Send a musical salute to The Party of Pinocchio this weekend and watch their noses grow as their "polls" shrink!
So this weekend's thread is a Farewell to Bronze, a goodbye to one of the most ineffective and unaccomplished Speakers in the history of the U.S. , Mr. John Q. Boehner (the "Q" stands for quitter).
Share the songs you enjoy that are about international places or are from other countries.
Make sure to hydrate, stretch out those muscles then attack that keyboard and fire up your favorite songs about doing things.
Props to all the folks out there, working or retired, who have dedicated so much of themselves to their work, this thread and weekend's for you!
Whether it's classical, jazz, blues or rock, let the music do the talking and share some of your favorite instrumental songs as the soundtrack for a relaxing weekend.
With Donald (The Joker) Trump leading the rest of the rogues including Jeb (Clayface) Bush, Scott (The Scarecrow) Walker and Ted (The Mad Hatter) Cruz, there's a whole lot of bad crazy going on with the GOP.
o celebrate the return to school, this weekend’s theme is songs about school and songs that remind you of your school days.
To commemorate Jon Stewart's final appearance this past Thursday on the show he made into a comedic and political force, this weekend's music thread is all about comedy, in music, films, tv, whatever makes you smile.
Welcome to the jungle, folks! Another weekend music thread has come our way. With all the events of the past few years, and the GOP still promoting social Darwinism, I can only conclude, that it's a jungle out there, and by "there," I mean right here in the good ole, bad ole U S of A!