The news today is so horrible, at least 18 elementary-age children and one teacher were viciously murdered by a gunman in THE STATE WITH THE MOST MURDERS BY FIREARMS IN THE COUNTRY…you guessed it, TEXAS (as documented by the CDC).

To put this in perspective, California has 40 million residents, Texas has only 30 million and yet Texas has around 20% more gun murders. It’s the capital of the U.S. in gun murders. Meanwhile, it’s 43rd of 50 in healthcare and 43rd in maternal mortality (yep, a forced pregnancy state is one of the worst in keeping pregnant women alive).

And let’s follow that up by guessing which state in the country has the most firearms. Yep, you guessed it, Texas. The state with the second-most guns has only about half as many guns.

So…Texas has the most guns and the most gun-related murders in the country. Right-Wing Republicans in Texas have a term for these horrific stats…”freedom”.


Of course it is perverse to claim that the murder of children is a necessary price for “freedom” but these apparent sociopath-types have no problem with the idea of people other than themselves and their families dying horrible and very premature deaths as long as it allows them to carry an assortment of rifles and guns with them into a Chik-Fil-A.

This comes on the heels of the leaked SCOTUS decision just weeks ago tipping their hand that the Theocratic Five on the court are about to declare their religious beliefs as the law of the land when it comes to Roe v. Wade and abortion. However, Texas was way ahead of the SCOTUS, coming up with the contrivance that they would outlaw women’s right to their own bodies by declaring vigilante law that anyone in or outside of Texas can make $10,000 per pregnant woman by snitching on their trying to get an abortion…and more than that, $10,000 a pop for turning in anyone including doctors, Uber drivers, friends who loan money, etc. who try to help her. Purposely worded vaguely to threaten doctors and medical providers, the alleged exception to save the life of the mother in a case like an ectopic pregnancy, is not clear and women have already been turned away by doctors. Ectopic pregnancies will necessarily result eventually in life-threatening blood loss and death for the woman and no baby can develop from the egg so there is no “trade” of lives here. It is legislative murder.

Two years ago, we had the displeasure of watching Texas Lt. Governor (and Soylent Green fan) Dan Patrick comfortably announce that he and other senior citizens should be willing to die from Covid so that people younger than them didn’t have to wear masks and quarantine. As usual, the TX Republican Pro-Death platform rationalizes that those they choose to die are doing so for a greater cause (Herman Goering is looking up from Hell and applauding, “You have learned your state-sponsored murder propaganda well, Padawan.”).

These inhuman cultists do not deserve excessive attention to their disgusting and wholly dishonest “moral” justifications for being Pro-Death but let’s tee up their lies, focusing primarily on their gun obsession, so we can de-Orwellinize them into their real meanings.


These people are not constitutional scholars, they don’t care about The Constitution. They hardly know what’s in it. When it comes to the very 1st Amendment, they happily join the Trump chorus of the media being “The Enemy of the People” and they sure don’t respect the constitutional rights accorded to those with different skin colors, nationalities and religions. These are historically and constitutionally ignorant people who have been given a drum to beat by the Right Wing elite who exploit them to steal more of the majority’s money and political power. And like wide-eyed little kids, they beat that drum as hard as they can to drown out the cries of the many innocent children and adults who are murdered by guns year after year.


A majority of Republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen from their deified and proven thief of a “leader”, that Hollywood celebrities and Democrats drink the blood of children in pizza store basements that don’t exist and that Jews use space lasers to start fires in states that Jews are aligned with. Let’s make it simple, most of the current GOP are ignorant and easily manipulated fools who will instantly believe everything their chosen sources tell them whether it’s Trump, Tucker Carlson and Fox News, Qanon politicians, etc. And the biggest and easiest button to push with ignorant people is fear.

People will say that the U.S. has a history of a love of guns but when you see the massive gun ownership that these gun nuts represent, it’s deranged. There are around 400,000,000 guns owned in the U.S. and only 32% of Americans claim to be gun owners, that would be about 105,000,000 people. The math is easy, the 32% of Americans that own guns averages owning 4 guns each. Some gun owners own far more than that, some only have the one gun. Clearly, America in 2022 is NOT a country where gun ownership is practiced by the majority. So let’s put away that excuse about it being a historical tradition that carries on.

So it’s a relatively small minority of Americans who own guns and likely an even smaller minority that is so rabid about the right to own guns. When you see the nutters carrying guns everywhere they go, sometimes multiple guns, and howling about anyone taking their guns away, one often sees a rebellious attitude.

Ex-NRA Chairman and slave to monkeys…as well as a star of Planet of the Apes, Charlton Heston is famously quoted for saying, “I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands”. Okay, it’s not as delightful a quote as, “Wherever you go, there you are” but it is at least colorful.

The sentiment of rebellion belies insecurity and of course, guns represent power. There does seem to be a tie to The Confederacy in these Republican gun nuts, common among them are racist beliefs and resentment and suspicion of Democrats in power. As if they personally lost The Civil War, want to defend themselves from The Unionists and even re-fight The Civil War…which of course, they need their trusty guns for (good thing the U.S. military doesn’t have anything more than muskets nowadays). So the gun represents the same white resentment and dream of taking over the country and enforcing their minority views on race, gender, freedom of thought, etc. And they can’t be prepared to “take back this country” without the only thing they see as power, their guns.

Notice how their typical justification is that they need to be armed in case a tyrant takes over the U.S.. Understanding the Right-Wing means understanding that every conspiracy theory they use to attack Democrats is projection. They perpetrated and are lying about and justifying the 1/6/2021 insurrection that had an indisputable goal of trying to install Trump as dictator of the United States.

To be frank, the minions of the Republican elite have been given permission to lie and twist truths by the elite that winds them up and lets them cause havoc. The ends justify the means so there seems to be no conscience in these people. When faced with their lies, deceptions and gaping lack of empathy for the victims of gun proliferation, they just throw whatever flak they’ve been armed with by their “leaders”.

To sum up, to these people, the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership is about giving themselves power to be defiant, to intimidate and legitimize their fantasy that they can use them to help bring a despot to power that will hate and hurt those they are most intimidated by, such as PoC and strong, independent women, and “defend” white supremacy. All of these belie a kind of generational insecurity that their parents embedded in them.

It is about confidence and power but also being an antagonist to a peaceful, unified society where white males aren’t the dominant life form. And trying to take the instrument of this delusion away from people so dependant and addicted to the power they feel it gives them, is as difficult as taking a substance away from an addict. They depend on it, they see it as representing a big part of who they are and the idea of losing their “power” and having to face the insecurity and inadequacy their guns help them camouflage (from others AND themselves), is unacceptable to them (there are many gun owners in the US who have a grounded and responsible view of guns and those gun owners want responsible gun laws and gun control).

This is why no progress can be made with them and the politicians they elect who pander to their insecurity and neediness to own lots of guns and filibuster any real and needed change. This is why they go through the hollow motions of offering “thoughts and prayers” but are adamantly against any laws to limit the proliferation of guns and protect innocent people from being murdered.

The disgusting degree of selfishness, when it comes to guns, abortion or Covid precautions is consistent. And the elite who feed the resentment and fear into this minority of mostly white people rely on the “slippery slope” threat. Compromise is death, any protection is death, give an inch, they’ll take your guns. Aside from assault weapons which no citizen needs to hunt or for self-protection, no one has proposed or passed any bill taking away everyone’s gun. It is a constructed boogie man by the Repub elite to, as usual, use fear to control this army of theirs to threaten and block any progress in our society (because the better things are for the many, the worse the elite think it will be for them).

The Republican Party is a cult, it seems that most of the country recognizes this. And cults are inflexible in their views, they see those not with them as against them, they believe in the delusional stories and conspiracy theories their cult leaders feed them and they accept what they’re told to value and what they’re supposed to ignore.

Consider that the lives of those not in their cult are expendable. I don’t think Dan Patrick really thought he would die, like most politicians, wealthy people and especially those closely aligned with the then president, if he needed his life saved, he knew it probably would be.

The last aspect of the GOP as being Pro-Death is how they devalue the lives of those who aren’t fellow cult members and even seem devoid of empathy among their own. They openly praised the idea of acceptable deaths of the elderly and school-age children so they could go back to eating buffets (and defy the evil Democrats from succeeding at protecting lives), they are happy to accept the deaths of many women who need abortion as life-saving health care if they can end up dominating women and making them lesser than them. And sadly, they are just fine with the plague of gun-related murders of innocent children, women, the elderly and minorities because their lives don’t really matter to them (as Repubs always show, things only matter when it affects them or their family). All that matters is their dependence on guns for identity, a sense of not being powerless and a statement that they are “rebels” who are ready to avenge the loss of the Confederacy…and all the terrible baggage that goes with that, especially racism.

The GOP is Pro-Death. They have propagandized the country for decades about being patriots, pro-family and pro-life. These are all lies in 2022. They claim attempting to overthrow American Democracy is proof that they are patriots. They claim that intentionally destroying families through shootings and disease is Pro-Family. They claim that pouring more guns into the country and the simple proof that it causes more murders and forcing women to die from complications in pregnancies is Pro-Life.

No. Time to call a death cult for what it is and kick over the propaganda they use to excuse their sociopathy.

The Republican Party is Pro-Death and must be stripped of its power to inflict more unnecessary death on innocents. Spread the word.

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“The Republican Party has never been pro-life.

Only pro-birth.

As after a child is actually born they disavow all responsibility for it, allowing it to suffer and die in the streets from exposure, malnutrition, and disease.

And then, in the final circular irony, blame the parents for birthing it.”