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“I am so s!ck of hearing from the Right how we liberals are always looking for a government “handout.” Here’s what the government has the money to do for CORPORATIONS:

– subsidies and other direct grants;

– tax breaks, reductions, deductions, exclusions, write-offs, exemptions, credits, loopholes, shelters, and rebates even for profitable companies;

– letting corporations be headquartered off-shore and pay no federal income taxes;

– large government contracts of every imaginable kind; some on a cost-plus basis with every incentive to cheat and get more;

– discounted user fees or subsidized use of public resources (land, water, airwaves,e¬tc.);

– free government-funded R & D;

– every program from the Department of Commerce, Agriculture and others underwrites it; the FDA for Big Pharma; the FCC for media and telecommunications firms; the FAA for the airlines, the Treasury and Fed for Wall Street;

– individual tax breaks for the rich; billions offshored to tax havens; allowing corporate fraud and abuse

– privatizing more – schools, highways, bridges, airports, prisons, public lands, utilities, parts of the military, mercenaries, and thus far a failed attempt to privatize the most important program for seniors and the disabled – Social Security;

But nothing for the basic right of LIFE (unless you haven’t yet had the nerve to be born).”

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Health Care/Health Insurance Reform

This is the difference: with the Dems we have:

1. a ban on all pre-existing conditions
2. a ban on annual and lifetime limits on how much companies can reimburse
3. the fact that you can no longer lose your health care when you lose your job
4. the fact that you can no longeer lose your health care because you become sick
5. mechanisms that stop dramatic increases of premiums (just one example: insurance companies are mandated to spent most of their revenues to reimbursements; the idea Obama is proposing today is another example)
6. the right to have exactly the same health care options as every member of Congress
7. the biggest health tax cut in history for small businesses and families
8. the right to keep your child under your own coverage until the age of 26
9. 144 American lives saved A DAY
10. 30 million more Americans covered (= almost universal coverage (94%))
11. subsidies for those who cannot afford insurance
12. a deficit that will be 100 billion less high than without this bill during the next decade, and one TRILLION during the decade thereafter.

How can someone possibly pretend that this is ‘nothing’ … ? How can you call yourself a progressive and not call this substantial health care improvements, even if we all want more than this (I personally want single payer) … ?

Did Americans under Bush became that cynical?

Do you realize that the GOP is doing EVERYTHING to block it.

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