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BlueStateMan On October - 25 - 2009

4255781521765468081_610wMy “Agent86” moniker just got summarily bounced from HP…. this time I REALLY have no idea why.


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  1. GreatGrannie says:

    Hi, Agent86!
    I saw that you had been bounced! My monikor at HP was chillfactor and have have seen your posts. Many people are wondering why you got bounced. KevinSeven had this site listed so thought I would join up. HP is becoming quite a cesspool of snitches. A couple others were banned yesterday as well…accusations flying but they think it was SAAB. Seems John is flagging anyone he does not like. He was at it, again, last night. Yet the trolls keep coming back and nothing happens to them. :(

    • AdLib says:

      Hi GG, I remember you as ChillFactor at HP, a real pleasure to see you here.

      Check out the articles here about HuffPo, it has become corrupt and there seems to be a rhyme and reason to it that stems from a combination of the agendas of the hedge fund ownership and Arianna’s lust for celebrity, money and power.

      • GreatGrannie says:

        I so enjoyed HP when I joined in March of 2008 and loved reading and responding to the posts. However, over the summer I started noticing a distinct change in the atmosphere, trolls became rappant and scrubbing of the regulars became more than irritating. Arianna’s true character came to light over her remarks about our president and then when she was cutoff during the ballon boy incident. Her self-importance and arrogance was just too much to disregard.

        I am thrilled to see so many familiar monikers here. I am still learning to navigate this site but think I am going to like it here…oh, I am having problems changing my original sign-in password…how do I go about getting a new, permanent one….

        • AdLib says:

          GreatGrannie, look over to the columns on the right, under “Meta” click on Dashboard (Dashboard is your personal settings page).

          In your Dashboard, click on “Profile”, scroll towards the bottom of the page and you’ll see “Change Password”, fill in your new password in both boxes then click on the “Update Profile” and you’re set.

          To go back to the Home Page, scroll up to the top of the page and click on either “PlanetPOV” or “Visit Site”.

          Please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] with any questions, comments or suggestions.


  2. AdLib says:

    Great to see you and very nice to have you aboard!

    BTW, sorry for the delay in your post showing up, a bug which I think is fixed now.

    Again, welcome to The Planet, BSM!!!

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