Gang,  it looks like my soon-to-be-ex-wife has started the process. After 6 months of 18hr days searching online for work, ANY work…it seems my efforts have failed. I have had decent days and bad days and some real doozies…I’ve also gained some great advice and support here among my valuable friends. You all have been very kind to me and appreciate all of you more than you can know. It’s so nice to be embraced by such neat, intelligent, compassionate, and funny people. Although the internet, utilities, etc.,  stays on for now, I suspect it will fall away in the next week or so. The process has begun. I have exhausted every avenue of survival I knew how to pursue. In every aspect of my life I have excelled at most every endeavor that I’ve undertaken. However, this is and has been my darkest hour and most difficult challenge. It appears I have finally….well…failed. Without a home and without work, I imagine it won’t be very long before I am lost to the world. I am terrified and lost. Keeping a brave face is a very difficult thing.

I wanted to come here as my last stop. My peers. After everything I’ve experienced I need to say this:

Please talk to your partners. Keep the lines of communication open always.

Prepare. Prepare for the impossible. It will save you life.

Live in the sweet moments of life. Know that they are unique and precious. Never take anything for granted. Or anyone.

Be happy.

Be happy…..

I’m scared everyone….

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I love your honesty. Truth is, I’m not in the best place right now, either. You give me perspective, and curiously enough, hope. We’re all in this together, in a sense, however virtual our ties be.

“Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich st



Please, you can’t just fall off The Planet. I’m with kesmarn, there are too many of us who have come to admire you, look forward to your posts, and just enjoy hanging out with you.

Promise you will make every effort to show up here; there’s always the library? I am not sure what your next steps are, but you must find a way to take one day at a time.



TRP, may I urge you to please, please find a way to stay connected to the Planet. Even if it means logging on from the public library. As I’ve said before, there are an awful lot of people here who have grown to know you and care about you, and they’re going to FREAK OUT if you vanish without a word.
Promise you will try.

KQµårk 死神

TRP I know it’s not much consolation but I feel for you and wish you all the best.

It’s hard not to give up sometimes but you can’t. If it comes to hitting the pavement or looking for jobs you have not considered searching for getting any situation is you only option. I’ve had many friends that were in your very situation and found jobs in other occupations that they love now.

I’m on my second marriage so I’ve been there too my friend. The best thing you can do is delve into your job search.

Being scared is only natural. But remember you are more scared of the unknown than what you will have to go through.


Well said, KQ, and TRP is a young man, whether he believes it or not, but he’s a young man, and better, he has his health.
My mom used to always say to me that the most important thing in life, is your health, and she was right.

There is absolutely no shame in working for Walmart or McDonalds.

I’ve had to begin over again, back at the bottom in my life, and climbed my way back.

When it comes to the scheme of things, it really doesn’t take all that long to climb back or to find your dream, and I could tell stories yet again of the shit jobs that I had to take to climb out.


Having been a writer in the past — I’ve been unemployed more times than I care to remember. And I’ve worked everywhere as a temp — from Carnation to Macy’s. And kept looking for work while I was working.

Just don’t get discouraged, TRP.


oh nellie,

I worked at Macy’s for almost 5 years — full time no less, but even at $10/hr, it was beyond demeaning. I still find myself wanting to clean out fitting rooms — literally and figuratively. Retail stinks, especially there. I made it “out” so to speak, but they do treat their employees poorlt.


You will be all right, TRP. I just know it! Soon some one will discover your resources and wonder how they have gotten along without you. I know it is difficult but it is amazing how much we can do without and start anew. I have complete faith in you. Have faith in yourself. Due to muliple medical problems, I lost everything. Everything!! Slowly, your life will find stability. I wish you the best.