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Posted by Marion On Mar - 31 - 2011 12 COMMENTS

Most of the Rightwing are confused over Libya. They don’t know how to respond to the way the President has responded. Let’s be honest: Gaddafi‘s not exactly your Hosni Mubarak. I mean, he doesn’t walk around in a tailored suit kitted out by Brooks Brothers. So whilst it’s funny to […]

Posted by Caru On Mar - 25 - 2011 57 COMMENTS

I am not here to discuss costs, nor the legality of the current actions taken by President Obama, however, I will discuss the moral argument towards the end of my post. I myself have not yet decided where I stand on this issue or no, I’m just presenting an argument.

Posted by 2ndClassCitizenPundit On Mar - 22 - 2011 9 COMMENTS

As nations, corporations, and media outlets go to war, you can now play along at home!

Posted by KevenSeven_ On Mar - 22 - 2011 143 COMMENTS

As I have been considering this “war” in Libya, I have been countering any number of arguments against the Admin’s actions.    I would list them as such: 1)  The risk to our military.   Seriously.   Please.    If one wants to make a moral argument against this action, this is not a […]

Posted by Caru On Mar - 20 - 2011 6 COMMENTS

Another effect of Global Warming is Climate Change. Climate is defined as the set trends in weather patterns in an area over a long period of time. The increasing average surface temperature caused by global warming will have a ripple effect throughout this entire system, changing weather patterns drastically.

Posted by whatsthatsound On Mar - 18 - 2011 49 COMMENTS
Soldiering On - small

I have a friend in Sendai who is writing amazing things about her experience. This is the most inspiring thing I’ve read since this whole thing happened a week ago. I hope you agree. Dear Family and Friends, This letter is different from others I have been sending recently. It […]

Posted by 2ndClassCitizenPundit On Mar - 15 - 2011 18 COMMENTS
nuclear profit

(or How I Came to Prefer the Bomb)

With reports and hype currently abounding regarding Japanese nuclear plants endangered by recent (and continuing) earthquakes, perhaps it is time to take a look at the truth about the state of nuclear power in the world today.

Posted by Caru On Mar - 6 - 2011 24 COMMENTS

Will China Survive a contraction?

Posted by Caru On Mar - 1 - 2011 5 COMMENTS

The election is over. Now, the important part begins…

Posted by ADONAI On Feb - 28 - 2011 7 COMMENTS
Mideast Israel Palestinians Libya

Secretary Clinton:  Good afternoon Mr. Gaddafi.  On behalf of the U.S. State Department, under the direction of the President, I’d like to discuss  how we may bring about a peaceful solution to this current crisis.   Muammar Gadaffi: ………. Hello?   Secretary Clinton: Yes,Mr. Gaddafi.  This is U.S.  Secretary of […]

Posted by HotChocolateParty On Feb - 28 - 2011 36 COMMENTS

I have been in Christchurch for over two years now. I have got to know the people and the city. It is a fairly staid sort of place, the people are not prone to bouts of flamboyant expression but they are genuine, which can be quite refreshing. They are parochial […]

Posted by Caru On Feb - 25 - 2011 28 COMMENTS

Today, I’m writing because there is a general election taking place in my country. The most important election since the foundation of the state, it’s been said.

Posted by Khirad On Feb - 24 - 2011 925 COMMENTS

A place for the situations in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and throughout the Greater Middle East.

Check in to see my full daily updates, and to add your own.

Posted by PocketWatch On Feb - 23 - 2011 28 COMMENTS

ME unrest has caused gasoline prices to rise. This article is an effort to have facts concerning oil and other energy sources to use for more analysis of US energy needs.

Posted by ghsts On Feb - 18 - 2011 10 COMMENTS

Émile Zola wrote an open letter to then president of France  in 1898 that was published on the front page of  L’Aurore, a liberal paper.  It was concerning  the scapegoating to cover up corruption and espionage in the military and.  Whenever looking forward to addressing complex problems in domestic and […]

Posted by ghsts On Feb - 12 - 2011 16 COMMENTS

Like most Americans I know very little of Middle Eastern languages, culture and politics that hasn’t be filtered through the eye of the main stream media.  Kifaya (كفاية) has been loosely translated as Arabic for enough, but even that word standing alone can define a movement.  Enough food, enough money, […]

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