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AdLib On November - 3 - 2011

To the disappointment of many gullible, angry white people for whom gravity is just an elitist theory, Sarah Palin decided to stop pretending she might run for President. Left without a candidate that spoke to them about their beliefs that the Earth is flat, education turns kids gay and fried sticks of butter are part of a nutritious breakfast, they felt so alone.

Like an insecure five year old who lost his mom in a department store, they ran from stranger to stranger, hoping they’d help them find their mommy, from Trump to Bachmann to Perry…then finally, a man with a very slow smile who reminded them so much of their Mommy took their hand and promised to take them home. And thus began the Palinization of Herman Cain.

In well-adjusted America, we like our doctors to be skilled at surgery. We like our pilots to be well educated and experienced at flying our planes. We kinda like the idea that being smarter at something is a good thing.

In the upside-down world of the hard core GOP, the dumber a candidate is, the more worthy that candidate is of their vote and loyalty. Mitt Romney may have the money and a compulsive disorder that overrides any honest conviction or belief but Herman Cain has the advantage over him thanks to of a bottomless well of ignorance and braggadocio. And if you’re playing poker in the GOP primary, that’s a royal flush.

This may appear to be a baseless pejorative against Cain and the GOP, saying that they are worshiping at the church of Our Lady of Perpetual Stupidity…at least to those who aren’t in the GOP and know that “pejorative” doesn’t mean “pajamas that you can eat”…but for those out there who make decisions based on facts as opposed to Fox News’ Storybook Corner, the proof is in the pudding.

Among the many dumb comments Cain has made that have boosted him to the top of the GOP race are the following (followed by those irrelevant things the rest of us like to call “facts”):

a. “They’ve (China) indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have. So yes, we have to consider them a military threat.”

FACT: China has had nuclear weapons since 1964, for nearly 50 years.

b. (Asked: “So any community, if they want to ban a Mosque”) “Yes, they have a right to do that.”

FACT: The First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

c.”Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks — if you don’t have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself!”

FACT: Job losses in 2008 alone were 2.6 million. Since 2001, 2.4 million jobs have been lost or displaced in the United States as a result of the burgeoning trade deficit with China.

The list goes on and on. The dumber he looks, the higher his polling. What does that say about the Republicans who support him (aside from having trouble counting to twenty without their shoes and socks off)? When George W. Bush ran, the meme was, “People want to support the kind of guy you could have a beer with.” In the current GOP, people seem to want to vote for someone with whom they can re-enact a stunt from Jackass.

And to add to the Intelligence-Free Zone that Republicans seek in a candidate, an Ethical-Free-Zone. For the base of the GOP, stupidity and dishonesty go together like voting and opposing your own interests. Herman Cain, like all of the GOP nominees, offers many examples of lying about things that are documented as fact. Even when they are on video stating something, they will bald faced lie that they didn’t say it.

For example, with regards to the current sexual harassment revelations, Cain originally claimed no knowledge of it. He stated categorically that to his knowledge, no settlements were ever made.

Then…he said, well, maybe an “agreement” was made but he didn’t think of it as a settlement.

He said maybe a few months of salary were paid as a settlement…in a case he earlier claimed he had no knowledge of.

The lies continue to this day as more information comes out about this and the third part of the GOP Trinity has emerged to join stupidity and dishonesty…accusing everyone else of victimizing him.

With no evidence, Cain began by blaming Democrats for this “smear” (reporting indisputable facts is classified as “a smear” if it hurts a Republican, whereas smearing a Democrat by claiming they weren’t even born in America is “a good question”) then turned to blame Washington DC, The Media (of course), Gays, Muslims, Charles Darwin, Green Energy, tofu, Justin Bieber, Angry Birds and eventually, Rick Perry.

Once again, a Republican who victimizes is “the victim” when held to account for victimizing. It’s racism or trying to silence those who liberals are threatened by or racism or the politics of fear or racism…you get the picture.

And how do the faithful respond when their dumb, lying, phony victim candidate is exposed even more obviously as being these things AND a serial sexual harasser…he has his biggest week of donations, $1 million dollars. So, the GOP which used to describe itself as the Party of Values now advertises that it has slashed its values to pass the savings on to themselves.

The GOP has become comic-book dumb and evil. Instead of being led by a criminal genius like Lex Luthor or Karl Rove, they are led by Bizarro SupeHerman.

“Slower than a short bus with flat tires! More dishonest than petroleum and natural gas PR commercials! Able to trip over low thresholds of morality in a single step! Look, up in the polls, it’s absurd , it’s a’ lame, it’s SupeHerman!”

It will be interesting to see if Herman Cain becomes a stronger representative of the GOP because of his growing list of attributes that make him less qualified to be President or if the fickle mental-teenagers who are the core of the Republican party decide that they really wanted Newt all along. Or back to Perry? Adulterers, abusers or morons in cowboy hats, anyone but Romney!

They do have a strong chauvinistic, anti-woman undercurrent to the party so it wouldn’t be hard to imagine their demonizing the women Cain victimized and rallying around him because these women didn’t just lie back and take it and had the audacity to complain. Unfortunate for the GOP that women still have the right to vote…though I’m sure they’re working on adding that amendment to their list for repealing.

In a contest where the winner is the slowest one in the race, the more one stumbles, the farther ahead they are. Welcome to the 2012 GOP, battling intelligence, logic and common sense for a better Amuraka!

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. KevenSeven says:

    Is it just me? Or is this guy just flat clueless?

    Besides being the next best thing to a rapist, he was interviewed yesterday and asked his opinion of the Libya incursion.


    Now, while I support our policy in Libya, I would expect anyone with any ambition to replace Obama to be readily able to shoot holes in the policy.

  2. bito says:

    Funny or Die! “The Tea Party loves crazy more than they hate black.”

    Mike Tyson mocks Herman Cain in viral video

    H/T the Grio: http://www.thegrio.com/politics/mike-tyson-mocks-herman-cain-in-viral-video.php

  3. bito says:

    WATCH LIVE: Herman Cain addresses sexual harassment allegations from a fourth accuser, who came forward Monday to publicly describe the claimed misconduct by the Republican presidential hopeful.


    • Emerald1943 says:

      Bito, of course he is denying everything! What a lyin’ sack of crap he is!

      The point still remains that the National Restaurant Association paid out $80,000 in settlements to two women who were harassed by this man during his tenure there.

      If there was NO basis for these accusations, why would the NRA pay out that kind of money?

      Cain is lying…and he is TOAST! The repub bible-thumpers are not going to like him very much when they realize that he is a serial predator!

      • choicelady says:

        He may NOT be toast with the born agains. I’m going to be rude here: some years ago an anti-abortion zealot, in a fit of pique at pro choice people, told them to Fuck OFF. In mock horror one of the prochoice folks said, “Well! That’s not very Christian of you!” The anti said, “I’m born again. I can do anything I want.”

        And there you have it. If you’re born again, nothing matters. Cain can say and MEAN he did nothing inappropriate because harassing a woman who is NOT born again is not, in his warped mind, a sin. Even committing adultry -- and like Clinton, a BJ is not sex -- does not count as sin. In sum, he cannot sin. He’s born again.

        So his true believer followers will agree -- he’s born again, he cannot sin. He can do anything he wants, and he is forgiven. Period.

        However -- for the independents, the moderates, the mainline Christians, the non-Christians, the traditional GOP -- he IS toast. That kind of self denial no longer cuts it. The defeat of the “personhood” amendment last night in Mississippi should tell you that the extremist binge of the past 30 years is OVER. People are no longer willing to go down that long and crevass-laden road. The days of deferring without question to this insanity are OVER. The days of not questioning someone’s religious beliefs are OVER.

        Cain. He is SO over!

      • SallyT says:

        Agree. One lady you might question but four? And, apparently there are more. Anyway, he is lying but he might not know it. He probably has done it so much he doesn’t remember the actual woman, her name, or when and where. No company pays out unless it is benefical to them not the other person. They paid this to go away. It did for a long time but “Hello!” it has come back to haunt all. The women did not bring this out first but I don’t blame them for trying to set it straight with them now being treated like “loose women” out for money. It couldn’t possibly be that they had cause then and now they respond in defense of their actions against this man. AND, to blame this on the Democrat Machine is the silliest thing out of this man’s mouth. Hell, they would be paying everyone not to talk because they want Cain to be the Repub candate!

  4. Emerald1943 says:

    Since we’ve not heard much about Herman in the past day or so, except for the over-the-top sensational reporting on all things sexually harassing, I thought it important to let you know about this.


    From “Slate”, it seems that dear Herman’s poll numbers are taking a hit! It was reported the day after the scandal hit that his status as front-runner was unaffected by the story. I thought at the time that this was just a little premature.

    Herman’s numbers are down 9 points among repubs and 5 points with voters in general! Couldn’t happen to a bigger fake!

  5. Khirad says:

    Actually, once in a while RedState offers gems. I found this ad on there (amidst sniping between Perry and Cain people for the “bogus” story).


  6. I think Cain knows he is toast so why not make a fool of himself? If he can make a few bucks out of it? Maybe he is hoping for the same fantastic luck that Palin had and has plans to make money the same way Palin did. Then he could go on speaking tours and pay someone to write another book for him.

  7. Emerald1943 says:

    OMG!!! Rachel has just exposed Herman Cain for the fake he is! I am literally laughing my ass off!

    Seems that Herman quoted some poetry in his closing statement at one of the repub debates. Something about everything being so hard “when there is so much on the line”! This “poetry”, as Rachel reports, comes from a POKEMON song!!

    We have 9-9-9 from Sim City, and inspirational poetry from Pokemon! Wow! What a president he will make!!!

    • Chernynkaya says:

      As I mentioned earlier, I think Maddow made a really clever case for Cain being a gigantic performance artist, when you add up all of this. She brilliantly deconstructed his whole campaign! But the more I think about it, I think it is one of those instances where humans seek to find patterns in everything--as a way to make sense out of chaos. As for me, time and time again I try to make sense of the Right and wind up twisting my mind into pretzels just to attempt to find something that is logical--something I can relate to as one human being to another. I just can’t find anything though.

      It would be unbelievably awesome if Cain was punking us all! But he’s not. I think the fact is that he really did steal all his stupid ideas from pop culture (not because he’s joking us but because that is all he is capable of); that he is an incredibly LUCKY moron; and that he is a puppet for the Kochs used to infuse putrid anti-American ideas into presidential debates.

      He also accomplished something even more demoralizing (at least to me) than seeing the spectacle of Repub obstructionism: He has shown me and the world that a significant percentage of Americans are repugnant droolers, who actually need a tyrant to govern them.

      So it’s a two-fer for the Kochs--they have shown many people that the government is incapable of governing, and they have shown that the American electorate is too stupid to be self-governing.

      I doubt that their truly evil plot will work. I have to believe that.

      • confuseddemocrat says:

        What Cain is doing is more insidious than many give him credit. Cain embodies the stereotypes that many African Americans strive to destroy. He sings at public “serious” events, he presents simple ideas and then professes that he doesn’t need to know much details because he will have “others” who are experts to tell him. He openly announces that he was proud to go to the “back of the bus” to stay out of trouble.

        What Cain is doing is called “jonesing” or “shucking and jiving”. His behavior is abhorrent and just like Sarah Palin’s behavior served to reinforce negative stereotypes about women, Cain’s behavior only serves to further negate advances made by minorities. It is a sad commentary on the GOP that it can only advance women and minorities who fulfill the most racist/misogynistic 1950s stereotypes of working women and minorities.

        • Welcome confuseddemocrat. This site is a rare one among all the others. You will learn a great deal here and find a lot of friendly support for your ideas and comments. People here can disagree while maintaining civility and respect for those they dialogue with. A rare thing indeed, among internet blogs.

        • Emerald1943 says:

          Hi confuseddemocrat! Welcome to the Planet! I have to admit that the first time I heard Cain burst into song at some event, I knew we had a problem!

          I still don’t have a handle on this guy. There are times when I waiver between thinking that he is so arrogant that he actually believes he can win, but there are plenty of other times that I think he has to be the biggest joke in politics…ever!

          The really puzzling thing is the Kochs’ backing of him. Has he hoodwinked them like he has so many supporters? This one makes no sense to me.

          That his behavior is embarrassing goes without saying. Either he is the biggest joke ever played on the American voters, or the smartest, most arrogant SOB on earth! I lean toward believing the former! :-)

        • MurphTheSurf3 says:

          Hey confuseddemocrat….welcome. You and I have conversed often at HP….glad to see you at the Planet. I am spending about 1/4 of my blogging time here now.

        • AdLib says:

          First, welcome to The Planet, confuseddemocrat!

          I found his singing in response to being asked about harassment allegations akin to Ashley Simpson’s dancing off stage on SNL when her lip syncing to her song was exposed.

          It’s pathetic and like desperate grasps for patriotism, is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

          The Cain type of traitor to his own people unfortunately applies to people in any group. Gays who are Log Cabin Republicans, Firebagger Dems campaigning against Obama, Bachmann campaigning for women to be submissive to their husbands…no matter which group is betrayed by one of their own, it’s always disgusting.

          As you say, it demeans the group such people represent to have someone cheering on negative stereotypes of people just like them (black people are all brainwashed?) but I’d suggest that the only people who give any weight to Cain’s representations are those Republicans who are already prejudiced.

          Most people live in the real world and I think they see Cain for the clown and caricature he is.

          Also, his polling is finally dropping big time and I think he’s started his fast ride down from the top of the polls…though, he’s probably secured himself a show on Fox News.

      • Emerald1943 says:

        Cher, great comment! I cannot believe that Cain is just a stupid dolt. He is, after all, highly educated, having worked in “rocket science” for the Navy. He has quite a CV with stints in business as well as working for the military. I don’t see him as a “dummy”.

        The Kochs’ backing of Herman is the greatest puzzle to me. These two men, whose fortunes total over $50 billion, are certainly astute businessmen and, I would surmise, not prone to underestimation of abilities. They do not impress me as the kind of men who would suffer any fools. And Herman Cain is no fool, for sure!

        There must be some plan at work here. I just can’t figure out what it is.

        Sarah Palin, OTOH, was pretty transparent. She was nothing more than a money-grubber from the outset. She knew that she could command some big speaking fees, making much more dough to show up at conservative events than sitting in Alaska, running the Governor’s office. She was nothing but a self-promoter who loves that spotlight.

        Cain doesn’t strike me in the same way. There is something more to this than book signings and speaking fees.

        From your comment…

        “He has shown me and the world that a significant percentage of Americans are repugnant droolers, who actually need a tyrant to govern them.”

        This, dear Cher, should come as no surprise, after the tea party marches with their horrible misspelled signs and Hitler analogies. Repugnant droolers, indeed! But don’t be discouraged or demoralized by it. It gives me a certain kind of schadenfreude to see them duped so badly. If the Kochs are ALSO being duped by Cain, then I will have a double-serving of schadenfreude, thank you!

        It’s going to be amusing to see this play out. I’m ready for the next installment! I would love to be a fly on the wall at the Koch corporate offices…just to listen in when they hit full-out panic! Cain is taking them and the repubs for the ride of their lives!

        • bito says:

          Even with all the missteps and buffoonery Cain has made, he has put forth the flat tax subject and developed the non-Romney movement alive. As ridiculous as the 9-9-9 plan my seem, it is a plan that the Forbes/Koch’s have wet dreams over, and he is keeping the talkers talking about it and the non-thinkers believing it. Something Romney wouldn’t couldn’t do. When Steve Forbes ran for president he had a snowballs chance, and he spent personal millions on his folly. Best investment he made in a long time. He got investment taxes, estate taxes and corporate taxes lowered in time that saved/made him many fold millions in the long run. Is that what Cain is doing for the Koch/libertarian wing?
          The plan would not only lower taxes but starve SS and Medicare along with many if not most social programs. If if they don’t get the 666 plan, he keeps the conversation alive and they hope that they can get a portion enacted.

          Just a thought.

          • Chernynkaya says:

            Right, bito. That’s what I was trying to say above. The Kochs are in no way being punked by Cain. They don’t think he can possibly win but they don’t care. They know that the R base is comprised of fanatic and ignorant sheep. As I’m sure you’ve read, most of the base thinks 999 will lower their taxes!

            • bito says:

              You inspired me Cher, with what you wrote. 😉 It’s the same thing with their understanding of estate taxes (Luntz’s “death taxes), they think it will hurt the middle class or not allow them to give their used car to the grandkids, when it only effects the top 0.2% of the top 1%. Romney is trying to do that with his lowering the capital gains tax for people making below 250,000 and making sound like a big deal when it effected a very small percentage of people.

    • Khirad says:

      The best part of it all though? The Church of the SubGenius reference.

      Bob Dobbs approves. Hail Bob. Hail Slack.

    • Chernynkaya says:

      Em--It’s all falling in to place! It’s like the way Repubs think Colbert is a conservative--how delicious to think the Right is being punked! The only piece that doesn’t fit is the Koch connection. I don’t think they’re joking at all. But whether this is performance art, a joke on the stupid voters or what, it makes us all a laughingstock and makes a mockery of presidential elections.

      • I don’t know cher. I think those of us that ridicule Cain should not be mistaken for a laughing stock. I those that buy into his “roadside attraction,” are the laughing stock.
        The GOPers learned nothing from McCain appointing Palin as his running mate. McCain thought (foolishly so) that because Hillary was running, he would get the women’s vote if he too had a woman on the ticket. (he didn’t realize at the time, that the woman he picked WAS an idiot) I think that is what the GOPers are doing with Cain. The dems are supporting the re-election of the first black president, so the GOPers think that running a black republican will fool the Afro-American community into thinking that the right is not racist. IMO

      • Emerald1943 says:

        Cher, maybe “Herbert” is making a mockery of the Kochs! Now wouldn’t that be delicious!! :-)

    • Weirdwriter says:

      I’m watching it now, and I am SO bowled over!!!

      It all makes sense now — the most nonsensical political campaign in years is a fiendishly clever piece of satire!

      Stephen Colbert will be SO jealous….

    • Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That is just too funny. This guy is turning out to be a laugh a day. Can’t wait to see if Stewart or Colbert pick up on this!
      Em, I’m laughing out loud just from reading your comment!

      • Emerald1943 says:

        KT, Rachel played the music and it is verbatim the words that Cain used in his “poetry”!

        Rachel has contended from the outset that this guy is nothing but a performance artist! She just may be right!

  8. That photo of Cain should be all that is needed to keep him from ever getting close to the nomination. Who is this guy? Presidential? He looks more like a pimp than a president!

    • Emerald1943 says:

      KT, I HATE that stupid hat! IMO, that is NOT presidential at all! Well, we don’t have to worry about him for much longer. This guy is toast when the gory details leak out as they inevitably will!

  9. javaz says:

    What a clown show, but it is entertaining, n’est ce pas?

    This entire GOP debate thing is such a joke.

    They’ve already worn out their welcome.

    Americans, I think, are tired of them already, and the GOP is mocking elections and here’s my prediction -- Obama will win re-election and my husband predicts that the Democrats are going to take back the House.

    We both think that the Senate will remain the same -- meaning Democrat control.

    We’re in for a rough ride, whereby if things don’t get better, Americans will vote in again Repukes the next time.

    This is one question that no one ever answers and one question whereby the majority of Americans agree --

    Raise the cap or better yet, eliminate the cap on SSI and Medicare -- and that’s what brings it home for me.

    They’re all in on it -- and as my mother used to say -- they’re all crooks.

    We do live in very interesting times and the OWS is a good thing to see, but it’s only the beginning, and btw, the OWS will never be allowed to go on for long.

    But it’s not going to be forgotten and it will live, and as Cher said, it’s going to take a generation or two before we see change.

    My husband believes with technology and the Internet that things will change sooner, but we both believe that we won’t live long enough to see it.

    • AdLib says:

      OWS is a social media driven movement so unless the Internet is shut down, they can’t be shut down. The occupy aspect has been the initial form and organizing method to get it off the ground but now millions in the US and around the world support it.

      It will continue to evolve over the winter and I think it will explode big time in the Spring.

    • bito says:

      j’avaz, it is my understanding that there isn’t a cap on Medicare and absolutely the cap on SS should be eliminated. The major problem as I see it, is that both Medicare and SS contributions are based on wages not income. Many in the top 5% get their income from dividends and investments not wages. I do know a couple of people that they got a ‘raise’ in June because they had maxed out on their SS contribution and they could start saving more for their next vacation/car/house… HUH?

  10. MurphTheSurf3 says:


    Matt’s Safe School Law, named for Matt Epling, a 14-year-old Michigan student who committed suicide after sustained bullying from fellow students, has been sabotaged by GOP.

    Michigan is already one of only three states in the country that have not enacted any form of anti-bullying legislation. The GOP controlled legislature regards all such legislation as a way of promoting the “gay and racial agenda.”

    Republicans only agreed to consider an anti-bullying measure if it did not require school districts to report bullying incidents, did not include any provisions for enforcement or teacher training, and did not hold administrators accountable if they failed to act.

    And they fought back Democratic attempts to enumerate particular types of students who are prone to being bullied, such as religious and racial minorities, and gay students. But it was the addition of special protections for religiously-motivated bullying linked to the First Amendment that led all 11 Democratic senators to vote against the legislation they had sponsored.

    Republicans, making sure that the Dems walked away from their own legislation, added an amendment at the last minute stipulating that it does not abridge First Amendment free speech rights or impinge on the expression of religious or moral views.

    The GOP Controlled Senate approved legislation is window dressing that would not have helped Matt or 10 others who killed themselves.

    VIDEO OF Michigan Sen. Gretchen Whitmer Slamming New Bullying Legislation

    Good quotes here from key players:

  11. bito says:

    Any questions about the KochCain Connection?

    Cain: ‘I Am The Koch Brothers’ Brother From Another Mother’

    H/T @GottaLaff http://thepoliticalcarnival.net/2011/11/04/video-added-photoh-kochcain/

    • bito says:

      This may seem a bit OT but this is what disturbs me about the Cain Carnival. Part of Adlib post’s poits to it. His blatant ignorance! Would you, would anyone speaking at a G-20 conference where his advisors were David Koch and the Cato Institute? He can’t even explain his 9-9-9 plan and he would speak at the G-20?
      Contrast and compare with the above video to this one:

      President Obama and President Sarkozy of France Speak on Bilateral Meeting


      Frightening, No? “Hey, Sarko, it’s just like making pizzas.”

      • Khirad says:

        Sarkozy hates being short soooo much. 😆

        God that body language is priceless.

        • Kalima says:

          He’s in bad company, Mussolini, Hitler, Kim il Jong to name just a few. I used to have a list of short tyrants. Sarkozy reminds me of Charles Asnavour, friends used to love him while watching him made me want to toss my cookies.

          For some, the lack of stature makes them more aggressive and brutal, for others, they marry women taller than themselves, then buy build-up shoes, Tom Snooze comes to mind. How pathetic and shallow. Sarkozy’s problem then slides into politics, when he can say disgusting things to another arsehole like Berlusconi about Angela Merkel. Bitchy Boys Club, great way to show you are a leader of a country. Euro Trash.

    • AdLib says:

      More like, “I’m a brother from another planet.”

  12. choicelady says:

    That’s not Herman Cain giving a peace sign. That’s Herman Cain saying how many more settlements for sexual harassment are waiting in the wings to be revealed -- that he remembers.

  13. funksands says:

    Update: It has now been 34 days since Herman Cain set foot in Iowa or New Hampshire. His candidacy gets more “serious” every day.

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