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KevenSeven On November - 8 - 2009

HuffNo Friday 01Kids,

I want to reiterate that we had a pretty good Friday, considering the technical glitches.   Actually, I just want to tell you that AdLib’s efforts were heroic and he was turning his efforts away from important professional responsibilities, and doubtless pulled a few long nights to make up for it.    Thanks you, AdLib!

Now, regarding our pending third HuffNo Friday here at the planet: As I have told you before, it is entirely possible to make a nasty dent in their numbers, we have done it before from another platform.   However.    It is critical to not leave until Thursday evening the business of inviting others here.    Please make a point of engaging your friends and drawing them here.

On a slightly divergent note, I invited a blogger with no exposure to Huff, a thinker and lively author, to consider joining us.   His response was to ask why he would spend his time on a blog that was 50% bitching about Hairyanna.

And he has a point.   At some point in the near future I would like to ask you to please consider that simple fact that you are here and not there statement enough of your disregard for Huff.

Besides, the bastards burned my moniker, with 500 fans.    500 fans!   Do you have any idea of how long it is going to take me to build that back up yack yack yack oh woe is me blah blah blah it is just not right snivel snivel snivel they are not fair boo hoo hoo!

Just sayin’.   Let us please have another conversation about how we can spread the word about Fridays, and the rest of the week will attend to itself!

Thank you for your support……

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