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Posted by AdLib On Oct - 5 - 2011 10 COMMENTS

In this revealing video, the Mainstream Media Police continue to assure the wealthy and corporations that they have nothing to fear from the Occupy Wall Street protests: CAUGHT ON TAPE: MSM Police Meet Occupy Wall Street by AdlibPOV  

Posted by AdLib On Oct - 5 - 2011 1,600 COMMENTS

There is no knowing at this point if this phenomena will continue to grow into a full fledged and influential movement of the people, by the people and for the people but at this point, it is an exciting prospect.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 28 - 2011 224 COMMENTS

In their Class War against Americans, what the wealthy fail to understand is blowback. Once a democracy no longer serve its people, they stop looking to elections to solve their problems and take their destiny (and pitchforks and torches) into their own hands.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 26 - 2011 23 COMMENTS

Please sign and circulate this petition that asks the Department of Justice to aggressively investigate and fight voter laws that suppress the Constitutional right of Americans to vote.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 19 - 2011 107 COMMENTS

Imagine if a molester was stopped from molesting and claimed that doing so was molesting him. Now you know how the GOP deals with attempts to interrupt the ongoing class warfare by the wealthy against 99% of Americans.

Posted by funksands On Sep - 5 - 2011 35 COMMENTS

Unlike jobs in a typical economic cycle of expansion and contraction, many of the jobs that used to exist have been vaporized, never to return.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 1 - 2011 76 COMMENTS

There can be no question about the historic importance of 9/11 and how it changed the course of America. There’s an enormous amount to be learned and remembered but there can be a thin line between exploring those events and exploiting the horror of that day just for ratings or other less than altruistic agendas.

Posted by AdLib On Aug - 29 - 2011 69 COMMENTS

Americans Elect feels like a Koch-Brothers-type Tea Partying of the Left and Indies. Exploit the anger and frustration of the constituency and drive them together under a populist tent…that’s in fact owned by the wealthy.

Posted by AdLib On Aug - 25 - 2011 121 COMMENTS

The truth is that I am not political, at least in the sense that I don’t support any parties or candidates (though I did fight a zoning law once to be able to create the Earth in a non-residential area).

Posted by AdLib On Aug - 8 - 2011 64 COMMENTS

Anyone who is looking forward to the time when major corporations will start hiring Americans for good paying jobs again in big numbers, are among those who don’t know what the “new normal” is for corporations.

Posted by BlueStateMan On Aug - 8 - 2011 33 COMMENTS

Although Standard & Poors publicly stated reasons behind their decision to downgrade the credit rating of the United States from “AAA” to “AA+” were correct in as much as the handling of the phony debt-ceiling crisis, it was also illustrative of a serious systemic problem existent in the Republican Party. […]

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 14 - 2011 1,447 COMMENTS

Welcome to our ongoing thread covering the latest updates and opinions from our members on the GOP manufactured crisis of raising (or not raising) the debt ceiling.

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 12 - 2011 183 COMMENTS

Rupert Murdoch may explain to those he “puts a hit” on, “It’s nuthin’ personal, it’s just business,” but to any citizen of any nation that wishes to preserve their democracy, it’s pretty damn personal.

Posted by BlueStateMan On Jul - 10 - 2011 2 COMMENTS

BP is fighting to stop payments on claims to all those who lives they damaged because they claim that the Gulf is “recovering”?

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 7 - 2011 193 COMMENTS

You can’t make up what passes for today’s news…but they do anyway.

Posted by BlueStateMan On Jul - 7 - 2011 3 COMMENTS

 The depths to which our “4th Estate” has sunk is the result of a deliberate plan to obscure the differences between contrived drama and reality and it will be very difficult to turn around now that several generations have already been indoctrinated. After the so-called “Liberal Press” had successfully caused […]

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