        LOVE Ferry!

      • TheRarestPatriot says:

        Loved this one too for a long time. I also hadn’t heard that song I posted until I saw the film and it just moved me. (they cut the opening twangy bit…LOL) The scene it’s in is truly amazing. Definitely an acquired taste that song…Haha~

    • LiseLives says:

      Ooowie, sounds awesome the way you describe it 😉 -- here goes ….

  14. LiseLives says:

    Sergio Mendes Brazil ’66 -- Fool on the Hill --

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