Let's see if this one doesn't magically disappear. Hope You're Feeling Better ~ Santana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_vJBz2_LtE
Hey Planet folk! This weekend's music thread is about people and places and dreams. There are so many people in song, living in places all over the world, and all of them/us have our dreams.
Post your favorite tunes about happiness, joy, feeling good and friends and family. And don't forget to smile while doing so!
This weekend's thread is about any weather condition, or floods as such songs may address the stormy weather in real life or the type of stormy weather that those in relationships and those alone, may go through.
American R&B/Jazz guitarist Cornell Dupree passed away last night at age 69. He began his career playing in the Atlantic Records studio band, recording on albums by Aretha Franklin and King Curtis as a member of Curtis's band "The King Pins". He has...
Your rich uncle gives you a beautiful, warm, but isolated tropical island but you have to promise to stay there for 5 years and you can take a limited amount of possessions. Items you can take? Just 3 albums/CD’s . What are your picks
The “Oldies But Goodies” Friday night at PPOV post last week got me recollecting about a neat thing that happened this summer. It was something that showed me how music can speak through the generations – when you least...
"In Nature, there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences." Robert Ingersoll There is deep concern about how we are treating our beautiful home, planet Earth. A once pristine and pure creation by Mother Nature. For the love of money,...




Weekend Music Thread – Heartbreaker

This weekend's music thread is dedicated to those invaluable people we've lost, their friends and families, who have had their lives destroyed by guns, racism and police as well as all of those who protest and fight to end this madness. Songs about violence, peace and protest are the theme for this weekend.

A Proposal: Mitigating the Damage From Climate Change

A proposal for a Climate Change damage mitigation project, proposing a National Water Management Agency to reduce floods, mitigate damage from droughts and generate needed supplies of potable water. Your comments, critiques and suggestions are welcomed.

Weekend Music Thread – Long Distance Runaround

This weekend's music thread is about distance, songs about being close or far, getting from here to there, going away or coming back.