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Posted by Caru On Feb - 11 - 2011 10 COMMENTS

What’s more extraordinary is that this incident was almost entirely peaceful!

Posted by Khirad On Jan - 27 - 2011 1,251 COMMENTS

Come here to see and post updates on Egypt and the Middle East following the Tunisian revolution.

Posted by Khirad On Jan - 15 - 2011 86 COMMENTS

The so-called Jasmine Revolution went unnoticed by the Western media for weeks. Before I could write about it, the government fell! This should help fill in the gaps of what our MSM was MIA on.

You are invited, nay encouraged, to post your own links as this was hastily written on my part. Even more so if the story develops further.

Posted by Questinia On Sep - 8 - 2010 45 COMMENTS

I was chosen for jury duty on September 10.   The rest  of the prospective jurors were allowed to leave and resume their lives and for some of them, I guess, their jobs in the nearby World Trade Center.  Having to submit to the inevitability of jury duty, I left  the […]

Posted by Khirad On Apr - 4 - 2010 24 COMMENTS

I. History of Nowruz Imagine it’s the fifth century before the Common Era, on a plain bejeweled with a magnificent palace complex and flowing gardens, with the coffee brown Zagros mountains in the distance, and a sky the color of lapis lazuli. Colorful tents and scents all around, wafting in […]

Posted by Khirad On Mar - 9 - 2010 26 COMMENTS

Holi (pronounced ho-lee), also known as Phagwa, is marked at the transition from the Hindu months Phalguna to Chaitra. The Hindu calendar being lunisolar, this date changes every year. In 2010 it fell on March 1st. Besides India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, it is observed by the South Asian diaspora […]

Posted by javaz On Mar - 3 - 2010 45 COMMENTS

This morning as I was watching last night’s Craig Ferguson Show that we tape since we can’t stay up that late, his monologue struck a chord with me. He stated that he’s been feeling rather depressed lately, and I have to admit that so have I, and I wonder if […]

Posted by Khirad On Mar - 3 - 2010 18 COMMENTS

February 1, 1979. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s fourteen year exile was finally coming to an end. From Neauphle-le-Château where he had spent only a few months after being kicked out of Najaf by Saddam Hussein (accounts differ on the Shah’s role in this) he had chartered an Air France 747 and […]

Posted by Khirad On Feb - 10 - 2010 36 COMMENTS

The last month in Iran has been full of little clues and a few intrigues. I will try to pare them down. This update has been long coming, and before I become even more overwhelmed, I’ll try to do my best. The beginning of the Gregorian year, January 1st, 2010, […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Jan - 16 - 2010 31 COMMENTS

We all have seen the horrific images and most of us are keeping up in our own way with the situation in Haiti. I am sure many of us have reached in our pocketbooks to send what we can. We must dig down deeper and send more. The first lady […]

Posted by javaz On Jan - 16 - 2010 35 COMMENTS

I would like to preface this post by stating that I am not denying that global warming or climate change is occurring presently. I have no opinion on whether or not climate change or global warming is man made or a natural phenomenon or both. The point of this post […]

Posted by AdLib On Jan - 15 - 2010 74 COMMENTS

Once again, God has been motivated to blog and has been kind enough to share it with us. Makes me feel appreciated for being a Deity Virgin when we met and not having any Gods before him…though I was always concerned that he might prefer someone with more experience and […]

Posted by Tiger99 On Jan - 14 - 2010 25 COMMENTS

 “Throughout the history of the human race, even up till the present moment, one of the most potent forces which men use to rally oppressed peoples together, in their drive towards freedom and emancipation from their oppressors, is religion. Men who have successfully led their enslaved peoples from bondage and […]

Posted by FeedUp On Jan - 13 - 2010 53 COMMENTS

The 7.0 Earthquake in Haiti will be absolutely devastating to the people of this country.
The Haitian people have been living in filth, severe poverty, hunger, and political corruption. They have been eating mud pies for over a decade. The US government has been playing kick the can with Haiti for over 30 years. While… the Haitian people will somehow survive through this I urge all of to donate and help the Haitian Nation to become a self standing government and help the people get through this horrific crisis.
Haiti needs to be Corruption Free.

NBC Today show has the following link for donations, if only it is $5.00 or $10.00 here is their link:

I also urge all of us from the Planet Community to contact President Obama and your members of Congress to stand up and quit putting the political band-aid on Haiti and help them.

Thank you Everyone for your support.See MoreHaiti earthquake: How to help – Haiti earthquake

Categories: World News
Posted by KarateKid On Jan - 9 - 2010 7 COMMENTS

As a veteran of one war, I can see similarities in how we are conducting this war.  We’re really doing nothing different that what we did in Vietnam.  We have developed and use the same formula in every major conflict since the end of World War II. Here is the […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Jan - 7 - 2010 10 COMMENTS

I came across this story and considering Rahm Emanuel’s history with his support of Israel his criticism of Israel is certainly a hell freezes over moment for me. In a recent meeting with Yaki Dayan, Israel’s Consul in Los Angeles, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel reportedly expressed his […]

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