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Posted by AdLib On Feb - 17 - 2010 32 COMMENTS

Below are links to useful reference information on politics,  government and the media. Polls: Real Clear Politics (poll aggregator) FiveThirtyEight (Nate Silver) Gallup World Public Opinion (polls worldwide) Watchdogs: The Media Editor & Publisher Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Free Press Media Matters Nieman Watchdog PR Watch Romenesko Campaign Finance […]

Posted by nellie On Feb - 17 - 2010 85 COMMENTS

Those of us who post at other sites (HP, Raw Story, McClatchy, The Hill) are all too familiar with the infiltration of Talking Point Trolls. They’re everywhere, posting inaccurate right wing propaganda, disrupting threads, shouting “prove it!” whenever anyone tries to correct their lies. Even more disturbing, a lot of […]

Posted by Chernynkaya On Feb - 10 - 2010 15 COMMENTS

With the growing abuse of the filibuster and Democrats unwilling to take the strong action necessary to fix the economy and regain the public trust, with the airwaves and cable increasingly dominated by the demagogic likes of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and with the ever-growing influence of corporate money […]

Posted by PatsyT On Feb - 7 - 2010 4 COMMENTS

Hello fellow Planeteers, Check out this latest info from USA Today: Medical expenses have ‘very steep rate of growth’ WASHINGTON — Spending on health care consumed an estimated 17 cents of every dollar spent last year in the United States, representing the largest one-year increase since the federal government started […]

Posted by bito On Jan - 27 - 2010 10 COMMENTS

Taking Action Against The SCOTUS Decision! A couple of weeks ago I posted in the Time Out..O/T post an alert from CREDO Action Alert and asked everyone to sign the petition.  The petition was on for a FCC hearing. The hearing was on internet freedom.  According to CREDO and another […]

Posted by nellie On Jan - 24 - 2010 132 COMMENTS

From the responses to the first op ed article, I would like to reboot, and first of all, ask if any PlanetPOV members are interested in creating an op ed piece. If so, please leave a comment below, and write briefly the topic you would like to write about. Then […]

Categories: ProjectPOV, Take Action!
Posted by AdLib On Jan - 24 - 2010 206 COMMENTS

Corporations Are People Too! or How to Explain The Supreme Court’s Derangement to Your Child   by Dr. Suits   On a winter’s day in two thousand ten A decision was made by five crazy men Their words were all heard by the little boy, Trent Who then asked his […]

Posted by AdLib On Jan - 23 - 2010 46 COMMENTS

PlanetPOV hosts a diverse community made up of real people (not talking heads, pundits or celebrities) who share in common a genuine concern for the world around them. The unique insights and dynamic discussions that take place at PlanetPOV combine to create a citizen’s think tank here that can be […]

Categories: Take Action!
Posted by nellie On Jan - 22 - 2010 19 COMMENTS

Dear Planet members: I’ve started the satirical opinion piece below—a critique of the recent Supreme Court decision on campaign financing. I thought it could be our first collaborative writing project. In the comment section, please add to the text, suggest edits, or brainstorm places where we might send a finished […]

Categories: ProjectPOV
Posted by nellie On Jan - 17 - 2010 4 COMMENTS

ProjectPOV is the corner of PlanetPOV for members who want to collaborate on projects, such as letters, articles, or blog posts to make available to other members to circulate outside the website. Any PlanetPOV author can participate in creating or joining a project. All ProjectPOV articles and posts visible only […]

Categories: ProjectPOV
Posted by nellie On Jan - 14 - 2010 100 COMMENTS

I’ve been thinking about the HP Truth Campaign for a few weeks. I’m very excited that we have such enthusiastic support for this project. I’d like to present the next installment. None of this should be seen as set in stone. I’m hoping for a lot of discussion about how […]

Categories: ProjectPOV
Posted by nellie On Jan - 14 - 2010 187 COMMENTS

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: Dec 22, 2009 @ 7:34 Cher’s phenomenal article on the media and e’cat’s excellent Rashomon feature have left me thinking that there are some steps we might take to push back against the demoralizing of the progressive community. And I think we can start with the site that […]

Categories: ProjectPOV
Posted by AdLib On Jan - 14 - 2010 27 COMMENTS

Return to Home Page This post is made in the new category of ProjectPOV. This category is solely for the use of Authors to collaborate on projects of any kind for The Planet. This is a private category for Authors. Non-members and members who are not Authors can’t access or […]

Categories: ProjectPOV
Posted by Kalima On Dec - 22 - 2009 7 COMMENTS

This could be a lesson for all of us who might jump to conclusions, I did and I’m sorry. I asked my neighbour about the glass scattered by his doorstep, he has told me that he broke a picture frame and didn’t know how to dispose of the debris. It […]

Categories: Authors' Cafe
Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 30 - 2009 10 COMMENTS

Who freaking cares (what the man does with his johnson or if it honks off his wife)?

Categories: Authors' Cafe
Posted by KevenSeven On Oct - 24 - 2009 2 COMMENTS

Seriously, I am having doubts that any of this has anything to do with resolving the nation’s health care issues. I see almost nothing that would substantively reduce the national cost of health care. I am becoming convinced that about a third of the money we spend on health care […]

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