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An ongoing “politipedia” of information, references and links on a wide variety of issues for bloggers to use freely to categorically rebut, disprove and contradict Right Wing propaganda.

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Those of us who post at other sites (HP, Raw Story, McClatchy, The Hill) are all too familiar with the infiltration of Talking Point Trolls. They're everywhere, posting inaccurate right wing propaganda, disrupting threads, shouting "prove it!" whenever anyone...




Weekend Music Thread – Father and Daughter

Tomorrow is Father's Day here in the U.S. so we're celebrating dads...or we might get sent to our rooms. For fathers here and remembered, the theme of this weekend's music thread is about dads who were and are good and caring men, songs with men's names in them and songs about kids and family. Happy Father's Day!

Weekend Music Thread – So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star

This weekend, we're inviting our members to share a song or more from their favorite bands or singers, artists whose songs have really spoken for you or to you or comforted you when you've most needed it.

Weekend Music Thread – My Old School

With graduations going on now, this weekend's music thread is dedicated to grads, songs about school, growing up, moving on and songs offering wisdom about life.