I have been struggling with this post for days, but I have finally figured out how to present the Koch brothers to you in a logical, sort of chronological manner.  I have been reading and watching documentaries until my brain is fried and my eyes are crossed but this is how I will lay it all out for you.

The Koch Brothers Family History

What is their true philosophy?  Who were their influences?  How were these things an influence as the Kochs matured and struck out on their own (I say that lightly as they struck out with an inherited fortune, unlike most of us).

Koch Industries

I will give you as many of their holdings as I have found and explain each one and also report on any problems they have had.

Bankrolling the Right Through Various Foundations

Bankrolling Presidential Candidates.  Bankrolling Congress.  Bankrolling at the state level.  Using Americans for Prosperity to organize and control the Tea Party

Think Tanks and Academia They Bankroll In Order to Exercise Control

Where do the Kochs spread their money in think tanks and academia?  How does this money help them and what is the result of their influence in these areas.   How do their seats on Corporate Boards give them leverage?

So I will run this in four parts.  There is so much on the internet about these brothers but I think the best so far that I have read are Jane Mayer with the New Yorker and Tony Carrk with Center for American Progress who also own Think Progress.  Lee Fang and Brad Johnson of Think Progress have done a great job in researching the brothers as well.   Tony Carrk, with their help, wrote the most comprehensive single report and I will be using information from his report plus other information that supplements even that superior report.  I have tested posting a link to Tony Carrk’s report but the link will not work, I tried finding the report on their site but could not find it either.  I will give you the links but you will most likely have to copy and paste to go to the original documents which is in PDF format. I will also recommend documentaries that I have watched that provided the most critical information on the Kochs.  I found it rather disingenuous of some right wing think tanks, blogs and individuals criticizing Center for American Progress and Think Progress for their lean toward Democrats and President Obama and I think you will as well when you see all the Right-wing Think Tanks there are out there.  Actually it is sad.

I hope you will find this series informational and hopefully it will give you a reference point, along with the other articles, documentaries and reports that I will provide.  Up first on Tuesday the 28th of May will be the Koch brothers family history.  Please feel free to share your comments or suggestions as I complete this series.

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So glad that you’re doing this. Not enough can be said about these takers! I hope that you also include the fact that they are working on buying up the print media (Tribune papers)to pass their deceit around to the public. I have passed this link on to others and look forward to seeing your write up on this. Thanks bunches.
One more thing…this documentary ( that I’m sure you’ve watched) is important for all to see. Here is the trailer for others to watch.


So, you are Koched out, Sherlock? Got the monkey on your back? Well, I will go there with you anytime. I look forward to reading all your research on these jerks. I know you have worked hard on it. I’m ready!

Dr. Watson is on call


Sue, these guys are mislabeled. They claim to be conservative. We know they don’t care about conservation. They only care about the almighty dollar! I believe we here are more “conservative” than they ever were. I dislike the labels liberal and conservative. I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I was a deficit hawk way before the cons were. Now is the time though to spend on our infrastructure. They only obstruct.

Krugman has said that an independent thinker can’t be a conservative.