It's highly unlikely that Miss Trust Fund Brat was even remotely interested in what the President had to say about his budget plan in relation to the obscenity Paul Ryan's trying to hawk, or the state of the declining middle class She obviously isn't thinking of the masses of unemployed or underemployed, of people who've flattened their 401K's simply to get by


Perhaps I am simply reiterating what has already been said when I write on the nature of necessity. I am not nearly well-read enough, worldly enough, nor arrogant enough to claim that my thoughts on the matter are wholly original.
For many months he had been endlessly scrawling Obama's plan for a Mao like Communist America across his blackboards but now he saw the great truth. Could it be possible that Obama, in conjunction with "elements of the State Department", is preparing America to join a worldwide Muslim caliphate?
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It's my observation that the country as a whole has a serious case of what can best be termed American Attention Deficit Disorder - (AADD).  A really good example of how this works is actually occurring right now in...
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Eat The Poor

Our budget deficit is skyrocketing due to spending on the poor. The poor are increasingly becoming obese and dependent on government spending. Maybe it's time to meat in the middle.
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This email is not about being a Republican or being a Democrat. It is about having some integrity and specifically, your lack thereof. As one of your constituents in Arizona's 7th Legislative District I wanted to let you know that I am outraged as a taxpayer at the time, money and effort spent on the ridiculous AZ "Birther" bill sponsored by State Rep. Carl Seel.
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