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BlueStateMan On October - 25 - 2009

4255781521765468081_610wMy “Agent86” moniker just got summarily bounced from HP…. this time I REALLY have no idea why.


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  1. Khirad says:

    Howdy, I relented, and curiosity got the better of me.

    Most importantly though, I thought an oasis from the trolldom and modding that is HP would be good for my mental health.

    • johnie2xs says:

      Welcome Khirad. I just made the transition myself, today. After three former usernames, and a roiling case of the “aggravations” from getting scrubbed so many times, even hours after some had posted, I needed a break.
      Again, welcome.

    • AdLib says:

      Khirad, welcome to The Planet! Hope to see you here tomorrow night for our HuffNo Friday night get together here!

    • Kalima says:

      Welcome to our Planet Khirad. Slip off your shoes and relax a while.

      A break from Huff is always the first step in regaining our stressed and sometimes fragile mental state.

    • KevenSeven says:

      Did I badger you ENOUGH?

      You are most welcome. Please participate in HuffNo Friday!

  2. bluejoni2525 says:

    HI I noticed a certain secret agent is back in my fan base. I don’t know if it means anything. I just thought I’d pass it along. Miss all of you !! bluejoni2525

  3. Strega says:

    Hi 86 and everyone! Good to be here; I’ll try to post more often, as I’m getting pretty tired of HP & their troll lovefest too!

  4. Kalima says:

    Welcome to our Planet BSM, nice to see you again.

    Welcome to everyone else too!!

    I stopped posting on Huff after almost 2 years last April and unfortunately don’t know many of you but it’s great to see you all here. Take your shoes off, relax and say exactly what is on your minds.

  5. Grabamop says:

    Hi Agent86, thanks to Republicans Rejected over at HP I discovered this site. I am so sorry you were banned. I don’t understand why, you were never offensive and very funny. Oh well, HP is jumping the shark anyways.

  6. KQuark says:

    Welcome! Great to see your moniker intact again.

    I think most of the progressive blog world is just cannibalizing itself these days with the constant outrage, narratives, and troll interference just to make more ad money.

    I hope you don’t mind the image I added to your post.

  7. bluejoni2525 says:

    Hi everyone I miss you all very much !! I am glad I can read you here. I know everyone is working to get you back. I saw some weird stuff going on last night with new posters. I think the trolls come on and band together to ban people (I know you probably saying no cr_p)The moderators should be able to see this shouldn’t they ?? Anyway I miss all of you !!! Bluejoni2525

    • AdLib says:

      Hey bluejoni2525, nice to see you here!

      Trolls have indeed figured out how to use HuffPo’s fucked up banning policy against regulars and progressives there (if there’s a way to subvert anything, you can always count on Republicans).

      Part of it is HuffPo assisted. HuffPo keeps trolls around because they want the conflict. The Trolls have learned this and gladly provide the service, also realizing that if they can harass individuals, they can rile them up enough to technically violate some HuffPo Terms of Use, then they lobby HuffPo through all kinds of socks to get rid of such bloggers.

      If a regular member and a troll say the same insult, my experience says that the troll is far more likely to remain while the regular member is more likely to be banned.

      I learned back during the election, when they let the trolls severely poison the site…HuffPo just doesn’t care about their members. It’s all about keeping conflict going to assure greater use of the site and which increases ad revenue.

      BTW, I smile at your spelling “crap” as “cr_p”, took me a little while to re-adjust back to normal after having the workarounds to the HuffPo word blacklists become a force of habit.

      Just to be clear, this site truly respects freedom of expression. You can use all of George Carlin’s seven dirty words here and any you want to make up as long as they’re not personal attacks on other members.

      So, here at The Planet, the choice to write “crap” or “cr_p” will always be yours .

      • SueInCa says:

        That is good info, thanks.

      • bluejoni2525 says:

        Thanks for the info AdLib!! Posting without dashes and spaces will be great and will take awhile to get used to. The lack of respect for longtime posters is terrible. I am a fairly new poster to Huff Po (this year) and I love to read all of you so much !! I used to frequent right wing sites (where I was the “troll”)like Beck’s 9-12 site. They had a very low tolerance for us “trolls” there. I was banned twice and then banned for good on the new site. Their administrator said he found out where I lived and was going to send someone to my house. I didn’t believe him I knew he was trying to intimidate me. I don’t know why I am spewing all this but it is an odd little story. I know some of those horrible “people from that site go to Huff Po and they would stop at nothing to get some posters. I had one post a reply on Huff Po like “Bluejoni2525 I remember you. New home not for long”. Thanks for listening !! Will talk soon Bluejoni2525

        • Suzanne525 says:

          Hi Bluejoni2525. I see we share some numbers! I don’t remember you from HuffPo, but I just started there last year during the election.

          I often learned more from some of the comments, but the troll traffic was just ridiculous. Obviously encouraged to create traffic, and ad revenue.

          Nice to see familiar names here. I’ll be back also.

        • AdLib says:

          Bluejoni2525, you probably know this but to put your mind at ease, as a site admin I can fully assure you that no one knows your home address through your IP address.

          IP addresses are tracked by all sites but they only show where your provider is based. For example, I’m in Los Angeles but my provider’s main address for DSL service is in Irvine so anyone tracking my IP would merely see “Irvine, CA” if they traced it.

          Very happy to have you here as a newer blogger from HuffPo. I started there 2 years ago, just early enough to have caught it when it was still a great place then witness it collapse into a greed and vanity factory.

          As you say, the right wing sites are quick to eject anyone who isn’t a dittohead. HuffPo’s agenda is to create exciting blogging through eternal conflict so they welcome racists and haters of all kinds from The Right.

          Maybe why you’re bringing this all up is your disappointment and disillusionment with a site that is supposed to represent progressive and liberal values…being just one small step above the intolerence of right wing sites when it comes to free expression?

          In any case, that won’t happen here at The Planet, this site was founded by regular people who are bloggers and whatever happens, that will never change.

  8. PepeLepew says:

    I’m pretty fed up with the trolls dominating all the threads at HuffPost lately. That site, between its inflammatory headlines and non-attributed stories and trollology, has really deteriorated.

    • AdLib says:

      PepeLepew, welcome to The Planet!!!

      It ebbs and flows but for the most part, too many have acclimated to the hate and abuse that has become a defining element of the discourse on HuffPo.

      I’m not innocent on this, I played TrollBuster for a long time on the site and smashed and got a number banned but I finally stepped back to re-examine what I was doing and why.

      I joined HuffPo back in 2007 because I have a passion for political issues and was looking for a place to share a dialog with other folks who shared that passion. For a good deal of time, I felt I had found that at HuffPo, I had made a number of blogger friends who were clever and funny and informed.

      Then 2008 came along, as did a hedge fund buy in on the site and things shifted very radically. The censoring of posts came in harshly after Bill O’Reilly called HuffPo a place for hatred of the right. This alarmed the investors who apparently demanded that their investment be protected and the members should be locked down and censored.

      A period of severe censorship followed, there was a time when there were no current articles that allowed comments to be directly posted, all were moderated.

      This loosened up after usage no doubt cratered but the remnants of that is what HuffPo is today.

      The bottom line is, liberals believe in free speech, hedge funds and egocentric opportunists who can casually flip from hard core Republican to hard core Democrats don’t.

    • KevenSeven says:

      To say nothing of the unwarranted banning.

  9. Questinia says:

    Who is Philip Taylor? Philip Taylor?

    • KQuark says:

      Philip Taylor is mostly a cut and paster who thinks the Fed is at the root of all our problems. Actually my philosophy is not unique but goes to the bigger issue where money is the root of all our problems. The Fed distributes money so of course it’s part of the problem but just getting rid of the Fed will solve nothing.

    • AdLib says:

      I’ll bite. Who is Phillip Taylor and why is he saying those things about me?

  10. VegasBabe says:

    Soooo…..why am I always the last to know anything anymore? I guess I should have KNOWN Agent86 was BSM. Sorry about the banning but it’s better to be here anyway. I love your posts, they are always informative and a delight to read. So quit your moanin’ and groanin’ and write something cool to read here. And here I thought you’d left the blogging world … HA! Agent 86 INDEED :).

  11. KevenSeven says:


    I trust you noticed that I was beating the drum shortly after you got the bounce.

    I directed many of the posters on the thread to AdLib’s commentary on Huff.

    And you had built us such a fan base!

    Did they send you any message on the e-mail associated with the moniker?

  12. scjk67 says:

    hey Agent86! yeah i says whoa that you we’re there one minute and poof. HP is getting bad, i’m starting to think that site is all about money making machine now…annrina huff is a fraud.

    • AdLib says:

      scjk67, welcome to The Planet!

      Yep, once the hedge fund bought in heavily, there is no option. Hedge funds require the highest possible return on their investment they can squeeze out.

      Hedge funds are not about the public good or principles. They have one goal and responsibility, profits. End of story.

      Arianna has always been a fraud, no principled person can do a 180 from hard core Republican to hard core Democrat overnight, suddenly opposing every issue one supported and supporting every issue one opposed.

      There is only one possible conclusion, she is a fraud and opportunist. Whenever I hear her speak on any show, I never hear the tone of genuine principle, just self-importance and ambition.

  13. kesmarn says:

    Agent86! So glad you’re here. AtomicSplash was banned, too. I was/still am kesmarn @ HuppPo, but the relentless scrubbing was getting old. Always enjoyed your comments.

    The Planet looks like an excellent alternative.

    • AdLib says:

      Kesmarn, happy to have you here!

      Some of us from HuffPo founded this site to be an alternative to the censorship, propaganda, troll coddling and ban happy mentality over at HuffPo.

      At this site, there’s true Freedom of Expression and all members can write whatever they want in comments or articles. That’s what HuffPo used to be but there’s no going back for that site now.

      I still drop by there from time to time but mostly to call attention to the bullshit going on over there.

      • kesmarn says:

        Thanks for the kind welcome, AdLib. Things seem to be getting worse and worse over there. I can understand removing truly offensive or insulting posts, but they’re wiping out stuff that they just happen to disagree with. Not very liberal-minded! I hope all the frequent posters end up here.

  14. nicole473 says:

    Hey BSM/Agent86,

    I don’t get it at all. It seems that the trolls rule at HP. It is completely frustrating. :(

    • AdLib says:

      Hello and welcome, nicole473!

      It’s a Huffington Post business plan I call “Clicks and Dicks”, in order to get more “clicks” which means more advertising revenue, they encourage and protect trolls (“dicks”) to outrage and upset members and create conflict… which keeps members blogging and clicking on the site longer and more frequently.

      It’s very cynical and in truth is intentionally using and disrespecting the very members who have made it the huge success it is.

      • nicole473 says:

        Thanks, AdLib.

        A sad commentary it is. I had my doubts about Arianna, but no more. She has become much more transparent in my view. Ugh…

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