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Posted by Marion On May - 31 - 2011 17 COMMENTS
I'm a media star!

She’s a side show, a carnival barker, a hoyden of ignorance who’s also skillful at subtlely reminding people of equal ignorance what differentiates between their real America and the Europhiliacs of coastal elitism, without offering any tangible solutions to these people’s real problems

Posted by jkkFL On May - 28 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Men of a Certain Age stars Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher. It chronicles three best friends in their late forties dealing with the realities of middle age. Joe, Owen and Terry – who are now in their late 40s. Joe (Ray Romano) is a slightly neurotic separated father […]

Categories: Speakers' Corner, TV
Posted by jkkFL On May - 23 - 2011 6 COMMENTS

Ever get a ticket for a parking violation? Ever have your car towed? Did you make an ass of yourself over it? Good News!! You can see how you looked, if you watch Parking Wars! Parking Wars is filmed in Philadelphia, and shows the underbellies of everyone who has been […]

Categories: Speakers' Corner, TV
Posted by Marion On Apr - 10 - 2011 59 COMMENTS
By DonkeyHotey

Every week, there’s something new which some 24/7 cable big mouth has to use as a stick with which to beat this President about something else.

Posted by jkkFL On Mar - 16 - 2011 11 COMMENTS
Harry's Law

I am prepared to admit this is a formula show. I am prepared to accept that it is predictable. I am also prepared to admit that Christopher McDonald as Thomas ‘ Tommy’ Jefferson is a gold plated, arrogant pain in the ass.

Posted by Marion On Mar - 13 - 2011 25 COMMENTS

Sometimes, living abroad has its advantages, even in the age of the Internet. For example, I’m probably the only American in the world who doesn’t know exactly what’s been happening with Charlie Sheen. I haven’t a clue, and I suppose he doesn’t either; but whilst I caught rumblings in the […]

Categories: News & Politics, The Media, TV
Posted by jkkFL On Mar - 1 - 2011 15 COMMENTS

Is housekeeping a pain in the ass? Do you feel guilty when you let it go until tomorrow? Do you keep stuff thinking you might need it tomorrow, or next month? Cheers! I have the the ultimate guideline!! Hoarders on A&E. During the time I have been watching the show, […]

Categories: Speakers' Corner, TV
Posted by jkkFL On Feb - 15 - 2011 32 COMMENTS

I will be honest- I am an OWN Network  junkie I also closely follow the Ling sisters, I think their style of documentary journalism is amazing. Tonight, Lisa started her series, ‘Our America with Lisa Ling’ on OWN. The first episode explored  faith healers and faith healing.  She featured  three people attending […]

Posted by Marion On Feb - 14 - 2011 292 COMMENTS

I’m an atheist, but I’m pretty tolerant in my non-belief. I don’t mind people of faith, as long as they don’t start trying to convince me that their way is the right way. Conversely, I don’t try to impose my non-belief on others. It works for me, but I’m cognizant […]

Posted by Marion On Feb - 13 - 2011 19 COMMENTS

Living in the UK, I often say I’m five hours ahead and one day behind everyone else. Also, working a long day and catching up with news Stateside leaves me less time than I want to write about things I’ve read or seen. I’ve only just caught up with watching […]

Categories: News & Politics, TV
Posted by ADONAI On Feb - 13 - 2011 12 COMMENTS
Once in a Blue Moon, O'Really

Michelle said it would be good for my Q rating. At this point I can only imagine that your audience barely knows what the letter Q is yet alone a Q rating.

Posted by Marion On Feb - 8 - 2011 27 COMMENTS
Alexis de Tocqueville

Rather than speaking of “American Exceptionalism” as de Tocqueville described the experience, they applied the purely Palinesque definition of the phrase – in other words, the “dumbass definition.”

Posted by AdLib On Jan - 22 - 2011 31 COMMENTS

You are invited to add your name to this petition to join a boycott MSNBC for their cancellation of Keith Olbermann’s show.

Categories: Take Action!, The Media, TV
Posted by Marion On Nov - 6 - 2010 91 COMMENTS

A 51 year-old celebrity talking head, who earned upwards of $8 million dollars per year knowingly breached a clause in his contract and got handed his ass on a plate.

Posted by whatsthatsound On Sep - 18 - 2010 90 COMMENTS

Here we are now, entertain us! – Nirvana, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Just look at Bob and Judy, they’re happy as can be inventing situations, putting them on TV – Talking Heads, “Found A Job” About six weeks ago, the world was introduced to its newest superstars. 33 Chilean miners, […]

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 20 - 2010 22 COMMENTS

Every Friday night, my Tivo fires up to save what is one of the best arguments for the existence of television, Bill Moyers Journal. As a human being and a journalist, Bill exudes the kind of  integrity that has all but disappeared from the practice of television journalism today. This […]

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