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Posted by AdLib On May - 8 - 2012 7 COMMENTS

It’s time to push back against the right wing forces trying to take away the rights of Americans to vote and turn it around, empowering more and more Americans to make their voices heard in the voting booth.

Posted by Emerald1943 On Sep - 12 - 2011 9 COMMENTS

An article appeared today on OpenSecrets Blog concerning ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and the corporations who support their efforts, some 23 of the world’s largest. ALEC, for those who are not familiar, is made up of many corporate CEO’s and legislators, and writes “template” or model legislation that is […]

Posted by Emerald1943 On Aug - 23 - 2011 31 COMMENTS

The first American Dream conference will take place October 3 – 5, 2011 in Washington, D.C.  I am posting a number of emails that I have received and will update this thread as more information becomes available. Please note: I am just no good at using WordPress and apologize for […]

Posted by AdLib On Jan - 28 - 2011 20 COMMENTS

Everything is underway with this Sunday’s protest against the Koch cabal in Palm Springs. The media is building as are the images, here are just some of them.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 25 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

kesmarn : I’ll bid you good night, too, AdLib and c’lady. To be continued… x AdLib : Night Choicelady and Kesmarn! I will email everyone tomorrow to recap!!! x AdLib : CL – Yes to all you mentioned. I think all this would be needed even with a single item […]

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Posted by AdLib On May - 27 - 2010 8 COMMENTS

THE TRUTH IN CORPORATE ADVERTISING ACT (TICA) A potential state ballot proposition in The State of California (NOTE: ALL COMMENTS IN RED ARE QUESTIONS FOR ALL OF YOU ON HOW WE SHOULD DEAL WITH CERTAIN PROVISIONS) OVERVIEW The purpose of The Truth in Corporate Advertising Act (TICA) is to build […]

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