Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 3 hours ago

I got lost looking for the ice wall and found myself back here. Khirad 2 hours ago

Heh! Bring your dragon. AdLib 2 hours ago

Dinosaurs are part of the hoax. Khirad 2 hours ago

And you’re not lost, you’re just south of Thighland. In the foothills. AdLib 2 hours ago

Yo: Semites! Khirad 2 hours ago

I thought dinoaurs lived side by side with human beings just a thousand years ago? AdLib 2 hours ago

Kent Hovind is a hoot, look him up later. Khirad 2 hours ago

What’s weird is that I expected Trump to say, “Yo AntiSemites!” AdLib 2 hours ago

Will do. AdLib 2 hours ago

I’m just glad we have Trump. That Biden fella might not be all there. Khirad 2 hours ago

Yep, Biden wouldn’t be able to brag about how well he remembered 5 words on a dementia test. AdLib 2 hours ago

I hear they’re having to change the definition of “idiot” in the dictionary because they feel Trump has made the existing definition obsolete. AdLib 2 hours ago

I say not only a padded cell to keep the demon sex dreams away, we give him an accordion. Even if he can’t play it at lieast his hands will have purpose. Khirad 2 hours ago

I heard that Karens should now be referred to as Ivanka’s now Khirad 2 hours ago

But it will keep slipping through his tiny hands. Maybe a kids xylophone? AdLib 2 hours ago

Ivanka have a higher IQ. AdLib 2 hours ago

Hi, Ad, Khirad pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Does Ivanka understand that she’s going to jail along with daddy after he loses? AdLib 2 hours ago

Khirad 2 hours ago

Hey PPO! AdLib 2 hours ago

Very funny! AdLib 2 hours ago

I feel sorry for the accordian. AdLib 2 hours ago

PPO – How is Fergie feeling now? Better after her fall? AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey glenn! AdLib 2 hours ago

What a week, Eh? NRA in shtook, Joe Arpaio bounced, Thighland joins Lapland . pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Glenn! pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Good evening, all. Hope everyone is well. Can’t see the top of the posts, but the dinosaurs dialogue sounds interesting! glenn 2 hours ago

PPO – Not to mention the Axios interview. AdLib 2 hours ago

Ad, Fergie is still v sore. We’re teleconferencing with the Doc on Tuesday next. He has limited movement, but v painful jabs in the shoulder. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Quote of the week: “Perhaps you mistook them (republicans) for someone who gives a damn.” glenn 2 hours ago

Pelosi strikes again! pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

glenn – If you click in the comment window then use your “page up” key on your keyboard, you can scroll backwards. There’s also a tab that appears on the right hand side once you start scrolling. AdLib 2 hours ago

PPO – Sorry to hear that. Is it a bone bruise? AdLib 2 hours ago

Axios – but did it do damage where it was needed? pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

PPO–My best to Fergie! glenn 2 hours ago

glenn – That was a great quote from Pelosi! AdLib 2 hours ago

Ad, dunno. Most scanning shops are closed and we’re too scared to go to a hospital right now. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Thanks, glenn pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

PPO – Is she able to take Advil? AdLib 2 hours ago

So Trump is making an EO saying people with pre-existing conditions can get health insurance. I guess no one told him Obama signed a law enforciing that 10 years ago. AdLib 2 hours ago

Don’t know Advil, sorry, Ad. We’re using codeine for the pain , Nurofen for any swelling and allsorts for so many other aches and pains. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

A law Trump is trying to get struck down in court. AdLib 2 hours ago

PPO – Yes, Ibuprofen is the best if there’s no ssue taking it, actually reduces swelling. AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey CL! AdLib 2 hours ago

Evening all – how are you? choicelady 2 hours ago

Ad–That Axios interview was a world-class lesson on how to interview the RTLB. My favorite part was when the RTLB handed the interviewer the paper with deaths; he looked at it, and understood it immediately, and told the RTLB what it was, and how the RTLB was wrong in what he was saying. Priceless! glenn 2 hours ago

He AdLib – good to see you. choicelady 2 hours ago

Doing well, CL. Planning a trip to Thighland. AdLib 2 hours ago

I don’t know why, by now, anyone isn’t aware that Trump is a dumb shit who says and does stuff just because he can and because he hates Obama and becuse he is a sadistic shit. There! pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

HeyCL–how are you? glenn 2 hours ago

CL! pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Murph! glenn 2 hours ago

Once had a girl from Thighland live w my family. Always thought it was pronounced differently, but hey – I’m merely a commoner. choicelady 2 hours ago

Hi PPO Hi glenn, Hi Murph the Magnificent! choicelady 2 hours ago

glenn – Agreed but to be fair, Swan was just doiing what most of us yell back at the tv when Trump lies. But other journalists are too worried about him getting mad and limiting access that they won’t question his lies. Swan was well prepared with facts though. AdLib 2 hours ago

Thailand is near Siam, I hear. pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Ad–really? I missed that about the RTLB’s EO. I thought we were supposed to have a great health care plan by now. Or is the EO the great health care plan? glenn 2 hours ago