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Posted by AdLib On Apr - 11 - 2011 157 COMMENTS

Especially in the old days of movie making, when an actress was as tall or taller than her leading man, a trench might be dug for her to stand or walk in so that on camera, she could look up at him and he could look down at her. The […]

Posted by Marion On Apr - 8 - 2011 3 COMMENTS

I was raised by a father who couldn’t abide the Republican Party. In fact, I don’t ever recall a time in his life when he didn’t refer to the GOP collectively as “those god-damned Republicans.” When Mills Godwin, a Democratic governor of Virginia, defected, mid-term, to the Republicans, my father […]

Posted by Marion On Mar - 31 - 2011 6 COMMENTS

In asserting that the House rules supreme and supersedes the Senate, Eric’s either patently ignorant or pandering patently.

Posted by Marion On Mar - 23 - 2011 76 COMMENTS

OK,  Congress is mad at the President. I get it. They’re mad because he didn’t ask them for their permission to join two other permanent members of the UN Security Council in effecting a no-fly zone over Libya in order to dissuade a brutal dictator from committing what would, effectively, […]

Posted by Marion On Mar - 21 - 2011 154 COMMENTS

In an online conversation this past weekend, someone reminded me of something I hadn’t thought about in years – the Reagan Presidential campaign of 1980. Some of the most effective campaign commercials used by the Reagan team during that election cycle were ones which utilized audio and video clips of […]

Posted by javaz On Mar - 19 - 2011 11 COMMENTS
The President of The United States

Yesterday my husband and I attended a spring training game – the Oakland A‘s vs the Chicago Cubs – down in Phoenix near the zoo. It is a tradition for us to attend a spring training game on St. Patrick’s Day, and since the rail has been developed in the […]

Posted by Smedley Butler On Mar - 13 - 2011 86 COMMENTS

Smedley Butler Crusader, Contrarian, Curmudgeon I see a lot of people laying the blame for the events in Wisconsin at the feet of the voters whose low turnout at the polls is said to have brought Scott Walker and his ilk into power. This is very wrong and in fact […]

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 6 - 2011 303 COMMENTS
tax ripoffjpg 3

The wealthy have been engaged in open class warfare against the American People for 30 years. The war is at a turning point and what could be lost may never be regained. It’s time for us to step up to confront and defeat this very real threat to the American way of life and our democracy.

Posted by Marion On Mar - 4 - 2011 97 COMMENTS

Politics and religion don’t mix. Really, they shouldn’t mix. Actually, they’re not meant to mix, especially in the United States, where our Constitution calls for a separation of Church and State. Now, that doesn’t mean that men of the cloth can’t dabble in politics. We’ve had clergymen serve in Congress […]

Posted by SequimBob2 On Mar - 1 - 2011 37 COMMENTS
Dogs of War

THE REPUBLICAN “DOGS OF WAR” Politics is war without bloodshed – Mao Tse-tung Republicans have declared war on America. Sounds ridiculous, but is it? To fully understand the behavior of the Republican Party, one must view their actions through the eyes of a soldier. Still skeptical? That’s OK. Let’s go […]

Categories: GOP, News & Politics
Posted by Haruko Haruhara On Feb - 27 - 2011 41 COMMENTS
schweitzer veto

This year, riding a fervor of Tea Party “down with big government, down with Obama” rhetoric, a number of Tea Party candidates were elected to the State House. The State House had a 68-32 Republican edge (after being fairly close to 50-50 before the election.) The Tea Party candidates campaigned […]

Categories: GOP, News & Politics
Posted by ghostrider On Feb - 19 - 2011 450 COMMENTS

Wisconsin. What the hell is going on in Wisconsin? For the first time in many years I think we are actually seeing what this country is based on. We are actually seeing our representatives standing up and saying NO! The people have come out and come to the state capitol […]

Posted by justafarmer On Feb - 19 - 2011 39 COMMENTS
death panel cartoon

As Politicalgates expands and expounds, certain topics that relate to Sarah Palin, and more importantly, society as a whole, have a way of circling around. Some questions or issues can persist, and are worthy of reevaluation given their ongoing pertinence. Recently, the always relevant, misguided concept of the “death panel” came up again in discussions on this site.

Categories: Fox News, GOP, News & Politics
Posted by Caru On Feb - 18 - 2011 41 COMMENTS
The Battle Line is Drawn in Madison

However, I’ve noticed that you are currently finding it difficult to decide upon your next course of action. This is why I am writing to you: To sound you out on my proposal about how to resolve this situation.

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Feb - 9 - 2011 121 COMMENTS

Much is made now that the current GOP is the “Party of No”. But let’s remember that throughout American history conservatives have always been against progress. Whether it was first the Democrats in the 19th century or ultra conservative Republicans in the late 20th and early 21st century conservatives have […]

Posted by AdLib On Jan - 31 - 2011 63 COMMENTS
iPhone Pictures and Videos 485

The rally against the Kochs represented a dent in their stature and power and a validation of the unity and power the other 99% in this nation can have. With it, they can indeed take their democracy off the auction block.

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