Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PST. Hope to see you then! AdLib 19 hours ago

Good evening AdLib twilson117 17 hours ago

Hey TW! Has the snowstorm hit? AdLib 17 hours ago

Not yet, I believe it’s suppose to roll in around midnight twilson117 17 hours ago

NYT called it a Bomb Cyclone. AdLib 17 hours ago

From what is being said it sounds it’s going to be pretty big twilson117 17 hours ago

Yep. And my daughter has no boots. AdLib 17 hours ago

Yes, I know it will be interesting to see. The good part is there has been enough heads up so they can prepare for it. twilson117 17 hours ago

Youth you got to love it right? twilson117 17 hours ago

Yes, that is very good! Hope all are prepared well! AdLib 17 hours ago

Maybe someone will lend her some. twilson117 17 hours ago

Yep, been on her since the Summer and she’s put it off since then, she just didn’t understand the need even though we explained it. She “doesn’t like” boots. Uh…that’s like astronauts who won’t wear helmets in space because they feel too claustrophobic. California Girl. AdLib 17 hours ago

Well, what can you say other than it will be one of those life lessons for her because the snow will be wet and cold. twilson117 17 hours ago

Yep, she will learn the hard way as she often does. AdLib 17 hours ago

You two are all set for the storm though I’m sure. AdLib 17 hours ago

I will say this, if this storm is as big as they are saying the snow will be around for a bit she might get a chance to go out and buy some. twilson117 17 hours ago

Yes, we’ll set. Just has to hope this isn’t one of those storms that knocks out power, that’s when its dicey. twilson117 17 hours ago

I asked her again to order her boots earlier in the week. Hope she did. AdLib 17 hours ago

It’s supposed to be very windy, especially on the coast. How far are you from the coast? AdLib 17 hours ago

As I said these storms can be funny, but lately the forecasters have been pretty accurate. With all the new weather technology they now have they’ve been pretty spot on. Also with climate change, that has an impact as well. twilson117 16 hours ago

She probably thinks you’re just nagging her, and like all young ones, they always have plenty of time when the really don’t. But, hey it is about life right? twilson117 16 hours ago

Glad forecasting has gotten so much better, especially with Climate Change making that more important than ever. AdLib 16 hours ago

Yep, I think she imagined California weather year round out there, wearing shorts and tennis shoes all year. She thought of boots as a decision about style, not practicality. The young learn slower than the older. AdLib 16 hours ago

She’ll have some fun with the snow as it will be a new experience for her. But, trust me it will get old fast. Because with this kind of snow there is a cold weather. twilson117 16 hours ago

She should have gloves at least, we sent her out with those. And it was difficult getting her a heavy winter jacket, once again, she was just thinking about the style and she didn’t prefer heavy coats. Real education for her all the way around this semester. AdLib 16 hours ago

Our climate here in NE has been changing. Things have been getting warmer and in a number of cases winters also. But then we run into something like what is being forecast and the days of old are soon remembered. twilson117 16 hours ago

But she’s going to Florida in 2 weeks for a softball tournament so she will be out of the snow but in Covid Central. AdLib 16 hours ago

Wow don’t know what to say to that. twilson117 16 hours ago

What part of Florida? twilson117 16 hours ago

And they have a week long tourney over Easter Holiday in FL that most parents will go to but I haven’t made plans because I don’t know whether we should go to FL then. AdLib 16 hours ago

You are all vaccinated correct? twilson117 16 hours ago

It’s a smaller town, east of Orlando I believe. But small towns in FL may be just as dangerous with anti-vaxxers. AdLib 16 hours ago

We’re all triple vaccinated. But I’m still concerned about catching it in airports, planes and in FL. Some vaxxed people, nurses and doctors have still died from it. AdLib 16 hours ago

Sounds like it might be close to DisneyWorld. twilson117 16 hours ago

Not really. She’s played at the ESPN sports complex in the Disneyworld area and it’s not close to there. AdLib 16 hours ago

I understand as there have been folks who are vaccinated who have tested positive but being vaccinated does help. twilson117 16 hours ago

Hey Glenn twilson117 16 hours ago

Yes, it greatly reduces the odds of hospitalization, death and severe illness but not in all cases. Over 90% though. AdLib 16 hours ago

Hi glenn! Wonderful to see you! AdLib 16 hours ago

It’s a lot to consider. twilson117 16 hours ago

TW – Yep. The games will be streamed but it won’t be the same. Yet, I don’t want to catch Covid and having the games in FL is the worst situation for that. AdLib 16 hours ago

Ad I’m sure you’ll come up with a creative solution. twilson117 16 hours ago

Did you see the Surgeon General’s hearing in FL? He is a wackjob who is loyal only to promoting DeathSantis’ anti-vax BS. AdLib 16 hours ago