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nellie On January - 14 - 2010

I just had to vent.

I never listen to this guy, but his comments about Haiti are being repeated everywhere. And after listening to his schtick, I’m baffled.

Why is his anti-American anti-social hatred for humanity broadcast to our military personnel via Arms Services Radio? Why is he earning $400 MILLION DOLLARS for his bottomless bottom-feeding screed — when he actually has the audacity to tell people NOT TO DONATE TO THE HAITIAN RELIEF EFFORT?

I don’t understand how someone so hateful can survive as a broadcaster in this country.


That felt good.

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  1. javaz says:

    This is what our troops must listen to from Rush Limbaugh --

    “””Limbaugh: “The U.S. military is now Meals on Wheels. It always is with Democrat presidents””””


    • bitohistory says:

      Now I did not say this! This is the first comment from your post j’avaz.
      Troops helping in Haiti versus:

      by The New Pilgrims (January 15, 2010 1:37 pm ET)
      Sure beats being the Obese Lying Drug-Addicted Pimpled-Buttock-Draft-Dodging America-Hating Viagra-Enhanced Race-Dividing Scroogelike-Loser otherwise known as Rush Limbaugh.

    • bitohistory says:

      j’avaz, I was waiting for this! “how can Obama send so many troops to Haiti? What about Afghanistan? Doesn’t he know we have wars to fight? We don’t have time to be nursemaids!

      KO used the story on Rep King for a comment tonite, j’avaz. Good call, girl.

      • javaz says:

        Rush is really pushing the envelop on this one, but sadly, his listeners are so blinded by their hate that Rush remains their hero.
        It doesn’t say much for the GOP either, since not one Republican has the testicular fortitude to slam Rush for his racist bigotry.
        Then again, racist bigots = GOP

        • kesmarn says:

          Gotta love the comment one reader left on the Media Matters article on Limbaugh:

          “Sure beats being the Obese Lying Drug-Addicted Pimpled-Buttock-Draft-Dodging America-Hating Viagra-Enhanced Race-Dividing Scroogelike-Loser otherwise known as Rush Limbaugh.”

          This guy shouldn’t hold back like that!

          PS I’m watching Bill Moyers right now. He has the author on who wrote “What’s Wrong With Kansas.”
          Looks to be a great episode.

  2. Chernynkaya says:

    Nobody really has any idea how many listeners Limp has but that doesn’t stop the MSM from making wild claims of his popularity. This is one of many articles I’ve read that say the same:

    It ran Saturday in the form of a Paul Farhi article about the dubious nature of trying to measure the size of Rush Limbaugh`s radio audience.

    Farhi stressed that trying to determine the total number of weekly listeners represented an exercise “in guesswork, slippery methodology and suspect data.”

    The article detailed how there aren’t any hard ratings numbers within the radio industry regarding Limbaugh`s audience size — a topic of increased interest since the AM talker had emerged as the public face of the Republican Party under the Obama administration.


  3. KQuark says:

    I think the blowback on this is more than Limbaugh expected.

    Any American with a soul does not understand this kind of hatred during such a terrible humanitarian crisis. When crises like these occur Americans are usually the first ones to reach out and help. The longer he pushes his hate the more he shows that the conservative base is nothing but a bunch of racists haters.

    • bitohistory says:

      I found this interesting. On a show on NPR today even the conservatives on the round table thought that Rush crossed a line that will damage him. I don’t know about that. I don’t think he cares about “pointy headed” liberal or conservatives. His appeal isn’t to people that think.

    • Tiger99 says:

      The real problem is that it won’t effect his listening audience… He gets away with this stuff because Stations don’t drop him….

      • nellie says:

        Stations may not drop him, but listeners might. Like Javaz’s friend Dave. And it will probably affect the number of new people who decide to listen to him.

        Limbaugh is a paid shill for corporate America. He and Beck are the same. No matter how loathsome or ridiculous they are, they’ll always get a fat paycheck from corporations who benefit from division and distraction in the country.

      • PepeLepew says:

        And advertisers don’t drop him.

        I hate to say it, because it’s totally cynical, and there are limits to my cynicism, but Rush feeds off this stuff … as do his ratings.

        Until advertisers drop him, he’s going to keep doing it.

    • nellie says:

      So true, K.

      The same thing is happening to Robertson.

      That’s the thing about hatred — when you assume other people have the same toxic feelings, you’re often in for a surprise.

  4. Tiger99 says:

    Roger Ebert Gives Rush a Thumb Down….

    A Letter to Rush Limbaugh

    January 14, 2010
    To: Rush Limbaugh
    From: Roger Ebert

    You should be horse-whipped for the insult you have paid to the highest office of our nation.

    Having followed President Obama’s suggestion and donated money to the Red Cross for relief in Haiti, I was offended to hear you suggest the President might be a thief capable of stealing money intended for the earthquake victims.

    Here is a transcript from your program on Thursday:

    Justin of Raleigh, North Carolina: “Why does Obama say if you want to donate some money, you could go to whitehouse.gov to direct you how to do so? If I wanted to donate to the Red Cross, why do I have to go to the White House page to donate?”

    Limbaugh: “Exactly. Would you trust the money’s gonna go to Haiti?”

    Justin: “No.”

    Rush: “But would you trust that your name’s gonna end up on a mailing list for the Obama people to start asking you for campaign donations for him and other causes?”

    Justin: “Absolutely!”

    Limbaugh: “Absolutely!”

    That’s what was said.

    Unlike you and Justin of Raleigh, I went to Obama’s web site, and discovered the link there leads directly to the Red Cross. I can think of a reason why anyone might want to go via the White House. That way they can be absolutely sure they’re clicking on the Red Cross and not a fake site set up to exploit the tragedy.

    But let me be sure I have this right. You and Justin agree that Obama might steal money intended for the Red Cross to help the wretched of Haiti.

    This conversation came 48 hours after many of us had seen pitiful sights from Port au Prince. Tens of thousands are believed still alive beneath the rubble. You twisted their suffering into an opportunity to demean the character of the President of the United States.

    You have a sizable listening audience. You apparently know how to please them. Anybody given a $400 million contract must know what he is doing.

    That’s what offends me. You know exactly what you’re doing.


    • Khirad says:

      Nailed it. He knows exactly what he’s doing. That’s what’s so crass about it.

      I like it when he writes social stuff. It’s almost like a voice of conscience.

    • nellie says:

      Of course they know exactly what they’re doing. Keith Olbmerann called Pat Robertson “senile” for making the remarks about the devil. It’s not senility. It’s mean, lowdown hatred. That’s all it is. And he’s trying to talk everyone else into being as despicable as he is.

      Good for Ebert. This isn’t the first time he’s gone beyond his film reviews to write an editorial that says something we were all hoping someone would say.

      Thanks for this link, Tiger.

  5. bitohistory says:

    Flush, Pat. How long did you think it would take for another wingnut?

    Beck: Obama is

    • javaz says:

      Too bad there aren’t any Republican leaders with a spine to speak out against these clowns.
      Republicans lack the courage to take on Rush or Beck.

    • nellie says:

      They are banking on rabid racism in their audience to get away with these talking points.

      I’m sure there are still people who resent the Haitians for allowing an earthquake to occur in their country. The same folks who were outraged that the people of New Orleans permitted that hurricane.

      But I think we run the risk of completely misjudging the conservatives in this country if we assume they all think like Beck and Limbaugh. Those guys appeal to a very select group of angry, hostile folks.

      I think Fox overestimates the number of people in the country who sympathize with this kind of talk. If facebook is any indication — they’re way off. They’re certainly going to lose the younger demographic by pushing this kind of drug.

      Come to think of it — they are just like drug pushers, selling something really toxic and taking advantage of a very destructive addiction to anger and hatred in the audience.

    • boomer1949 says:


      I’ve come to the conclusion Beck and all the rest of them must be on the same meds. Of course, maybe they aren’t on meds at all because there isn’t a medication for stupidity. And, even if there were, all of them would be denied, because we all know stupid is a preexisting condition.

      • bitohistory says:

        It is baffling. Can hate consume and cloud your thinking that much? You know they had something else prepared if the President would have said something 15 minutes later than what they think should be the right time.
        Hate? stupidity?

        • boomer1949 says:


          It’s the same as trying to talk to the dining room table or beating your head against a brick wall.

          And as nellie stated below…Corporatism. These people care only about one thing, okay two…themselves and money. Greed has become a rogue virus in this country, multiplying into compassion-resistant strains.

          If one preaches something long enough, especially the likes of Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, and even Joe and Mika, one eventually becomes the message.

          Practice what you preach.

          What goes around, comes around, and each of them, including the Corporate Suits, will be bitten in their collective lily-white asses.

        • nellie says:


  6. PatsyT says:

    Dem response to Haiti
    ” How can we help?”

    rushpublician response to Haiti
    “how else can we hate?”

  7. PepeLepew says:

    Meanwhile, TOP story on FauxNews.com — U.S. prepares for wave of illegal immigrants from Haiti.

    Birds of a feather…

    • Chernynkaya says:

      Nationalism, when you get right down to it is kind of primitive. I mean, boarders are artificial constructs anyway, but the human race is not a construct. Why can’t people just move wherever they fancy? I mean, it’s not as if the air in one country is toxic to natives of another country.

      I had an epiphany many years ago. (and I am still ashamed of myself) Anyway, it happened the first time I saw billboards in my neighborhood for national products in Spanish. I resented it. It bothered me-- this was MY neighborhood. And then it hit me (thank god). Did I just say “MY” neighborhood? Really? I had no more or less right to be there than anyone else.n How dare I think of any soil as mine! So that’s why I now pretty much disavow any nationalism. It’s pretty cheeky.

      • msbadger says:

        We are utterly tribal and still run largely by the primitive parts of our brain. First come those visceral feelings, then, hopefully, the same process you experienced, of What did I just think??? It happens to all of us. The reptilian brain.

    • Kalima says:

      So [email protected] heartwarming, so much compassion, makes you want to really smack someone in the mouth.

  8. escribacat says:

    What an excellent rant, Nellie. It says a lot about our country that a loathsome, selfish slug like Limbaugh is rich and famous. Luckily, his following is just a small vocal group of people who seriously need to do some “personal work,” to put it kindly. Trust me — I know some of ’em.

  9. Kalima says:

    In my experience, people who spout this much hate for others openly are dealing with their own feelings of inferiority complex, their loathing of themselves. The only way that they can feel good about their own lives, is to trash and trample on the lives of others, it gives him a rush, pun intended.

    • 4cats4 says:

      Probably no one will see this because it’s yesterday’s thread, but I want to add… last night I realized that had Limbaugh lived in Germany during WWII, he would have ENJOYED being head of a death camp.

    • KQuark says:

      There are haters on all sides and they only need a reason to hate. Like you said it’s because they have a hole in their souls.

    • Chernynkaya says:

      I’m with you, Kalima. I loathe this monstrosity, but if I took several big steps back for a moment, I would have to say that he is beyond my doubt even more self-loathing than we loathe him. It drips from his tongue, the bitter bile he has festering inside. I have actually had an brief vision of him as a terrified huddler, crying and begging for help-- the smug disguise erased and instead just wonder at his aloneness.

      • escribacat says:

        Cher --I suspect that every once in awhile, Limbaugh must wake up alone in the middle of the night and hear the echo of his own ranting voice, droning on and on, spewing hate and vitriol. And in that quiet moment in the middle of the night, he must have a split second of thought: Gawd, what have I become?

        • nellie says:

          I would bet he never wonders about his own worth, e’cat. I think the man is an insatiable black hole. No matter how much he has, he’ll believe he deserves more. He’s a classic narcissist. And a nasty one at that.

        • Chernynkaya says:

          Yes, ecat-- that’s when it’s time for Oxycontin. That’s why he needs it.

      • Kalima says:

        Yes Cher, it’s his way of dealing with his obvious self hate, his disguise as you so rightly said, but this man goes beyond just simple hate, he is vicious and I can feel no sympathy at all. We all have the power to pull back and temper our thoughts whenever we feel strongly about something, Lush [email protected] doesn’t possess this power, so shame on him.

        • KQuark says:

          The best example of Limbaugh’s self loathing in action was when he was focusing much of his hatred on drug addicts when HE was himself was addicted to drugs. That is classic self loathing behavior. Just like Ted Haggard who preached gay hatred and then was found buying favors from male prostitutes.

          • Chernynkaya says:

            On a MUCH smaller and less pathological scale:

            I used to study in a small group with a very wise old man. Over the course of years, someone would get on someone else’s nerves, or a newcomer would join that one of us took an instant dislike to, for some reason.

            This man would tell us that the unfounded dislikes-- personality conflicts if you will-- are almost always because we see something in that other person that deep down we unconsciously recognize and dislike in ourselves.

            At first I rebelled against this idea but I came to realize, after much honest soul searching, that he was right. No matter how different we might seem, the person I took a dislike to actually reminded me of an aspect of myself of which I disapproved.

            Now multiply that exponentially and I can see it in that radio homunculus.

          • Kalima says:

            More than self loathing, that is downright hypocritical and extremely cowardly, but then again when all is said and done, cowards are what these people are. One hides behind a mike in some sweaty studio, having the power to disconnect any caller who doesn’t agree with him. The other uses God as his shield. As I said, cowards to the very last drop of blood they try to draw with their hate.

    • bitohistory says:

      I think you and j’avaz get a gold star today. He is a “little man--a little, little man”

      • Kalima says:

        He’s an ugly fat tub of lard inside and outside. What if we all decided that because something is not working in our own lives, we store all that hate and dissatisfaction to lash out at people we don’t even really know?
        What kind of a world would we be living in, it might as well be hell.

        He has a radio show, he doesn’t have an ounce of compassion or integrity, he must have been dragged up instead of brought up, the man is very, very sick and the people there who allow him to carry on with his vile conclusions, are even sicker.

        • nellie says:

          Money distorts everything. Rush is paid hundreds of millions of dollars by corporate American to spew this anti-humanitarian bile and tell people that they don’t need compassion, they don’t need empathy, they don’t need to worry about what happens to other people. He’s there to berate and batter anyone who has a scintilla of decency.

          His entire purpose is to convince people that dog eat dog is a noble way to live — so that corporations can move in and take advantage of the fact that we aren’t together looking out for each other.

          It’s a scam on the American people. A vile, disgusting scam.

          • Chernynkaya says:

            Yes, Nellie, and he also has listeners whose selfishness, fear, bigotry and ignoble impulses he validates. Because of his success, to a certain type of cretin, that means he is wise. They listen to what he says and say to themselves, “He’s a smart guy. If he feels the same way as I do, I must not be so bad.”

            This is what the myth of the devil whispering in your ear must be based on.

  10. bitohistory says:

    Oh, you’re going to love this one! Speaking of loathing and stooopid.


    Limbaugh stands by his Haiti remarks, tells critical caller she

  11. bitohistory says:

    there is a commenter on the “ThinkProgress” that I would like to quote on both Flush a Pat comments. As Zooy would say:
    ” I am so tired of Stoooopid”

    • javaz says:

      Our best friend, Dick, and I’ve written about him before on here, and how he sent Reagan 25 bucks for his campaign, and then received a thank you and photo of St. Ronnie, and how Dick framed that for all to see.

      Dick did not vote for GWB and he’s a bigger person than either my husband and me, as he bought both Obama’s books, and shared them with us to read.

      My husband is big on spring training for baseball and I used to be the designated driver, and used to go to all the games, and those are quite fun.
      Since both Dick and my husband retired, and both are older, they no longer need me as a chauffeur, but I still do one or two games per season, because I love baseball, and seeing it live.

      We actually saw Michael Jordan in the fall league play!!!

      Anyway, Dick is a true-red-republican, and way back when, when I’d drive, we always had to listen to Rush on the radio.

      Dick stopped listening to Rush during Bush Jr’s reign, and it shocked me.

      Dick became disgusted with Rush, and believe me, he used to quote Rush, so that was shocking, but Dick explained that he stopped listening to Rush because, in his opinion, no one person or party, could be wrong all the time.

      Not sure if any of what I’ve just written made sense, but for our friend, Dick, to stop listening to Rush because he finally figured out that Rush was a LIAR, is something.

      • bitohistory says:

        j’avaz, I have to agree with something that k’es told you last night. ‘You write like you’re sitting across the kitchen table, talking to your friends.’ They are so down to earth and real. You had me sitting in the car with you going to the ball game.
        Dick sounds like a decent fellow with an ability to figure somethings out all on his own--thank you!

        • kesmarn says:

          b’ito, I just got home from work and there’s nothing more fun than seeing yourself being quoted in your absence… 😉

          How are you doing?

          And to get back on topic, may I join you and nellie in the anti-Limbaugh sentiments? The one exception I can think of to Cher’s wise professor’s maxim is Rush when he hates Obama. There’s nothing in Obama that Rush actually has in common with him and reacts angrily against…not that I can see, anyway. I think Rush deeply envies everything about Barack Obama--most of all Obama’s obvious joy in life.

          And, j’avaz, your friend Dick sounds like a smart man…and I think he got that way by hanging out with you and your husband!

          • bitohistory says:

            k’es, and good to see you. test days can be quite tiring for me.Read your post this morning from last night. That wasn’t a dream, that was a nightmare. 😀 Thank you much for your concern. Next week, blood tests and the verdict.

            Flush looks at Obama and sees he has a loving wife, two wonderful and loving kids
            and he’s black. His heart must be very dark to be filled with so much contempt, envy and hate

            • kesmarn says:

              b’ito you’re so funny! There’s a difference between a nightmare and an anxiety dream! You caught me worrying about you! 😳

              See? Y’all on the Planet have made your way right into my subconscious. I think about you (apparently fret about you, too) even in my sleep. I’ve never felt closer to a bunch of people I have met yet!

              And you’re right, Obama’s happy family life must be galling to Rush. It’d be nice if he figured out that he could have the same thing if he started acting like a human being!

          • Chernynkaya says:

            Kes, but you nailed it-- envy. It is obvious to me that he envies everything about Obama-- most of all, how loved and respected he is my so many. And to add to that envy, it must gall him to no end-- has actually driven him to distraction-- that Obama is an African American.

            Just to clarify, what I learned from my teacher is a bit different than what Limp sees and hates about Obama. But I am sure that Limp would vehemently deny that he feels envy towards the president.

            But think about what he finds so infuriating about Obama: He always accuses him of grandstanding, of doing something so that people will worship him, that he wants to be seen as a messiah. Well, that EXACTLY what Limp wants! That’s why he hates what he thinks he sees in Obama. Projection, pure and simple.

            • Emerald1943 says:

              Hi Kes! Great to see you tonight! I think you guys are spot on! Jealousy! Barack Obama is everything Rush is not! Harvard grad, successful, admired, married with a beautiful family, US Senator, articulate and educated, smooth, slim, good athlete, and President of the United States of America…the most powerful man in the world.

              Rush is a first-year college drop out, over weight, addicted to pain medications, single (complains he can’t get a date), and questionable sexual orientation…at least that’s what I hear.

              What a poor, pitiful loser of a man! Oh, don’t get me wrong…I don’t feel sorry for him in the least. He deserves the karma that is coming to him!

            • kesmarn says:

              Em! I just left a note for you, too, on the OT thread, saying that we’ve been missing each other of late (in both senses of the word, I think)!

              Good to see you here!

            • Chernynkaya says:

              So well put Em! can you help me out with your insight and read my latest comment on the OT thread-- I am at a loss as what to reply. (That’s a first, huh?)

            • kesmarn says:

              Projection, Cher, is exactly the word for Rush’s m.o. regarding the President.
              I think your teacher was truly correct in that most of the time when I find myself disliking someone almost at first sight, there’s some less-than-praiseworthy aspect of myself that I’m probably reacting defensively to. That really is a wise observation.
              But Rush’s hostility, as you noted, is rooted in envy rather than defensiveness.
              Some of the things he has said about Michelle Obama, too--e.g. that she is “angry, full of rage”--wow, that is not the First Lady. That is prima donna Rush!

        • Emerald1943 says:

          Hey bit…love her style, that javaz! She’s easy to love! :-)

  12. Emerald1943 says:

    Ed Schultz on MSNBC getting ready to talk about the White House response to Pat Robertson now!

    • javaz says:

      Ever since Nellie wrote about a reply she received from Ed, I so dislike him.
      I never trusted him when I listened to him on Air America, but that reply Nellie got from him, turned me off from him completely.

      • Emerald1943 says:

        Javaz, what reply? I didn’t see it. Was it recent? Nellie, are you still here? What’s the name of the article? I’d love to read it.

        • nellie says:

          Hey Em. Here’s what happened:

          I wrote Ed a long time ago when he started on his rampage about the public option, ranting that Obama was gutless and wouldn’t come out bashing the Republicans like he should.

          So I wrote him and said, in his position, the president had to maintain some decorum, he couldn’t be a blow hard, and that I was pretty disappointed that Ed would call him gutless.

          So Ed writes me back — from his CELL PHONE, no less. He just couldn’t wait to send me the following message (caps preserved just as they were received by me):

          “FUCK YOU!! I’m not playing.”

          So I wrote Ed back that he certainly had a strange way of responding to his listeners — make that EX listeners — and that I would be sure to notify everyone I knew how he had answered me.

          • javaz says:

            So, in your brainstorming thing about HP, you included him?

            I think with that HP brainstorming you all have going on that you should send it to Colbert, Oberman (?), Jon Stewart, Maddow, and every left wing commentator.

            I’d love to partake in that, btw, but I am so over HP.
            I cannot remember the last time that I went to the dark side.

            I conquered my addiction to HP!!!

            I deleted my account there and seriously, I cannot remember the last time that I visited that site and I am a much happier person because of it!

            It’s my little way in boycotting that site and hoping AH loses her appeal.

            • nellie says:

              I included him mostly because he is constantly dumping on the president — as Thom Harmann does also — because Obama isn’t doing EXACTLY what they think he should be doing. It’s petty and destructive.

              His response to me was merely boorish.

          • Emerald1943 says:

            Holy cow! Nellie, I can’t believe he would be so crass and horrible to a viewer! That’s awful! I am so sorry! I would expect something like that out of Rush, but I am really surprised that Ed would respond like that.

            I know he is over the top sometimes and that will be his ultimate downfall. But I would never have expected something like this. Thanks for sharing the story. It sure changes my opinion of him.

            • nellie says:

              If I’d been a jerk in my email, I could understand. But I can tell you, I’ve gotten some nasty responses from progressive personalities — like Mike Malloy. I begin to think all of these folks are narcissists, and just can’t stand to be challenged.

            • nellie says:

              Well, if it wasn’t Ed, his staff isn’t doing him any favors.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually Ed. Like I said, I’ve gotten almost as bad from Mike Malloy. And there was no doubt the email was from Mike.

              These people are prima donnas. They want to be adored. They don’t want to be criticized.

            • bitohistory says:

              I wonder if it was Ed that responded. I have called a few times and “his people” can be quite rude and protective. “we don’t screen your calls” is BS!

  13. SueInCa says:

    I forgot, isn’t his REAL name Jeff Christie? LMAO

    • Chernynkaya says:

      I don’t think so Sue. I read a piece somewhere written by his niece (yeah, it seems he was actually born, not spawned) and she talked about “Uncle Rusty.” She didn’t agree with him; the piece was how hard it was to be related to him, and having the same last name.

  14. SueInCa says:

    Oh Nellie, that was not a rant, if I had been writing it, the F bomb would have been dropped. Only for that sick piece of inhumanity also known as Rushlimp. The man needs to be stopped. Someday he is going to say something and something bad will happen, then it will be directly his fault. I relish that day.

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