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AdLib On May - 8 - 2012

While many states with Republican Governors and legislatures are trying to suppress the ability of their people to vote in elections, others like California are moving forward with trying to empower more people to vote.

In California, the bill AB 1436 will allow people to register to vote up until and including election day.

Getting this passed in California will lay the groundwork for other states with democratically-minded leadership to pursue this course as well so showing your support by signing this petition, which will be used to help pressure CA Legislative committee votes to approve it, can pay dividends in other states as well.

For full disclosure, GROW (Grass Roots Over Washington), PlanetPOV’s activist community (which all members are welcome to join!) are co-sponsoring this petition drive.

Here is the link to the petition:


Please feel free to tweet, Facebook and pass this link along to anyone you think might be interested.

It’s time to push back against the right wing forces trying to take away the rights of Americans to vote and turn it around, empowering more and more Americans to make their voices heard in the voting booth.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. goleafsgo says:

    Right, AdLib…We have to be vigilant. Things are changing in Canada and not for the better. I am indebted to SueinCa who sent me a link that set me back a bit- a speech given by Harper to the Federalist Society where he insults Canadians, our political system, and mocks our social programmes like Universal Health Care. For sure I will be using it often in the future to expose the PM for what he really is -- an extremist, with a Reform party agenda.

    We certainly are in this altogether!

  2. goleafsgo says:

    Way to go Ad Lib. It is encouraging to see action beginning to counter this attack on democracy. Sitting here in the north, with no ability to contribute my voice of objection is frustrating as I watch the legislation being passed to disenfranchise millions in America. But out of this a lesson is learned…We in Canada must not let this happen to us, and I will comment on that at every opportunity.

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks goleafsgo! We have members from all around the world, this corporate/elitist battle against the majority of citizens in each nation is something we can all come together on. You can indeed make your voice heard here.

      Prime Minister Harper is an advocate for all the same corporate Bush policies that have damaged America so the same threat hangs over Canada.

      As you say, Canadians need to be prepared to stand up against more privatization, pro-corporate/anti-Canadian legislation and corporate inroads into democratic control.

      The idea many activists have on the Progressive side now is to focus on making change state by state instead of nationally, which is too fraught with billion dollar opposition. So it makes sense to try and get national support behind states passing voting protections, anti-Citizens United legislation, political contributor disclosure laws, etc.

      We’re all in this together!

  3. Cheers AdLib, done. We also need to push early voting. It’s ridiculous that most states only have one day for voting.

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks KQ! It would be a great one-two punch, to pass laws in states allowing registration up to and including election day AND providing for early voting so people can vote on the weekends or other days that are more convenient for them.

      If CA passes these kinds of reforms, it will encourage other states to follow…at least those that don’t have RW Repubs trying to suppress voting.

    • AdLib says:

      Killgore, thanks so much! Please do pass along the link to whoever you think might be interested.

      If we can start momentum back in the other direction, towards bringing more people into the voting booth, and do it just as the Repubs have, state by state, we could return to the kind of democracy most Americans believe in.

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