Despite complaints about his ego, filmmaking style and his overexposure in the 2004 elections, Michael Moore remains the most effective, progressive and influential filmmaker out there.

Expect the MSM to attack Moore for the hypocrisy and corruption spotlighted in this film, as they did with Sicko and Fahrenheit 911. There is something terribly wrong with this country that the MSM acts as a willing or passive  co-conspirator in the outrages perpetrated on this country by corporations and the politicians they own, yet is aggressively confrontational in their mission to discredit an independent filmmaker who accurately exposes and analyzes what is happening in this country.

Don’t know about you but there haven’t been many films this year that have motivated me to go to the theater but I am looking forward to seeing this one.

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KQµårk 死神

A poster on HP from the Netherlands made a very good point about capitalism the other night. I’m familiar with the Dutch healthcare system because of my research but he reiterated that the Dutch healthcare insurance industry was 100% private and it delivers low cost policies something like $200/individual and quality healthcare. The big difference in the US and in the Netherlands is they have dozens of private insurance competitors and fierce healthcare regulations where every insurer has to have a minimal plan that is really quite generous.

One of the problems in this country is we just don’t have real capitalism in the sense of real competition in too many industrial sectors. So when that happens the only choice we have is to add competition to the market using something like a public plan for healthcare.

Bottom line in this country we don’t have free market capitalism. We have a series of oligarchies in almost every important industry.


A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a 1998 Michael Moore film I had not seen or even heard of before. “The Big One” documents the great “downsizing” that got underway in the wake of NAFTA, and though much of it was filmed prior to the 1996 election (Remember? -the lowest turnout in American electoral history), its release was delayed until way AFTER the election. Check it out and you’ll understand WHY! The segment featuring newly unemployed workers at the Centralia, Illinois “Payday” candy bar plant is incredibly prescient.
EB rates this film a “humdinger”, and it’s available through Netflix.

(Yeah…I know…they should be paying me a sales commission.heh)


Fortunately, Moore adds “A Love Story” to the title “Capitalism”. The concrete minded will accept “love” and “capitalism” in the same sentence without squawking “socialism!”
The MSM has been in on it ever since Watergate. That’s when they were invited to the White House and took their first bites into the cocktail party canap