Christie Measles

We know the drill now, President Obama comes out for something and Republicans fall all over themselves supporting the contrary. The only problem is when Obama comes out for something that’s for all of the public’s good, then we get to watch the spectacle of Republicans cheerleading against that.

In his pre-Superbowl tv interview yesterday, President Obama expressed the importance of parents getting their children vaccinated especially in light of the recent outbreak of measles around the country.

So? When Obama says “Stopping outbreaks of diseases is good!”, what do we expect to hear from a Republican? Specifically, Chris Christie?

“Mary Pat and I have had our children vaccinated and we think that it’s an important part of being sure we protect their health and the public health. I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well, so that’s the balance that the government has to decide.”

Really? Government has to decide between having a national epidemic and letting ‘Mericans have the freedom to cause epidemics? Because that’s what The Founders had in mind when they wrote the Bill of Rights?

“Hey Jefferson, don’t forget to add that bit I want about assuring all citizens the right to be carriers of Black Plague! FREEDOM!”

To be fair, maybe there are two things at play here, aside from Christie lobbying the pro-measles voters out there. First and foremost, it’s about opposing anything Obama says, next it’s about constructing the phony “Evil Big Government is always trying to stomp on your rights” and maybe lastly it’s about appealing to the GOP base that doesn’t believe in science and may believe the BS spilling out of the anti-vaccination Luddites (it fits in as a new trifecta with the contrail mind control gas and 9/11 false flag crowd).

It seems quite sad that the GOP has been reduced to a “know nothing” party that celebrates its stubborn ignorance on Climate Change, medicine, birth certificates, facts, etc.. In Christie’s attempt to pander to the “You’ll have to pry the polio from my cold dead hands” crowd, he also reveals the cognitive dissonance that is so pervasive in Republican politicians.

To translate Christie’s statement from Repub-U-Speak into plain English, we have fed it into our Dumb-U-Down 3000 and have come up with the following translation:

“Mary Pat and I have of course vaccinated our children to keep them safe, why wouldn’t we, are you stupid or what? But hey, if it’ll get some of you crazy, paranoid types to vote for me, I’m all for letting you harm your kids and communities with serious diseases! Christie 2016!”

Seems like the most contagious diseases in the GOP that are no vaccines for, are ignorance and cynical pandering.

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Here we go again!

Chris Christie has finally gone potty
His statement on Measles is grotty,
But a vote is a vote
Never mind your sore throat
And the fact that your kids are all spotty!


Once again Ad, you beat TDS to the punch!


TDS?Not sure what that is, KT.


It’s The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart.


Thanks, I don’t get it here because I can’t stay up that late.


Good post, Adlib.
Y’know, When I Was A Kid (and yes I hear the irony in that phrase), ignorance and stupidity were considered by the Public to be a disease and it was our duty as Americans to wipe them out. But it seems that the Great Minds of the Republican Party have decided that Stupidity can also be a Choice, and they choose it again and again.
With all this talk about anti-vaccinations and anti-cleanliness, I’ve thought of a great way to find out if the Republicans really believe what they are saying. Next time you meet a republican, hold him down and piss on him. See if he objects.


Awesome, AdLib! I was really impressed by those realistic-looking measles on Christie’s face in the graphic too! 😆 I always love the graphics you come up with.

The Dumb-U-Down 3000 is really going to get a workout over the next year or so. Joni Ernst alone could blow several dozen fuses and circuit breakers. Please don’t forget to have it towed in for it’s 100,000 mile checkup when it’s due.

As for Christie. I can’t wait for Jeb’s people to dig up those old videos of him hugging the President and being all bi-partisanishy after Super storm Sandy. It’s gonna be an interesting campaign.


In the immortal words of Ron White…”You Can’t Fix Stupid.”


A pediatrician blasts Christie and tears him a new one. Rightly so. He’s done and said some dumb things, but this must be the dumbest considering that measles, German measles, can be very dangerous for pregnant women.





Chart: New measles cases skyrocketed in January

Absolutely perfect, AdLib.

Seems like the most contagious diseases in the GOP that are no vaccines for, are ignorance and cynical pandering.

One question, is that Christie or a giant balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?


Ad, you hit the nail squarely on the head when you said “The only problem is when Obama comes out for something that’s for all of the public’s good, then we get to watch the spectacle of Republicans cheerleading against that.”

It doesn’t matter what Obama wants the GOPers are going to take the opposit opinion! Maybe Obama should say lets keep the minimum wage down, lower taxes on the rich, and stop listening to scientists.