Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then. AdLib 5 hours ago

Hi Ad, TW pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Hello AdLib PPO twilson117 an hour ago

Hey PPO how are things with you? twilson117 an hour ago

Nice to see a US President welcomed by the biggies pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Yes it is twilson117 an hour ago

Hey TW and PPO! AdLib an hour ago

Hey AdLib twilson117 an hour ago

Muttering along, thanks, TW. Usual health issues. Still looking at flowers from the right side! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

So PPO do you think Biden can bring some normalcy back? twilson117 an hour ago

Looks as if he already has, TW. Jjust hope people give him time. You can’t undo 5 years of mayhem in a few months pinkpantheroz an hour ago

AdLiB what’s with the judge who compared an AR15 to a Swiss Army Knife twilson117 an hour ago

TW – That judge is a GW Bush judge who is a nutjob. Plenty of experts say his ruling is nuts. AdLib an hour ago

Obviously the fool uses an ar-15 to get a stone out of a horse’s hoof and open a bottle of wine! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO I agree, he seems to be off to a good start. But when someone stinks up the place for as long as Trump** did it will take time to get the stench to dissipate. twilson117 an hour ago

I use an AR-15 to shoot the tv remote when it’s not in reach when I want to change channels/ AdLib an hour ago

Ad I’m guessing the 9th circuit will overrule him. twilson117 an hour ago

Everyone is looking for instant gratification these days. You can’t have that with this level of evil and corruption. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Hey Murph twilson117 an hour ago

Ad, that reminds me, I must get more ammo, my toenails need trimming! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Murph!, Hi there pinkpantheroz an hour ago

TW – Absolutely, that judge is a moron and has zero legal grounding for his decision. He is disputing even Scalia! AdLib an hour ago

Hey Murph! AdLib an hour ago

Howdy folks…… MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Hey Murph! AdLib an hour ago

Ad disputing Scalia oh Hell he’s got to go.

twilson117 an hour ago

Whoops, that’s two bales of “Hey!” for Murph. AdLib an hour ago

Ad….they all stack up. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

He could probably use a few bales, Ad. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

TW – In that terrible Heller decision Scalia championed, even he said governments had authority to restrict gun ownership. This bozo judge doesn’t even agree with the main ruling that said Americans had a right to have guns. AdLib an hour ago

So Murph I see you got your planting done. twilson117 an hour ago

Lockdown is easing here, but still a few cases being spotted. Ah, well, it is best we keep doing what we do. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

So is Barr going down for abusing the DoJ and spying on sitting Congressmen? AdLib an hour ago

Ad, there are a few saying the DOJ is starting something about Barr. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO – At least things are going in the right direction. AdLib an hour ago

Ad, tweete* pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Hapless Sessions is in trouble as well twilson117 an hour ago

PPO – Yes, the Inspector General is going to investigate the DoJ’s apparently unlawful political investigation of Trump’s enemies. AdLib an hour ago

Hopefully, fogey Lindsay will be asked a couple of pointed Qs soon! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

We all knew Sessions and Barr were puppets for Trump but now it looks like there is proof of their corruption. Both need to be disbarred and prosecuted. As does Trump for abuse of power! AdLib an hour ago

PPO all the talking heads on MSNBC what immediate action by Garland, but, I think they need to slow their roll and allow some things to roll out so he gets it right. What say you? twilson117 an hour ago

What about Gladys Giuliani? Surely major hurt on the way there? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

TW, agree. Old bull and Young bull. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Some Repubs are now saying it was fine for the DoJ to be used as a weapon against Democrats. And of course, they’re the same ones who howled about Obama spying on Trump and Repubs. The hypocrisy is now just 100% expected in every complaint any Repub makes. AdLib an hour ago

tw, I’d still love to see some paperwork being served on the cretins. Have to praise the FBI. they’re picking off the Terrorists one by one. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Boragart Sessions is a hapless idiot. twilson117 an hour ago

Ad that’s to be expected they are all in for Trump** no matter what. twilson117 an hour ago

PPO I agree subpoenas should be served. twilson117 an hour ago

Whho is Weisenstein and is he important? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

TW – I have heard the same caution from others, including Choicelady, that Garland is doing what the AG should in continuing cases he inherited to support that principle but knowing the bad cases will be thrown out anyway. However, the Trump DoJ betrayed that in abandoning the government’s legal positions on the ACA, abortion, civil rights, etc. It is a travesty that Garland supported continuing gag orders about spying against Dem congressmen, having the DoJ try to kill the defamation suit against Trump (defamation is not a duty of the president), etc. AdLib an hour ago

TW, I hope that initial papers can be served, with enough to proceed. Getting all the ducks in a 100% line may be impossible. We have a saying here, ‘Near enough is good enough’ At least to begin. Refinement can come later pinkpantheroz an hour ago

My concern with Garland is what we saw with Mueller’s failing the nation. Prioritizing the practices of the institutions over justice. AdLib an hour ago

Ad, wouldn’t President Biden be able to pressure a bit for results without crossing the line? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO – Do you mean Weiselberg, the Trump CFO? AdLib an hour ago

TW…yes got the planting done….9 truck gardens…..it has been very hot here and I am having to water much more than normal. My hoped for freer time has not materialized. And I am facing an identity crisis in the co-op I co founded her in Mo. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Ad, yes. Oh boy, he would be vital, but will he squeal enough to topple TFG? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad there is strong argument for what you are saying, The caution that Garland is taking to not look partisan is what will trip him up I think. What Trump** and his band of lunkhead did to normal rule of order, has to be addressed. Following the book many not be the right course in this matter. twilson117 an hour ago

PPO – I think Biden should at least discuss with Garland how this putting the institution first ahead of justice, when the actions being supported are the result of corruption, is actually harming the institution far more than dropping bad investigations and cases are. But I do agree, Garland shouldn’t take orders from the president, no AG should. AdLib an hour ago

Murph – So what are you thinking now with regards to the racists overtaking the co-op? AdLib an hour ago

Congrats, by the way for that brave young lady gettin a Pilitzer commendation, but it should have been the full deal, IMO.. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Howdy all – good to see everyone. choicelady an hour ago

Hey CL! Was just talking about you a moment ago! AdLib an hour ago

CL! HI! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

My ears were burning. choicelady an hour ago

Murph, I get it. Doing a bit of research on the Tulsa Riot so I drifted into the Missouri compromise and I’m getting a better feel for the issues you’re facing. twilson117 an hour ago

Hey Ad, Murph PPO, and TW – the gang’s (mostly) all here! choicelady an hour ago

CL is in the house!! twilson117 an hour ago

Especially now that you’re here, CL pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Hey back atcha, PPO. TW! Yes – I am IN the house. choicelady an hour ago

TW – If we were in more normal times, I wouldn’t even pause at Garlands taking up the cases from the previous admin. But the problem is that he is using that normal practice on abnormal and corrupt cases and in a time of insurrection. Mueller played it by the book and was cautious and failed the country. That doesn’t work right now. AdLib an hour ago

Garland and others in the Biden admin do not seem to be operating as if both of their Congressional Majorities are very deeply threatened in 2022 and beyond. This time the minority presidency that Obama experienced after his first midterm will seem a cakewalk by comparison. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

CL – Burning ears is also a side-effect of being magnetically charged by your vaccine shots. AdLib an hour ago

OK – I’m wading right in on Garland. One – he’s pursuing the Barr/Trump case on presidential immunity to KILL IT. Obama did this with W’s “leftovers” that reeked. It’s what must be done to END any assertion that Trump made concerning Ms. Carroll’s ability to sue the bejeezes out of him. Otherwise it festers and lives as an assertion. Get the courts to kill it? Deader than a doornail. choicelady an hour ago

PPO – That was such a bit of wonderful news, the young woman who shot the Floyd video getting an honorary Pulitzer. I hope some news org mentors her now to become a journalist if she is interested in that. AdLib an hour ago

I havent been jabbed yet (grrrr). Looking forward because then I’ll always have my car keys attached! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad – I thought the burning ear/magnetic boobs thing was related. choicelady an hour ago

Hi CL…. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Hi Murph. How ARE you and how are things in MO? choicelady an hour ago

Murph – Exactly. Our democracy is on fire and Biden and Garland think their faith in the institutions will counter-balance that. Nope. When zRepubs are rigging the elections in states, you can’t unrig that by showing what great character you have. AdLib an hour ago

Ad I hear you. These are indeed abnormal times based of what Trump** did so it is going to call for different approach. The Republicans are all in for Trump** so playing the rules of the past is not going to work. Having said that I think we need to see what how Garland will handle all this Trump** calls for Barr and Sessions to appear before the Judiciary committee should be demanded now and Dems should not let up at all on this. twilson117 an hour ago

Garland Two – the creeps who hit Schiff and Swalwell and maybe others for Barr, NEED to be there for a time to TELL WHAT THEY KNOW. Garland is no wuss. He’s deeply strategic. Anyone notice DOJ is hiriing more attorneys to ENFORCE the VRA? The SCOTUS decision shot down prior review but NOT the VRA itself. So he can do this no matter WHAT gets done about HR 1 or HR 4. choicelady an hour ago

CL…I agree with your reasoning re. Garland’s strategy to neutralize the cases he appears to be defending. Bring them forward. Expose them to the light and they should wither. Should…but I am so distrustful of the Trump stacked federal judiciary. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Ad – you are entirely misreading both Biden and Garland. I’ve worked w fed courts for years including right this moment, and what Garland is doing is EXACTLY what is needed. choicelady an hour ago

CL – I get what you’re saying. My point is what the fallout and perception of Garland and the DoJ is when they embrace defending corrupt use of the DoJ. Even if it is to use the system to kill those cases eventually, in the meantime, they are saying to the country, “These corrupt abuses of the DoJ deserve respect.” It undermines confidence in the DoJ and the rule of law even if the ultimate goal is to watch the courts kill them. AdLib an hour ago

Murph – Garland will be VERY careful where he files. Make no mistake. Obama via Holder had the same issue w W’s appointees. They know HOW to do this. choicelady an hour ago

CL…your Garland Two is a stronger case for me….using the tools that are in place in case new tools are not forged. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

I think, Ad, CL that this is where patience is needed. Not too much, but some. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

CL – Speaking officially for my gender, boobs have always been regarded as being magnetic. Magnetic foreheads though is something new. AdLib an hour ago

CL…I bow to your knowledge and experience in all matters legal……your positions deserve respect because you deserve respect. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

That nurse who tried to prove the magnetic side affects of vaxing was absurd but she is one of a far too many medical folk who stand in the of vaccination. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Ad – instead of worrying about how it LOOKS, maybe we can point out WHAT IT ACHIEVES. I’m sick of worrying about how the faint of heart take bold actions – and want the bold action. I’m sick of dissing Dems, hand wringing and garment rending. Doing anything OTHER than how they’re going might give Bernites a boner, but it’s the fastest route to defeat. He is taking EXACTLY the right thing. choicelady an hour ago

CL…things continue to be a mess. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

TW – What is discouraging is that the DoJ under Garland is refusing to answer questions from Congress about what appears to be the political abuse of power of the DoJ in spying on 38 Dems and staff. They are refusing even to say if any Repubs were spied on. Garland has not reflected any good will as of yet on rooting out the corruption in the DoJ. He has continued some of it as a matter of fact. Even if it is intended to support the institution, continuing corruption is corrupt. AdLib an hour ago

All – look, it took us 40 years to get here. Patience and unceasing advocacy are what we need. choicelady an hour ago

Murph, I simply am gobsmacked that MEDICAL people are spouting anti-vaxx drivel. Their licences should be pulled for spouting such absurdities pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Murph – I’m not surprised it’s a mess. ANY light shining through? choicelady an hour ago

PPO – any medical person espousing anti vaxx crap should be fired. choicelady an hour ago

Have you all read the Boston Globe’s “Future Proofing the Presidency” It argues that it is absolutely necessary that Trump be tried in a court of law. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

For what it’s worth will be writing to both my Senators Warren and McGovern about the DOJ issue to see what they have to say. I don’t expect much, but it’s a start. twilson117 an hour ago

Murph – and THAT, I agree with. That’s exactly where Garland is headed. choicelady an hour ago

Murph reading it now. The question I have is what will the Dem’s do with the information. twilson117 an hour ago

The DOJ is doing EXACTLY the correct things. It’s simplistic to knee jerk the way we did about the Holder DOJ. We have to be smarter than the GQP about how things work. choicelady an hour ago

Here’s the problem I have though with the suggestion to be patient and that Garland will eventually allow corrupt cases and investigations to be ended. In the meantime, he is giving aid and comfort to the MAGA crowd and they are getting more and more whipped up. If we have another insurrectionist attack in August but Garland isn’t going to fight the corruption between now and then, that will be on his hands too. AdLib an hour ago

CL….lots of noise but little light……one key factor is that the two african american farmers who asked to join the co-op appear to me to be withdrawing out of fear of harassment or worse. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Murph, and while they’re at it, how’s about amputating the Church/State cancerous growth spreading. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

We, here in the U.S., are serioiusly in danger of losing the linchpins that hold the Republic together. MurphTheSurf3 44 minutes ago

Then FIGHT BACK by demanding media stop pandering to the Right. Mob TV stations, swarm editorial boards, call incessantly and MAKE the MSM and cable media LISTEN. When even Rachel Maddow lies about what’s happening at DOJ we are in a fix. And yes – she is LYING. She damned well knows Garland isn’t defending Trump . When clicks bait means more than truth – we’re doomed. choicelady 44 minutes ago

Murph – until today I didn’t think we were. I am watching LIBERALS lose democracy. choicelady 43 minutes ago

CL…glad you called out Maddow on this. MurphTheSurf3 43 minutes ago

CL – My point is that there is a clock ticking here, the MAGA/Qanon crowd is getting more and more whipped up and as the FBI has said, is a greater threat now than ever before. Garland is giving them more fuel in the meantime, while we are waiting many months or more for Trump corruption to be ended and prosecuted. The clock is ticking… AdLib 43 minutes ago

CL…my fear too. MurphTheSurf3 43 minutes ago

CL, read somewhere that one of Murdoch’s Tabloids lost 400million and has an asset value of ZERO! Maybe karma isn’t too far away for the slug pinkpantheroz 42 minutes ago

CL – What did Maddow lie about? AdLib 41 minutes ago

Did Maddow actually do that? Wow! pinkpantheroz 41 minutes ago

Ad…and given the narrowness and shallowness of the American mind in matters of politics, Trump and his minions appear to be receding in the the rear view mirror and failing to look ahead to see them standing right in the road just a bit further along. MurphTheSurf3 41 minutes ago

CL on her show today? Haven’t seen it yet but I have it recorded. twilson117 41 minutes ago

No, Ad – there is NOT a clock ticking on this. That’s the point. As long as there is evidence – reported on the news – of PROGRESS on exposing corruption, NO there is NOT a clock ticking. That’s why we always lose. We pretend we have urgency when we don’t. And then we pout, whine, and DO NOT VOTE. Well we have to be here for it all. Play up what Garland DID today on voting rights!!! It was HUGE. choicelady 40 minutes ago

Sorry, cl, what did Garland do? No news on it here pinkpantheroz 40 minutes ago

Maddow lied about WHY Garland/DOJ is carrying the Trump/Barr case impacting Carroll. She damned well knows better. choicelady 39 minutes ago

CL…the clock for me is the midterm election….a GOP solidly in control of the House and Senate will have all the tools they need to undermine the Trump admin at every level. MurphTheSurf3 39 minutes ago

Here’s my issue with Dems and the Biden Admin at this moment in time. Repubs are tearing down our democracy right now aggressively and too many on our side are saying, be patient and let the institutions work their way through on these issues. Consider the ballot recount in AZ and how it looks like it will spread to other states. All the voter-suppression laws passing. All the anti-abortion laws passing. All the pro-gun laws passing. The rise in radical propaganda accelerating. I think too many folks are taking for granted how much time there really is left to prevent what is coming. AdLib 38 minutes ago

CL….I suggest that Maddow misrepresented the Garland actions. MurphTheSurf3 38 minutes ago

PPO = Garland is hiring more attorneys to pursue VOTING rights. The ONLY thing overturned by the SCOTUS decision was prior approval. NOT the guts of VRA. So he’s enforcing that even without HR 1/S 1 and HR 4. He CAN do that and IS. And everyone yawns. choicelady 37 minutes ago

Ad…and I agree with your “urgency of now” clarion call. MurphTheSurf3 37 minutes ago

Murph – she lied. She LIED. She knew better. choicelady 37 minutes ago

CL, that soulds pretty good. Of course the RW media won’t say a word, or Fox. pinkpantheroz 37 minutes ago

Ad – the RW are imploding. They aren’t our worst enemy – WE are. The hair on fire poutragers who don’t have a clue how things work and go for the obvious instead of reality. We should be DANCING in the streets over Garland’s announcement today.r Garl choicelady 35 minutes ago

Murph – I think you are right about that, I think Trump’s popularity is fading so my concern isn’t that all this Repub madness is winning more converts. My concern is that it is radicalizing more of the Trump/Qanon base. I remember when Qanon was a tiny faction of morons. In 2022, many Repubs running for Congress will be Qanon supporters. There is a wildfire of insurrection and insanity among that small minority but the amount of them who are being radicalized and brainwashed is growing. AdLib 35 minutes ago

CL…I think that she presented the situation in terms that were generally accurate…but then she failed to offer the kind of understanding that you have in this matter…..either she did not know, or she was misrepresenting the matter, which is lying. MurphTheSurf3 35 minutes ago

PPO – the religious right et al. mobbed media to get attention. So must we. NOT FOX – our local stations, papers, and network affiliates. choicelady 35 minutes ago

Her terms were DEAD wrong. She never said once that this is traditional ways of ending bad case law – killing it. SHE NEVER SAID THAT. She made it more complex than it was – that there was some arcane DOJ principle to uphold. Hell NO – they’re killing it dead. choicelady 33 minutes ago

She KNOWS better. choicelady 33 minutes ago

CL – We disagree on this. I do see a clock ticking on this, I think that the GOP is becoming more radicalized by the day and anything giving them aid and comfort increases that. Why I think Dems lose is that they are too afraid of being bold and that’s why Repubs win when they shouldn’t, they have no reservation about being bold with their racism, classism, propaganda spreading, etc. AdLib 33 minutes ago

Trump is fading, but Trumpism metastasizing. MurphTheSurf3 33 minutes ago

Agree, CL. Get Religion out of politics. Get politics and religion out of Womens’ health matters. Get The WH Mob in cuffs. By next Friday, please. pinkpantheroz 32 minutes ago

Maddow has gotten it wrong before. Just want to know the specifics, what did she specifically say about Garland that was a lie? AdLib 32 minutes ago

Ad, one thing unique about Rachel Maddow. If she stuffs up, she acknowledges it and apologises. Hope this occurs if she did lie. pinkpantheroz 30 minutes ago

Murph agree what Trump** started has given permission to those who want an authoritarian form of government because they think it’s a quicker way to get things done. It’s a fallacy and something they will regret. twilson117 30 minutes ago

Murph – I read data the past two days that affiliation w Q is plummeting, and the percent of extremists is shrinking. Failure to deliver has a HUGE role in it. Doesn’t necessarily translate to following Dems, but it’s withering away. choicelady 30 minutes ago

I also believe that the core Dem leaders realize what FOP control of 33 of 50 state legislatures means and they are fearful that they will provoke even more GOP attacks……but, I think that we are heading towards armageddon and every weapon must be utilized. MurphTheSurf3 30 minutes ago

CL – I don’t see the RW exploding in the red states where they are mounting racist attacks on education (the no Critical Race Theory laws), the voter suppression laws, the anti-abortion laws, the pro-gun laws, I don’t see it. And they are passing laws that will allow them to succeed in having the Repub majority in the legislature and the US Congress, overturn the vote of the people. That TX bill explicitly says they can overturn an election without even proving it was impacted by fraud, just by claiming fraud. The RW is not imploding, they are going more insane and aggressive. AdLib 29 minutes ago

CL…I am less concerned about Q than I am about the traditional right wing mindset that is more widely accepted. MurphTheSurf3 29 minutes ago

Well, Garland isn’t sitting back afraid to tackle those 33 states Why aren’t we celebrating the Strong AG we have WHY are we pretending he’s a wusss? choicelady 28 minutes ago

Murph – Do you believe the RW is imploding in MO? AdLib 28 minutes ago

AdLib as far as CRT goes those folks have no idea of what they are talking about. It’s just their excuse for continued racism. twilson117 27 minutes ago

Murph – as one who has followed the RW extremists since 1988 (before that I was vague about them) I can say that they WAX and they WANE based on promises fulfilled. The polls show and observers know that Biden is resonating enough w the rank and file to temper the extreme movement on the periphery. The core? Nope – and the same names I’ve seen for years are still present. It swelled, and now it’s receding. choicelady 26 minutes ago

Ad….no, it is gaining steam. MurphTheSurf3 26 minutes ago

Murph – there are huge pockets, you lucky man, where it IS growing worse. But that’s regional and not national. choicelady 26 minutes ago

Murph – Exactly, Trump is not becoming more popular but his cult is getting more intense and radical. They are absolutely increasing in that subset in wanting a violent overthrow of this country or destroying our democracy so their dictator can regain power. AdLib 25 minutes ago

What is deeply scary to me is the intensification of the core. Numbers aren’t always the problem. It’s the zealotry of the True Believers. The McVeigh types. THAT scares the crap out of me. choicelady 25 minutes ago

CL….I worry less about the extremists you refer to than the garden variety social conservative, whose politics is innately anti-democratic (both the party and the principles). MurphTheSurf3 25 minutes ago

Well, I’m going to tootle off. One thing I do hope for is that at least one BIG Name gets indicted and perpwalked next week. Just one. Miller, Flynn, anyone, even Kellyanne Cacophonix. Byeee’ pinkpantheroz 24 minutes ago

We said the same thing. choicelady 24 minutes ago

Take care PPO twilson117 24 minutes ago

PPO – keep your eye on Rudy. And say hi to Fergie for us. Love all around. choicelady 24 minutes ago

CL…in my state the GOP in the state houses has been moving steadily to the right away from the right leaning centrism that used to be a hal mark. MurphTheSurf3 24 minutes ago

So long ppo. MurphTheSurf3 24 minutes ago

Murph – This is what I am proposing to CL. I see the extremism gaining steam in MO, GA, TX, etc., they are not imploding, they are growing more intense and desperate to sieze power. And my concern is that Dems are taking far too much for granted that they are losing steam and that there is not urgency each and every day to crush this insurgent movement. We can’t afford to wait until next year. AdLib 24 minutes ago

Seeya PPO! AdLib 23 minutes ago

pinkpantheroz 23 minutes ago

As I said – it’s regional. But after the deep screw ups in states such as TX and the Big Freeze, I think the bloom is off the rose. choicelady 23 minutes ago

Ad lib – I think you need to be IN those states to see some of the actions to crush the extremes. choicelady 22 minutes ago

Ad….the Dems rely too much on holding the WH…..as has been shown, without legislative control one’s entire agenda can be sideline. Obama would have been an epic president if he had the House and Senate instead of an important and interesting one. MurphTheSurf3 22 minutes ago

Murph has the dubious distinction of being in a state that is ruthlessly heading far right. NOT happy about that. choicelady 22 minutes ago

Ad The states you mention are in fear of losing their hold on power, so they will do whatever to keep it. but they will soon be outnumber, hence their dumbness around restricting voting. twilson117 22 minutes ago

CL – What action has Garland taken so far that should give people comfort that he is aggressively confronting this attack on our democracy? He gave a warning from the DoJ that the AZ recount may be illegal…which it is, Constitutionally, and yet, he has done nothing more about it. AdLib 21 minutes ago

CL…I do indeed…..falling off the edge of the moderate world. MurphTheSurf3 21 minutes ago

RW….33 of 50 states are solidly in the control GOP legislatures…..and they are acting to tip the scales in every they can. MurphTheSurf3 20 minutes ago

CL – It would be helpful to be in those states to know more but the news about events in those states seems to speak for itself. And that’s why I asked Murph because he’s there. And he says it’s getting worse, which is how it looks to me. Not more plentiful but those following the GOP are becoming more extremist. AdLib 19 minutes ago

Well…I am departing a bit early…frankly, just too tired. The farming is one thing, the maintenance of a co-op that is shaking apart, and the overall political environment are SO wearing. MurphTheSurf3 18 minutes ago

I just said – TODAY the addition of attorneys to vigorously uphold voting rights WHICH do NOT rely on HR 1 and S 1 or HR 4 to do. SCOTUS shot down ONE THING – prior authorization – NOT the VRA. And Garland is going to challenge those states eroding the VRA. His work via SDNY on Giuliani and the flip of (I can’t remember his name) to prove Rudy freaking lied on Russiagate – Rudy’s toast. Look for his arrest soon. When that happens, he will blab. Look at in THREE months over 500 arrested and indicted on insurrection – today they got the ringleaders of an overt conspiracy who are tied to Roger Stone. THAT is WHAT WE WANT – and nobody is reporting it but blogs. choicelady 18 minutes ago

Take care Murph twilson117 18 minutes ago

Good night, Murph – this is a whole pile of stuff on your shoulders. Be well! choicelady 17 minutes ago

Again, and again and again I am forced to face up to how deeply ignorant and how lethargic the electorate on all sides largely is. John Adams warned us that all it would take for the American experiment to fail was an uninformed electorate rings in my ears so often. MurphTheSurf3 16 minutes ago

Murph – True and another factor about control of Congress is that Repubs know their white, racist base is shrinking, hense their urgency in ending democracy. They are on a desperate and aggressive mission now because they know they are hollow and just about greed and power, too many Dems IMO are content to say, “See, Biden is proving Dems are better.” Doesn’t matter if elections are corrupted, districts are gerrymandered and Repub legislatures can throw out the will of the people. Authoritarianism is the only policy the GOP can embrace now, democracy is their enemy. AdLib 16 minutes ago

Murph – I can live w a stupid GOP. Last few days it’s clear it’s NOT one sided. I am so in agreement with you. choicelady 15 minutes ago

TW – You said what I just said in a much more concise way! Indeed, it all comes down to the Repubs knowing they can’t win elections fairly so instead of changing, because they are too corrupt to do so, they must smother democracy. AdLib 15 minutes ago

Ad and CL…you both make very strong cases because your both very well informed, very well spoken, energized and hardworking. You are actually EXERCISING your citizenship…building political muscle. So few, so very few are. MurphTheSurf3 14 minutes ago

Ad The person we need to hear from is Jamie who is running the DNC I want to know what he is doing. twilson117 14 minutes ago

Murph – I see Stacy Adams building a “move the youth of color” movement, and it heartens me. choicelady 13 minutes ago

CL – I am hoping that Garland will make all that happen. I am not giving up on him but I think the embrace of institutions over justice can be a mistake. AdLib 13 minutes ago

TW – write and ask him. Seriously. choicelady 13 minutes ago

Wishing you all the best and a good night. MurphTheSurf3 13 minutes ago

Murph take care see you next week. twilson117 12 minutes ago

CL I believe I will. twilson117 12 minutes ago

TW – Yes, and I think Jamie should be publicly working with Stacy Abrams in making the fight to protect democracy and voting the one main issue right now. AdLib 12 minutes ago

CL – On another front, what do you think Manchin will do now that he has insisted he won’t support changing the filibuster? AdLib 10 minutes ago

Ad – this MIGHT impact you. Greg and I are fighting for a solid anti hate crimes bill. We got ours shot down by Jesse Gabriel AD 45. He commandeered it and refuses to talk with the 41-member coalition of groups who have a NO COST ASK he refuses to include. His is ENTIRELY ego – he wants to be the King of Hate Crimes Law (Sheila Kuehl already did that) and is trashing POC who are petitioning him and his staff. He’s put ego ahead of communal work and good info. THIS is the death of good policy. Tearing my hair out! choicelady 10 minutes ago

CL have to admit I live a blue state, we do have a Repub gov but he’s no friend of Trump** but Robert Kraft is good friends with Trump** but, we didn’t vote for him and the Repubs here have a hard time getting anything done.’ twilson117 10 minutes ago

CL – I can’t stand egomaniacs like Gabriel who sabotage such important things due to blind ambition and aggrandizement. They aren’t Dems to me, they are corrupt as Repubs. AdLib 9 minutes ago

Ad Manchin is done. This is his last hurrah there is no way he’s getting reelected. twilson117 9 minutes ago

TW – any time you can have a decent GOP, it’s a nail in the extremist coffin. Are you in VT? Heard good things about that governor. choicelady 9 minutes ago

TW – Kraft is so corrupt, I know. AdLib 7 minutes ago

TW – Manchin actually had an outstanding compromise on HR 1 – make it apply to ALL states. No problem. I think he’d be fine if you changed the filibuster to “stand on your feet, speak to ONLY the issue, no breaks, and 3/5 of the senate have to stay to listen.” Nobody would DO it, but it would be there to use if you had to. choicelady 7 minutes ago

TW – Manchin could continue but he only has any usefulness as a number, not as a person. He helps Dems have a majority, that is all anyone should expect from that egotistical ass. AdLib 6 minutes ago

CL I do agree with you on the filibuster it should be a stand and defend until you fall. Just like in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. twilson117 6 minutes ago

Gabriel is in for a rude shock – we have access to the Senate chair of public safety who can eviscerate his bill and add our stuff on his own. Big man, I HOPE brought low. choicelady 6 minutes ago

Ad Manchin knows he is the key to what the Dem’s want to do, so it natural he will play his trump card. twilson117 5 minutes ago

TW- how the filibuster got changed to a “file a paper and go to Aruba” move I do NOT know. choicelady 5 minutes ago

CL – Manchin supported HR1 in 2019 when it had a different bill number but was mostly the same, he was a co-sponsor. He won’t explain why now, he opposes what he supported and co-sponsored two years ago. I personally think he is bought off by the contributions he’s received from Repub donors like Koch. AdLib 5 minutes ago

He is NOT opposting HR 1 but wants one thing: prior approval has to occur in all states, not just a few. It’s brilliant, and even in CA we have districts that had to get it before SCOTUS dumped it. He’s quite correct. And the lefties won’t listen to him. choicelady 4 minutes ago

CL – I would support that change to the filibuster but even though Manchin flirted with changing it, he is now adament he will not support any change of it, let alone killing it. And Sinema, I think we’re all agreed that she is a traitor to those who voted for her and is no following the wishes of the Repub donors including Koch who have contributed to her. She needs to go. AdLib 3 minutes ago

By deciding he’s bought, we are slitting our own throats not listening to him and doing the things we CAN with him.’ choicelady 3 minutes ago

CL I was a poll the other day where his constituents are in favor of passing HR1 along with much of Biden’s agenda, also in favor of revising the filibuster so how is it he is digging his heels in when his base says to change it? twilson117 3 minutes ago

CL, yes, Manchin opposes HR1 and will vote against it: www.yahoo.com%2Fnow%2Fmanchin-comes-against-h-r-133637370.html&usg=AOvVaw2JplL9pMdiugJePIuUbYvo” style=”word-wrap: break-word; overflow-wrap:break-word;”>https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjxv_OrkZHxAhXQsJ4KHdr8BoAQFnoECC0QAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.yahoo.com%2Fnow%2Fmanchin-comes-against-h-r-133637370.html&usg=AOvVaw2JplL9pMdiugJePIuUbYvo> AdLib 2 minutes ago

https://www.yahoo.com/now/manchin-comes-against-h-r-133637370.html AdLib 2 minutes ago

Hey folks I need to bug out see you all next week. twilson117 a minute ago

https://www.wvgazettemail.com/opinion/op_ed_commentaries/joe-manchin-why-im-voting-against-the-for-the-people-act/article_c7eb2551-a500-5f77-aa37-2e42d0af870f.html AdLib a minute ago

Can you blame him – everyone SAYS he’s bought. What if he IS NOT? This is the hardball crap that killed single payer back in 2010 – assumptions that the middle of the road Dems wouldn’t vote for it. Well – I GOT the two votes, remember? And the left was SO OBNOXIOUS to their interns and support staff that they backed off. It was terrifying – people on OUR side were threatening DEATH to them. NO legislator will support something under those threats. choicelady a few seconds ago

See you then, TW. Have a great weekend! AdLib a few seconds ago

Ad You as well take care. twilson117 a few seconds ago

NOW he will. Three weeks ago he was fine until nobody listened to him and trashed him. Tactics matter, choicelady in a few seconds

I’m not here next week – am in OH for a wedding. See you two weeks from now! Good night, Ad! choicelady in a few seconds

Here is a quote from Manchin’s editorial on why he opposes HR1: Democrats in Congress have proposed a sweeping election reform bill called the For the People Act. This more than 800-page bill has garnered zero Republican support. Why? Are the very Republican senators who voted to impeach Trump because of actions that led to an attack on our democracy unwilling to support actions to strengthen our democracy? Are these same senators, whom many in my party applauded for their courage, now threats to the very democracy we seek to protect? The truth, I would argue, is that voting and election reform that is done in a partisan manner will all but ensure partisan divisions continue to deepen. AdLib in a minute

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