Tonight at 7:00pm PDT is our live weekly chat about the week's events, Vox Populi. Everyone is invited to join in this fun, witty and insightful discussion.
Vox Populi, our weekly live chat begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 7 days ago Hey KT! AdLib 7 days ago Hey Ad! Nice article on Trump's love affair with Putin. KillgoreTrout 7 days ago Thanks! So much more has come...
It's as easy to see as a Trump speech on a teleprompter, it's time for another lively and live chat on the week's events at's Vox Populi!
The DNC Convention ended last night and whoever your candidate of choice is, you're a part of history as the first woman was nominated by a major party for President of the United States in an election you've been a part of. Meanwhile, we've all been a part of another bit of history as the other major party's nominee is making deals with Russia to help him win the Presidency. So much to talk about tonight, hope you'll join us at 7:00pm PDT for our weekly live chat, Vox Populi!
What's to discuss this week? Donald Trump is now officially the GOP nominee for President (you may spit take at your leisure), Trump agreed then ran away from a debate with Bernie, Hillary is weathering some tough criticism from the State Department on her email server and a Silicon Valley Billionaire has unveiled a way for the wealthy to take down any media outlets that upset them by financing lawsuits against them. And that's just to start!
From the ISIS attacks in Belgium to Donald Trump campaigning for President on who has the prettiest or ugliest wife. So much going on this week and no better place to delve into all of it than The Planet and our weekly live chat on Friday nights, Vox Populi.
This week, Mitt Romney launched his "not smart" attack on Donald Trump, Trump turned the GOP race into a literal contest about penis size, Ben Carson quits and meaningless speculation about a knife found at O.J. Simpson's estate years ago is the one thing that knocked Trump off the top of the news heap. Much to chat live about tonight, hope to see you here!
repub debate1Join us tonight for a live chat during tonight's Republican debate...sans Trump. The debate begins at 6:00pm PST.
It's once again been a very busy week! Bernie bounces back, Trump and Cruz and The National Review are punching it out, Climate Change is freezing out Washington DC (maybe one of the benefits of Climate Change?), Glenn Frey passed away and the Oscars are being boycotted. So much to chat about live tonight on Vox Populi!
Kick off the New Year with a smart and lively conversation tonight about what's going on in the country and the world! Hope to see you then!




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