Wonder about Purgatory no more, it's time for another GOP debate! You're invited to join us here for a live blogging of this last debate before the GOP primary in Florida.
President Obama delivers his State of the Union address tonight at 6:00 pm PST/9:00 pm EST. You're invited to join us tonight for a special Live Chat during this address and the Republican response to it.
Join us tonight for a live blog of the anticipated Rocky-type slugfest of a debate between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney...with Rick Santorum as Adrian and Ron Paul as Mickey. See you then!
All the Talk of a Brokered Convention­....just talk, talk, talk.... The reality. There are no such things as real political “brokers” embedded in the parties any more.....t­herefore no brokered convention­. Pre-1976, when the primary/ca­ucus pattern now in place became the dominant...
Just a week ago, Mitt Romney was on the verge of winning three straight primaries and locking up the nomination. Today, Mitt has only one win and may lose tonight in SC. Join us here to discuss predictions about and the results and impact of the SC primary.
Just in time for the 2012 election PlanetPOV presents the new Periodic Table of Dangerous Elements. There are plenty of new infamous characters added but there are still some golden oldies on the table.  Some more notorious international figures...
Perry's out! Newt's up! Romney's down! Newt's ex-wife attacks! Romney's taxes attack him! And the South Carolina primary is in two days! Join us for a live blog of tonight's debate, it should be entertaining!
For Mitt Romney whose “principles” are interchangeable Lego blocks, his response to the GOP base that wants him to say things that would be lies is, “No problem, I can do that!”
This is penultimate debate before the South Carolina primary which looks like the final opportunity for any of the others to stop Romney so logically, they should come out guns-a-blazin' against him...but expecting logic from Republicans is like expecting honesty...from Republicans. Join us for tonight's live blog of the debate!
What would happen if I listen, really listen to the news 24 hours a day? What would I hear from the different channels? Would it make me angry, happy, sad, disgusted? I asked myself those questions and decided, what the hell, I m going to find out.