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nellie On December - 25 - 2009

I was uninspired
blogging at HP
Then I spied a link —
“Planet POV”

First I shrugged it off
I’ve seen links before
Then I thought —
Just check it out
It might be something more

Planet’s here!
Blogging all the way!
Oh what fun
It is to write
on a new post every day!

Christmas cheer,
Blogging’s here to stay!
Oh what fun
It is to write
in an unforced, open way!

Now I’m having fun
I’m in blogging mode
No obnoxious trolls
No word filter code

I don’t have to fight
I don’t have to fib
Thanks to Quark
Kalima, KevenSeven
And AdLib!!


Planet’s here!
Blogging all the way!
Oh what fun
It is to write
on a new post every day!

Christmas cheer,
Blogging’s here to stay!
Oh what fun
It is to write
in an unforced, open way!

I’d like to thank the founding members of Planet POV for our blogging haven and wonderful PPOV community. And to wish everyone a warm, happy, and fulfilling holiday.


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  1. kesmarn says:

    nellie, this is just a delight. After coming home late on Christmas from yet another of those “family drama” Christmases, it’s a pleasure to spend time reading the wit and wisdom of my fellow Planetarians. Thanks for adding more of your own special wit and more wisdom to our little world here.

  2. KQuark says:

    Nellie that was brilliant and really put me into the Christmas spirit. Thanks so much.

  3. Chernynkaya says:

    Nellie-- you astound me! I could never do anything that clever-- just hilarious and so true! Bravo!

  4. escribacat says:

    Wonderful, Nellie. Let me echo those thanks too. PlanetPOV is becoming essential to me! Merry Christmas Nellie and all you Planeteers.

  5. Pashma says:

    Love it!!!

    Have a most wonderful Holiday Everyone!!!!

  6. Tiger99 says:

    I joined a site called the “Post”
    Where opinions are welcome “they boast”
    I made someone mad
    My profile was flagged
    Now anything I write that is genuine dissent, factually based, or intelligent rebuttal

    IS TOAST !!!

    Happy Holidays Everyone…

  7. Khirad says:

    Hope you don’t mind if I share some music on this thread, Nellie. I spent a sleepless night working on most these -- and getting my first to finally upload correctly after like 4-5 days. Needless to say, I got them done just in the ‘Nick’ of time; though apparently iMovie didn’t prune the ends like I thought it had -- too much geek talk -- on to the music!

    This is my first ever YouTube upload, so don’t laugh (too much):

    Lovespirals -- Aspen Glow

    This is one I just finished real quick an hour ago or so. I’ll probably end up pulling it and redoing it with more of my own photos of Christmas in the desert. Good song though:

    Mirabilis -- Riu Riu Chiu

    This one I kinda got a little conceptual on. See if you can tell where I was going with it. Also, a note, this one is slightly darker in tone (in essence making a 19th century hymn sound much older), not to everyone’s taste, I’m sure.

    Rhea’s Obsession -- We Three Kings

    This I got so behind on, and wanted to do for some time. This one is definitely dark, so if you’re not screwed up in the head like me, it might not cheer your day -- though I find it naughty and, well, devilishly exquisite.

    Unto Ashes -- Krampusnacht

    If I don’t get back to the computer today, a hearty ‘Merry Christmas’ to all who celebrate, and to everyone else, enjoy your day as well (hopefully you have the day off regardless).

    • KQuark says:

      Awesome work Khirad. Great compilation. Your talent shines through.

    • Chernynkaya says:

      Wow-- that was stunning, Khirad. And I learned about Krampus! all your images are just first-rate too-- especially the Krampus ones, but I’m pretty weird myself. And I loved the “Three Kings” rendition!

      It was all wonderful-- carry on!!

  8. javaz says:

    Very good, Nellie, and a very Merry Christmas to you and thank you for everything you do here for us!

  9. Scheherazade says:

    Hahaha! 😀 That’s awesome!

  10. boomer1949 says:


    Merry, merry and happy, happy. 🙂


  11. AlphaBitch says:

    Merry Christmas one and all. Nice to be on the Planet!

  12. Hopeington says:

    I am so busting up over this…Thank you Nellie!!
    Oh yeah, I’m singin it!! Blogosphere Planet’s here….
    Christmas hugs and cookies for you!!!

  13. whatsthatsound says:

    Such an assortment of cunning linguists we have here!
    We’re poets and we know it, and our feet show it, cuz they’re Longfellows!

    Great stuff, Nellie!

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