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Health Care

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Robert Kuttner: Faint Praise

American health care, like America, is innovative and wasteful. – By Jacob Weisberg – Slate Magazine

CORRECTED – US healthcare system wastes up to $800 bln a year | Reuters


After Hillary, Voting With Conscience and Pride

Editorial – Majority Rule on Health Care Reform –

Dylan Ratigan: Why Would We Let Them Rig the Game?

Frank Schaeffer: How the Right and the Left Destroyed the Public Option

Weiner: If Left Can't Pass Even A Modest Public Option, Nobody Will Take Them Seriously | TPMDC

Mike Lux: Getting Past the Senate

The High Drama Behind Reid's Public Option Decision | TPMDC

Majority Favors Dem-Only Health Bill With Public Option Over Bipartisan Bill Without: Poll

Open Left:: It Is Possible To Pass A Public Option Now

Mitchell Bard: Congress Is Behaving as if the Health Care System Isn't in Tatters

Public Option Within Eight Votes Of House Passage, Says Rep. Grijalva

The waiting is the hardest part | Salon News

Health Care Reform News – The New York Times

Matt Taibbi: Taibblog : Rolling Stone

Sick and Wrong : Rolling Stone

OpEdNews – OpEdNews

FDL News Desk » Weirdest Collection Of Democrats Ever Push Wyden’s Free Choice Proposal

Reply to critics of “Bait and switch: How the ‘public option’ was sold” – PNHP's Official Blog

Martha Burk: AARP's Bait and Switch on Health Care

Dems Challenge Theme That Health Care Vote Makes Members Vulnerable

Harkin says Senate will work weekends this December on health –

Think Progress » Exclusive: Attacks On Health Reform Orchestrated By Yet Another Shadowy Corporate Front Group — ‘CMPI’

Rob Johnson: Squandered Honeymoon: How Botched Bailouts Hamper Healthcare Reform

Linda Bergthold: Betsy McCaughey Is Wrong About Health Reform — Again!

Crafting Health Reform

Science on trial: the clash of … – Google Books

Sen. Harry Reid's health reform striptease. – By Timothy Noah – Slate Magazine

Obama's top aides go to Congress. – By Fred Kaplan – Slate Magazine

A guide to the shifting political factions in the health care debate. – By John Dickerson – Slate Magazine


Op-Ed Contributor – Health Reform’s Missing Ingredient –

New Report: Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Premiums Increase 119 Percent from 1999-2008; Projected to Double Again by 2020 – The Commonwealth Fund

Dylan Ratigan: Health Care: Let's Liberate the Masses

Howard Schweber: Some Problems With the Partial Public Option


Campaign Silo » President’s Comments on Public Option

Truthdig – Reports – A Speech Even Insurance Companies Could Love

Barack Obama on Health Care

The White House – Blog Post – Facts Are Stubborn Things

White House relies on core healthcare team —

Robert L. Borosage: Obama's September Choice: Charge or Trim?

The Mandate Flip Flop : Rolling Stone : National Affairs Daily

FDL News Desk » Obama Meeting With Progressives And Caucus Leaders Focused On Triggers And Opt-Out

Blue Dogs/DLC

Blue Dog Opposition To Public Option Fades In Whip Count

Daily Kos: Pelosi's Staffer Denies Nixing Deal With Blue Dogs!

Divining The Motives Of The Blue Dogs, Part One

Universal Health Insurance in the United States: Reflections on the Past, the Present, and the Future


Campaign Silo » Carper Publicly Defends Secret PhRMA Deal In Exchange For Support Ads

Pharma Deal With White House on Course to Net Industry Billions


Harvard Study: 45,000 Uninsured Die Every Year – NAM

Study: 45,000 Uninsured Die a Year – CBS Evening News – CBS News

Health insurer profits even when denying coverage —

Paula B. Mays: Is the Denial of Health Insurance Claims a Violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment?

Health | Lottery may be used to cut 36,000 from state health plan | Seattle Times Newspaper

Why the GOP Is Gunning for Grandma | Newsweek Newsweek Voices – Jacob Weisberg |

The Psychology of the Right-Wing's Anti-Government 'Death-Panel' Delusions | Politics | AlterNet

Where's The Morality? 45,000 Deaths Per Year–The Real Cost of The Current … – Health care, World

Wonk Room » Top 10 Reasons Why Republicans Should Support The House Health Bill

Lobbyists Fight Last Big Plans to Cut Health Care Costs –

Why markets can’t cure healthcare – Paul Krugman Blog –

Are Republicans serious about health care? No, and here's the proof. – By Jacob Weisberg – Slate Magazine

Opt in/Opt out

Dems Discussing Public Option With Opt-Out Clause: The Silver Bullet?

Reid: “The Public Option With An Opt-Out Is The One That's Fair”

Across state lines

Aren't health insurance companies allowed to sell across state lines? – Yahoo! Answers

Why allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines is no panacea | Commentary | — Your State. Your News.


Patient Money – Your Medicare Options? It’s Time to Weigh Them –

Why do people like Medicare and fear health care reform?

Patient Money – How to Navigate the Medicare Maze –

Senate blocks Medicare payment bill —

Are “Medicare Advantage” cuts Medicare cuts? – By Timothy Noah – Slate Magazine

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Income & Resource Guidelines Medicaid Eligibility

Washington’s Way on Health Care (the Other Washington) – Prescriptions Blog –

Fed+Poverty+Guidelines+2009+Annual-Monthly.pdf (application/pdf Object)

HR 3962

Pelosi's Not-So-Robust Public Option

Affordable Health Care for America Act | EdLabor Journal | Committee on Education and Labor

111_ahcaa.pdf (application/pdf Object)

H.R. 3962 – The House Health Bill – Weighs In At 1,990 Pages – Regulatory,Legislative and Tax Issues – Life and Health Insurance News

Reader questions on House healthcare bill —

House health compromise has 'public option' with a catch —

Pelosi’s Poison Pill: H.R. 3962 « The Western Experience

AHCAA-REFORMMEANSFORYOU-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-MARKETPLACE-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-AFFORDABILITY-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-BENEFITS-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-SHAREDRESPONSIBILITY-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-CONSUMERPROTECTIONS-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-HEALTHWORKFORCE-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-EMPLOYERS-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-CONTROLLINGCOSTS-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-PREVENTIONWELLNESS-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-DELIVERYREFORM-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-FRAUDABUSE-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-MEDICARE-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-PARTD-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

AHCAA-MEDADVANTAGE-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

A History of Health Care Reform – Interactive Feature –

AHCAA-WOMEN-102909.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Editorial – Health Care Reform and You –

Why the House health reform bill is better than the Senate's. – By Timothy Noah – Slate Magazine

Doctors Say Congress Must Include Public Option In Health Care Reform

House Health Bill: Obama Making Personal Appeal To Dems Saturday

Kucinich on New Health Care Bill: ‘Is This the Best We Can Do?’ |

FDL News Desk » CBO Projection Of Higher Public Option Premiums All About Patient Dumping

Insurers poised to reap benefits from healthcare overhaul —

Director’s Blog » Blog Archive » Subsidies for Premiums and Cost-Sharing in H.R. 3962 As Introduced in the House of Representatives Last Week

Why I Voted NO : Information Clearing House – ICH

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

Baucus bill

Morning Joe:Moore: Baucus bill worse than the status quo

DetailedSummary.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Dems Finding Plenty To Dislike About Baucus Plan

5 Reasons the Baucus Health Bill Fails the Basics | Politics | AlterNet

Marcia Angell, M.D.: Baucus Bill: Health Reform That Isn't

RJ Eskow: Top Five Reasons the Baucus Bill Is Really, Really Bad

Ezra Klein – What's Wrong With the Finance Bill? An Interview With Sen. Jay Rockefeller.

Robert Reich: Why Olympia Snowe Should Vote Against the Baucus Plan

Baucus plan: No public option, but $3,800 fine for families without health insurance – Daily Kos TV (beta)

Slate's interactive guide to the Senate Finance committee markup on health reform. – By Timothy Noah and Chris Wilson – Slate Magazine


Health Insurance Companies Want Severe Penalties For People Who Do Not Buy Coverage


Why a “trigger” for the public option is nonsense | Salon


RJ Eskow: Dealbreaker: Five Reasons Co-Ops Will Fail

Raw Story » Howard Dean: Insurance co-ops won’t solve problem


HCRCompleteSummary.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Who might, or might not, be covered under the healthcare bills —

Comparing the Health Plans – Interactive Graphic –

Reid rolls out Senate healthcare bill —

What's inside Harry Reid's “blended” Senate health care reform bill. – By Timothy Noah – Slate Magazine

Joan Walsh –

The man who watered down the public option explains what government economists got wrong. – By Timothy Noah – Slate Magazine

Slate's interactive guide to what's in the new public-option alternative. – By Timothy Noah – Slate Magazine

Slate tracks every amendment to the Senate's health care reform bill. – By Timothy Noah – Slate Magazine

Amid contentious health care issues, there's a lot lawmakers agree on | McClatchy

Report: Overhaul would raise health care costs – Health care-

Howard Dean: “Kill The Senate Bill” | The Plum Line

FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Why Progressives Are Batshit Crazy to Oppose the Senate Bill

FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: In Polls, Much Opposition to Health Care Plan Is From Left

Healthcare Reform –

Liberals grit their teeth and gather behind healthcare reform bill –

Mitchell Bard: It's Too Early to Celebrate the Senate Health Care Vote

10 Awesome Things That Would Happen If Health Reform Passes | Health and Wellness | AlterNet

Democratic Senators, Congresswoman, Small Business Owners Discuss Impact

How the Senate bill would contain the cost of health care : The New Yorker

Goodbye, public option; hello, healthcare reform? —

How the Senate bill would contain the cost of health care : The New Yorker

Public Option

What Is the Public Option?

Thomas de Zengotita: How To Argue For A Public Option On Health Insurance

The Public Option Dead End | Talking Points Memo

Editorial – A Modest Public Plan –

Op-Ed Contributor – Fighting the Wrong Health Care Battle –

The Wall Street Journal's editorial page lies about public-option polls. – By Timothy Noah – Slate Magazine

Media and Health Care

Many Fault Media Coverage of Health Care Debate: Summary of Findings – Pew Research Center for the People & the Press

Opinion | Media coverage of health-care debate distorts the voice of the majority | Seattle Times Newspaper

Only 8% Of Journalist Coverage Of Healthcare Debate Is Actually About The Healthcare System | Techdirt

Corporate Media Have Ruined the Health Care Debate | Health and Wellness | AlterNet

The Money Taboo in Health Reform Coverage

Stewart mocks media coverage of health care debate | Media Matters for America

Media Matters: Dragging down the health care debate | Media Matters for America

Anger and Rancor Fuel Cable’s Health Care Coverage | Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ)

The Media’s Role in the Health Care Debate « One Lonely Loudmouth

Media: Angry right-wingers are important; angry libs are annoying | Media Matters for America

Analysis Of Media Health Care Debate – Media –

JMC 356 – Media Literacy Internet Project: Group Four Health Care Debate Discussion

Confrontational Health Care Coverage – Pew Research Center

Angela Bonavoglia: Media Blind to GOP Hypocrisy in Health Care Debate

The media's role in healthcare – The Boston Globe

Media Blind to GOP Hypocrisy in Health Care Debate By Angela Bonavoglia