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Posted by SallyT On Mar - 23 - 2014 2 COMMENTS

March Madness. That just about covers it. ENJOY!!!!

Posted by SallyT On Mar - 9 - 2014 3 COMMENTS

Hey, have you sprung forward? Or have you fell backwards to the Cold War? The funnies have you covered either way. ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Jan - 26 - 2014 8 COMMENTS

This past week one former Republican governor was indicted and another is still treading water under a trouble bridge. And, the GOP’s response: BENGHAZI! Look over there, its BENGHAZI! Again they are mistaken, its Justin Bieber. Oh well, you can figure it all out here in the funnies. ENJOY!!

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 30 - 2013 64 COMMENTS

The irony is that such people use the fruits of science daily, such as televisions, cell phones and the internet to wage their war against that evil practice of science.

Posted by SallyT On Oct - 27 - 2013 3 COMMENTS

Well, the ACA Website is still having troubles. So, while they are re-booting and clearing browsers and dusting off keys, please just sit back and go through the funnies. Lots about the troubled website but trust me, I have stuck in many that tell the truth about the real problems. Let me know if you find a favorite or two. I did. ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Oct - 13 - 2013 18 COMMENTS

In 14 hundred and 92, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 14 hundred and 93, Columbus sailed the deep blue sea. In 20 and 13, the Republicans drilled holes in the boat because they believe it can still float as long as the rest of us bail water. News for the GOP, your polls have sunk! ENJOY the funnies!

Posted by SallyT On Oct - 6 - 2013 14 COMMENTS

  Well, the government may be shutdown but not the funnies!  Get a full cup of coffee because there are a lot of them.  I have never had so many favorites.  I hope you can say the same after your tour.   ENJOY!!   This is first on the list […]

Posted by SallyT On Sep - 1 - 2013 8 COMMENTS

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all of you! Please take a break and labor over the funnies. You will find all the important issues covered from the 50th Anniversary of The Freedom March to the trouble in the Middle East. And, the unrest here over Ben Affleck being chosen as the next BatMan. And, what the hell is twerking? Walt Disney is spinning in his grave as Miley Cyrus shows us! ENJOY!

Posted by SallyT On Aug - 25 - 2013 4 COMMENTS

The President is back from vacation with a new puppy! The mongrels in Congress will be back, too. It is the dog days of summer coming to an end for us all. But before we get back to school, take some time to review the funnies. ENJOY!

Posted by SallyT On Aug - 18 - 2013 15 COMMENTS

Politics is always a rodeo but in Missouri they throw real bull into it! The clown stepped into it. So, climb on, hold on, and scroll on through the funnies.

Posted by SallyT On Aug - 11 - 2013 12 COMMENTS

Summer time and the livin’ is easy……..if you are in Congress anyway. You need a lot of R & R after doing nothing since your last vacation except trying to repeal Obamacare for the 4oth time. Take a little rest yourself and ENJOY! the funnies!

Posted by SallyT On Apr - 7 - 2013 27 COMMENTS

The President wants to fund Brain Mapping….even Rand McNally and Google might have trouble finding the GOP’s. Another wild week in America, have a cup of coffee and a smile as you review it all in The Sunday Funnies!

Posted by SallyT On Feb - 17 - 2013 7 COMMENTS

The State of the Union is covered this week and the thirsty rebuttal response. A stinky cruise ship is rescued. And, there are a lot that poke the Pope and his retirement. Welcome to the Sunday Funnies!

Posted by SallyT On Jan - 27 - 2013 12 COMMENTS

President Obama take the oath of office for his second term, lots of funnies on that! The Pentagon lifted the ban on women in combat duty and the first woman to face combat was Hillary Clinton. Sip a warm cup of coffee and enjoy this weekend’s Sunday Funnies!

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