The stories are stacking up of the anti-vaccine extremists getting infected and dying from their own blind anger and ignorance. If they weren’t also viral suicide bombers, there might be more sympathy for them but the threat they represent and perpetuate makes it hard to feel sympathetic. People who would rather infect and kill their own children, spouses, grandparents and neighbors in the selfish pursuit of a deadly and divisive political protest are more deserving of condemnation than pity.

So this weekend’s music thread is about the unnecessary sabotage of the nation’s well being by these anti-vax Trumpers. Share songs that send a tough message to anti-vaxxers, or are about the air and breathing, doctors and nurses, being ill or losing everything.

Now it’s your turn to inject a little musical truth into the (self-shrinking by the day) anti-vaxxer movement!

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Let’s not judge, they could be delicious…