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AdLib 3 hours ago
Hey Murph!
AdLib an hour ago
You there, Murph?
AdLib an hour ago
Hey TW!
AdLib an hour ago
Hey guys
twilson117 an hour ago How are things your way, TW?
AdLib an hour ago
Ok Ad
twilson117 an hour ago So has you daughter made the adjustment to being back home?
twilson117 an hour ago Yes, thanks for asking. It was pretty quick. She’s watching Netflix with her best friend in the other room. And she’s been very organized in getting a job and Summer classes set up. Very pleased.
AdLib an hour ago
Wow, that sounds really good.
twilson117 an hour ago There’s no place like home, right? She’s happy to be back, chill in her room and see her friends.
AdLib an hour ago
So what does she think of MA?
twilson117 an hour ago She likes it and she has a number of good friends out there now. So she’s going to enjoy being back in MA but is enjoying being home this Summer. She loves the beach.
AdLib an hour ago
When are you going to see your granddaughter?
AdLib an hour ago
You guys have way better beaches that’s for sure.
twilson117 an hour ago Last week when she came back, we had a heat wave, in the 90s,. She said she forgot how hot it gets out here.
AdLib an hour ago
It’s cooled down now.
AdLib an hour ago
I think this summer. My daughter will be the one to get her my wife and her have to work out the travel arrangements ticket prices have gone sky high..
twilson117 an hour ago You mentioned summer classes, what will she be taking?
twilson117 an hour ago Right. Air fares were so low for so long and now, like the oil companies, they want to inflate prices so high to make up for lost revenues and to get their bonuses. It’s messed up. And the stock Market is tanking so don’t know how long this price gouging can last.
AdLib an hour ago
Well I am really here now…..
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago History class, she was looking at two, don’t know which one she’s taking.
AdLib an hour ago
Hey Murph
twilson117 an hour ago Murph – I thought a zombie had got to you.
AdLib an hour ago
History well that should be fun.
twilson117 an hour ago Ad…..it is mean refer to Magats as Zombies.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Though a Murph zombie wouldn’t need to chant for “Brains!”
AdLib an hour ago
Ad….”Brains!” Hysterical.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Murph Magat? Ha! That’s funny.
twilson117 an hour ago TW – I was fortunate to have a very good history teacher in HS and it contributed to my love of history. But so many bad history teachers who don’t teach in a story telling way or connecting it to current society, just rote memory of dates, names and places which is lazy and pretty useless as most students forget all that.
AdLib an hour ago
So, it looks like the justice department is finally getting around to doing something.
twilson117 an hour ago Ad….as a retired teach of history…..at the secondary and then tertiary level….I second your assessment of the field in my area of speciality.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago TW – Yes, I think all of those who’ve been concerend, including me, can take a sigh of relief that the DoJ is going after a case against high profile traitors. Including Trump, I believe.
AdLib an hour ago
Murph – I know you taught history and I would have been very happy to have my daughter in your class.
AdLib an hour ago
I also note that far too many teachers of social studies/history are not star students…..in H.S. their are far too many coaches who teach “something” so they can do coaching.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Ad…..what a fine compliment……
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago CPAC is in Hungary cheering on autocracy, Trumpist Repubs are openly bragging about ending abortion from the moment of conception (how would they know?) and rigging elections. It seems like they think the end game is nearly here.
AdLib an hour ago
Well in HS I had a decent History teacher, but as I said when I confronted her on why she never gave a grade above 85 my assessment of her changed.
twilson117 an hour ago Ad the must be wetting themselves when Orban said Tucker should be on 24/7
twilson117 an hour ago Murph – Yes, and those lesser experienced history teachers can shut down students from ever being interested in history after experiencing it as only rote memorization. And getting to know you here at The Planet after all this time, I know how knowledgeable and insightful you were as a teacher. So, really meant it.
AdLib an hour ago
TW – I remember your mentioning that about that teacher. What did she say to you again?
AdLib an hour ago
Just a little state news…..the State Senate closed the current session of legislation with very little having been done…..the far right agenda generally failed because of the chasm that exists between the neo-Republicans Magats and the tradition-Republicans with routs in the Eisenhower understanding of the party’s role. The Dems in the Senate are in the minority but they learned to vote for either side. By abstaining, they rob either of GOP camps of the necessary threshold to move legislation forward and since they do not side with either that cannot be used by one GOP camp to attack another.
MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago Ad that’s the point she didn’t say anything she just looked at me with a bit of fear in her eyes because I busted her.
twilson117 an hour ago TW – Dems are really messing things up though. They should be pounding the table and calling out specific Repubs and the party as a whole as a threat to our freedom and democracy. Repubs have no problem doing the same as BS, Dems are tooworried to do it when it’s warranted.
AdLib an hour ago
Murph there are still some Ike Repubs in your state?
twilson117 an hour ago Again, Ad, you humble me. I must admit that in the current environment in secondary schools I doubt I would have persevered and I would likely have run afoul the “true American” parents and the admin they now bully.
MurphTheSurf3 44 minutes ago Ad I agree, Dems should stop thinking they’re going to lose and get and talk about all the good they’ve done.
twilson117 43 minutes ago Murph – Very interesting. Trumpism seems like Zombieism, an infection that jumps from one to all they “bite”. But the thought that there are still some Eisenhower-type Repubs who won’t go along with the autocrats is uplifting a bit. As is the Dem strategy.
AdLib 43 minutes ago
Ad….I agree….the tactics employed by the GOP work with the weak minded, lazy, and angry. The Dems must use those tactics to draw in the same crowd….sadly the electorate is, as a whole, out of touch and un/misinformed.
MurphTheSurf3 42 minutes ago Murph always liked History. Something about how things worked back in the old days.
twilson117 42 minutes ago Another poll released today, Generic Dems get about 48%, generic Repubs 42%. The numbers were virtually reversed pre-Roe-leak from SCOTUS. We can win this in Nov, keep Congress and hopefully have at least 52 Dems in The Senate, at least 50 to get election reform, abortion rights and other critical laws passed with the filibuster left lying in GOP tears.
AdLib 41 minutes ago
TW – Right, that’s what you explained! She knew she’d been caught with her hand in the KKKookie jar.
AdLib 40 minutes ago
Ad and TW……the membership in our House and Senate is in constant motion because of absurd term limits BUT the confusion, lack of seasoned leadership and the difficulty in creating real alliances hobble them…which right now is good.
MurphTheSurf3 40 minutes ago So Murph will that continue to work?
twilson117 39 minutes ago Ad…polls like the one you refer to are heartening but I fear that the economy is the achilles heel. Very complex and easily laid at the doorstep of the power that is supposed “in power”.
MurphTheSurf3 38 minutes ago Murph – You would have had to move to a Dem district to continue teaching genuine history. As we’ve seen, Repubs project all their terrible intentions on Dems, they want to indoctrinate and propagandize children into becoming racists and autocrats like them.
AdLib 38 minutes ago
TW….which “that” are you referring to?
MurphTheSurf3 37 minutes ago Murph the constant motion and term limits and confusion.
twilson117 36 minutes ago Early warning. I will need to leave at 10. Conference call with several organizers at the Lucas Kunce campaign.
MurphTheSurf3 36 minutes ago