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abby4ever On January - 4 - 2010
Categories: Speakers' Corner

Written by abby4ever

To all my friends at Planet: I care passionately about 'all creatures great and small' throughout the world. In honor of them, I'd like to cite these two quotations: "The abuse of a harmless thing is the essence of sin." (A. W. Tozer (1897-1963) and "The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But: can they suffer?" (Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) abby January 6, 2010

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  1. kesmarn says:

    abby! Congratulations! I hope it’s all smooth sailing for you and baby through the next 7 months.

    And a quick good morning to all my Planet friends before I get showered, changed and off to work. (Still--as always--though, hoping for on call!)

    Have a great day, everyone!

  2. whatsthatsound says:

    Baby pictures.

    • abby4ever says:

      Omg, don’t even suggest…arrrrrrrrrgggh!!!

      Have an email for you in answer to your long one but it’s only a third of the way done. Just letting you know here so that you don’t think I am ignoring yours…

      How was your second day back to work, btw?

  3. PatsyT says:

    Congratulations Abby,
    I been thru it three times !
    What fun you have in store.
    Say, maybe we need a Parents Corner here at the Planet, Hmmmm?
    As for the name,
    anything but, Dick.

  4. whatsthatsound says:

    Abby’s baby will:
    speak at six months
    win arguments by two years
    blog by the age of four
    change her mom’s ideas about guns by……..
    blog by the age of four

    • abby4ever says:

      You just wait, what’s. I’m nearly done with my argument on nukes and when I publish it, if I ever do and right now I’m not so sure, I’m going to dedicate it to you.

      Btw, can I use your ‘Nukes Don’t Wipe Out Cities; People Do’ brilliant comment? I will credit you. I can’t say enough about that comment, I can’t stop thinking about it, it is that neat.

      (And so are you.)


      • whatsthatsound says:

        Be my guest. And if you want, you can call it, “Dr. StrangeAbby; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Heart the Bomb”.

        (the article, not the baby)

    • Emerald1943 says:

      Oh Dog! WTS, you just HAD to go there, didn’t you!! LOL

      This child will no doubt be able to frame an outstanding argument early on! We’ll have another member at the Planet!

      Do we have a name yet??

  5. SueInCa says:

    Congratulations to you and Tom, Abby. That child is going to have some dynamite parents.

  6. tb92 says:

    Congratulations, Abby. It’s so good to be reminded of the happy things in life.

  7. PepeLepew says:


    I think Rocket Dog is a great name! He/she will be the coolest kid in school. All the kids will want to hang out with Rocket Dog.

    • abby4ever says:

      Pepe: I hope you won’t mind if I use this space under your comment to thank not only you but all who left me congrats; if I do each one separately there will be about 14 baby chicken avatars, back to back, showing in the right margin of the Home Page and I can just imagine what Admin would have to say about that . (Not to mention any visitors that might be perusing this place right now; they might think it’s a Chicken Welfare And Protection site…).

      Yes, ‘Rocket Dog’ is a fine name, and so unusual. Right now I’m torn between it, ‘AdLib’ (see AdLib’s comment, below, where he himself suggests the latter), and ‘boomer’.

      Emerald: it’s ok, says the doctor, if I stay up late sometimes, provided I get plenty of zzzzzzzzzzzs (good long naps) during the day, which I have been doing. I like to be on thread during the night (UK time) because that’s the liveliest time for Planet, usually. When the wit is really sharp and the observation, political or otherwise, is really keen, etc. Not that extraordinary things don’t happen at Planet in other timeframes, but this place just explodes into life between midnight and dawn, UK time, (that would be between 7 pm and 2 am, New York time, of course).

      To you all: thank you very much for your sweet… and funny too…congrats about the baby. We told everyone right away, which is of course a mistake; it makes the time inbetween almost eternal. Not content with that, I made a cyberspace announcement, the one above. Amazed, is what I mostly feel. I.e. brand new life is amazing. We didn’t plan to have a baby this soon, we were planning to wait at least two more years until I graduate, before even attempting such a thing. I’m not sure what happened, but in the end it doesn’t matter: we are happy about the baby.

      Now back to the home page to see what you guys have been writing by way of articles and saying by way of your usual lively, sometimes truly outrageous, posts.

      LOL !!!


  8. nellie says:

    Congratulations, abby. Very good news, indeed.

  9. KQuark says:


    ” alt=”baby” />

  10. AdLib says:

    Planetary-sized congrats to you and Tom!

    BTW, may I suggest “Adlib” as an excellent name for a baby?

  11. Chernynkaya says:

    Wonderful news Abby!

  12. Emerald1943 says:

    OMG!! This is wonderful news! Thanks, Abby, for sharing with us! Of course, we will want to be updated as time goes by! :-)

    Is this your first?

    Congratulations! Now, just take good care of yourself…no more staying up on the blog all night long and not getting your rest! :-)

  13. escribacat says:


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