Health Care Overhaul GeorgiaJournalist Paul Krugman has written a very good op-ed.  Here’s the link:

Open another window, and check it out.  Then come on back and reply here.  I’m interested in your opinions.  Rational, reasonable opinions, of course.

The summary is that progressives are getting mad, and confidence in Obama is floundering.   I don’t know what a “progressive” is, because all political labels have a different definition depending on who’s using them.   But I do see what Mr. K is referring to.  There is more dissatisfaction expressed this week than ever, about the President’s lack of tenacity in demanding the public option for health care reform.

At HuffPo today, the commentary has blown up over this article remarkably fast.  2,000 comments by noon.  It’s gotten to the point that almost every comment is being “moderated” to the circular file.   Why?  Is Krugman’s article stoking the flames of progressive ire?

Did you just read the article as I asked you to?  Did it incite you?  DO YOU THINK IT WAS INTENTIONAL?  Could it be, he’s using the same play the President did, when he let that, now infamous statement, slip at the townhall earlier this week? (  …about 10 paragraphs in)

There is suspicion that the White House is now playing their base like a fiddle, or perhaps like a snare drum, to generate a call to action; to outflank the townhall naysayers, now that they have been partially diffused as irrational and foolish.   Is this a ploy to get a huge movement started to publicly support the public option?

So far, there has been plenty of support in the “blogosphere”.  But blogs don’t make the evening news; angry mobs DO.   Is Krugman, like the WH, trying to motivate the “progressives” to take to the streets, and be SEEN as well as heard?   Hmmm, could be…

His closing statement, that “progressives are now in revolt”, seems to be the reveal.  In today’s media, simply stating something somehow makes it true.  So I guess revolution is finally at hand.   Well, let’s make the most of it.  Grab your figurative pitchforks, and find a way to get to Washington.  Robert Reich wants us to go, Sept. 13th.  It’s a Sunday, so why not?  Read a little here:

There is no Superman to save us or the public option.  If you are tired of right-wingnuts calling the President “messiah”, then this is your call.  Rather than sit back and wait for him to fix it with charisma and charm, YOU must put on that patriot hat.  YOU must be the voice of reason.   Even if it is YOU ALONE.   Your motivation MUST come from within, because this is what will carry you there.   WILL you be alone?  OF COURSE NOT, because what we seek from our government is WHAT IS RIGHT.  You, and thousand more just like you, as individuals will come together to stand as one.  This is what America does.  We saw it on Sept. 11th, 2001.   We can do it again, and as many times as necessary, when we believe that the crisis is important enough.   Indeed it is.

THIS IS OUR TIME TO BE PATRIOTS.  The power of the people has always been in its mass.  If “teabaggers” are organizing on the 12th, we must show Washington who has the louder voice; the greater cause.    Organize your friends, your church, your community, your family.  Pack an overnight bag with red, white, and blue.    Sept. 13th, 2009.  I will see you there.

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FeedUp, welcome.
I can easily do the no doctor thing.Can’t afford it anywho.


Hi Folks,

Looks like this is the place to be. Was sick of moderation and the grand silliness on HuffPo (almost as bad as the MSM).

This is my maiden voyage on planet.pov so please bear with me.

We have certainly not been heard by our Congress or White House.

If it isn’t happening in Wash DC or Wall St. it isn’t happening.

Main Street is dying a slow death. Small business is becoming extinct.

We the citizens need to take control —-

ex. On 9/11/09 let’s encourage enough people to not buy any
gasoline on that day. (The powers that be have tried to make us forget the high oil prices of last summer (on to health

Then pick another day do not go to the doctor that day.

Pick another day — do not buy anything from anybody but a
Mom & Pop Shop

And then start turning up the heat and send a clear message
to corporate America, we are FEED UP

It will be like Pay It Forward — But in reverse — they stuck us, now we will stick them…………..

KQµårk 死神

The biggest thing the Democrats can do by far to help small business is to pay real universal healthcare reform. Even if it’s not mandated with small business, if small business employees get access to affordable healthcare coverage it narrows a huge competitive advantage corporations how now. The second biggest thing to save small businesses is to subsidize small businesses who are developing alternative energy sources. I already have one group of friends that have just started up a weatherproofing and solar panel installation business and have dozens of clients lined up.


I totally agree but contacting Congress for the past two years appears to be a waste of time. We the people have access to them but are not heard.

Until, these folks are hit in their wallet, nothing
is going to change.

Power of the people, power over their purse.

Small Business has been left out of the equation for way to long. Check out the Small Business Admin. for the past 9 years most of the money has been funnelled to the large corporations.

KQµårk 死神

The good part is now they have nowhere to hide. If the Dems do not get it done they will suffer the consequences.


Welcome to The Planet, FeedUp!

I like the proposal, I’m down with it.

BTW, remember the “Staycation” concept created last year?

The concept of marketing lower expectations and a lesser lifestyle is all that passes for positive in the corporately dominated America.

All the sacrifices are on the backs of the people so the corporations can profit and “trickle down” a fraction of their obscene wealth through underpaid jobs.

I do make a habit of going Mom and Pop instead of corporate business whenever feasible. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been in a Walmart and those times it was because I was out of town and there were no Mom and Pop shops left in the vicinity.

If we don’t come out of this economic disaster with a reduction of the vast gap of power and money between the wealthy and the rest of us, there may indeed be a need to affirm the 2nd Amendment.


I’m so glad someone pimped this site on Huffpo. I’m sick of Huffpo with the moderation crap.

In any case, I’ve tended to agree with Krugman since the beginning. He is the voice of reason.

And I also believe that Rahm Emmanuel and DLC Democrats are our undoing. I think the mess that’s unfolding is going to be cataclysmic; that being said, catharsis is sometimes a good thing, even if painful. The bottom line is that the corporations own our politicians, and if that doesn’t change (how can it, save some sort of populace uprising?) nothing else will.


HelenWheels, great to have you here!

I’m on the same page, I was seriously upset when Rahm was made Chief of staff and the DLC became married to the Obama Admin.

Howard Dean made Obama’s win possible with the 50 state strategy he built up over years…despite Rahm’s and the DLC’s fighting him every inch of the way.

I was disgusted by the DLC taking credit for the wins in 2006 but even more disgusted with how they threw Dean under the train after Obama won.

The DLC represents everything that’s wrong with the Dems, they are the Blue Dog Dems and the conservatives who play the game of inches in elections, staying as close to the GOP on policy as possible with just a few degrees of difference that will hopefully give them the win.

This is the same kind of asinine politics playing out now, Obama putting “bipartisanship” and looking like he’s a friend to Repubs has been more important than standing up for principles and urgent issues he campaigned on.

So what’s the idea here, let the Repubs sink the public option so they look definitively like the Party of No in 2010 and the Dems win more seats?

At the expense of actually doing something critical for the people?

My mom called me today and asked me to explain why Obama is looking so weak and letting the GOP call the shots.

I couldn’t come up with a reasonable answer.

As Howard Dean says, there is no health care reform without a public option.

End of story.

If Pres. Obama and the DLC think they can generate contributions and enthusiasm in future elections after throwing away our one real shot at reform, they are sadly mistaken.

KQµårk 死神

The other bottom line is progressives NEVER trust authority or they would not be progressives. That is the red herring in the article. Progressives are always distrustful of government. Asking progressives to trust it’s leaders is like asking conservatives to think government is the answer.

KQµårk 死神

I said this was a blunder by the Obama administration because they did not understand that not only the bases but centrist Dems are commitment to the pubic option.

That being said the base and Dems did sit on their hands in the healthcare debate when the townhalls started. They did let the screamers take over the conversation. Now progressives and mainstream Dems are finally speaking up and entering the fray.

Leadership is a two way street. The president can be a better leader but progressives sure as shit can be better followers as well.


I don’t think this is part of any plan. The issue I’ve always had with DLC types like Rahm is their total disregard for what the public wants in pursuit of political gain.

The way the Health Care Reform bill has been handled is reflective of such an approach and has clearly been a failure. Putting image over substance, trying to appear bipartisan at the expense of principles because of the political gain envisioned, is dishonest and wrongheaded.

Let’s not forget how Pres. Obama has previously turned his back on his base’s interests by approving of the eavesdropping bill and simultaneously approving of indemnity for the phone companies that spied on us.

There is indeed a cynical calculation here, “Where else to liberals/progressives have to go except the Dem Party?”

This is one instance where taking for granted the support of the majority of Americans and the progressive community is a huge mistake, we will not accept that Pres. Obama stand firm on issues that are best for the American People if he does not ensure that a strong public option happens.

I remain open and optimistic on this though, I have a hard time believing that he would truly throw the public plan overboard just to appear bipartisan or avoid a risky fight.

In the meantime, you are right on target, blogs and the progressive community need to speak up loud and drown out the astroturf, racist shouts of hatred from the right if we want this public option to succeed.