Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 7 hours ago

Don’t ask me about Arizona directly, but the Arizona Republic is Phoenix and the Arizona Daily Star is Tucson. I’m catching up myself. Khirad 6 hours ago

Ah, got it! AdLib 6 hours ago

It’s only 105 fahrenheit here. Khirad 5 hours ago

Ouch! AdLib 5 hours ago

Wasn’t it hotter when Trump was there? He brings his own hell with him. AdLib 5 hours ago

Hey PPO! AdLib 5 hours ago

Hi, Ad, G41 pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

G41? AdLib 5 hours ago

someone was from Tucson guest41 pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Oh! I think that may be Khirad and he may be logged out. AdLib 5 hours ago

How are things going your way, PPO? AdLib 5 hours ago

Ah, I think Khirad is having a problem pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Not too great here in Victoria. There has been an unswing in cases and they’re panic buying TP again! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

hi glenn pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

hi Khirad pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Khirad – If you’re having an issue logging on, you may want to clear the cookies in your browser then cose and restart it. That may solve it. AdLib 5 hours ago

I think I’m back, Khirad 5 hours ago

close AdLib 5 hours ago

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. glenn 5 hours ago

Good! AdLib 5 hours ago

H glenn, how are you doing? AdLib 5 hours ago

Reimposing some restrictions here, but the numbers are puny compared to the US. Lord, you got problems! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

PPO–That’s too bad to hear there’s been an upswing in cases. TP seems to be plentiful right now; went to the grocery store today and shelves were full! I guess here in GA the virus is gone! /s/ glenn 5 hours ago

Can I say liberals are stupid for pulling dow statues that aren’t racist? Goddamn I hate my own side sometimes. Khirad 5 hours ago

PPO – That is not good news. I would suggest folks stock up on TP, paper towels, hand soap, Purel, frozen and canned foods just in case things continue on this trajectory and we have another stay-at-home panic shopping going on. AdLib 5 hours ago

PPO–As you know, we’ve had problems since the RTLB arrived in the Oval Office! glenn 5 hours ago

Khirad, not all dumb fools are Republican MAGATS, unfortunately pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Ad, stores here have reimposed limits, so the stocks are OK. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Ad–doing well, although feeling a little old. Celebrated my daughter’s 53rd birthday this week. I just can’t believe she’s that old! glenn 5 hours ago

PPO – I think the US is going to be a full on out of control pandemic but I don’t know if Govs will order stay-at-home again so people need to choose to do so while we go through this. Listen to your own common sense, defineitely not any Repub pols. AdLib 5 hours ago

glenn, Pence is an evil asshole as well. Can’t believe that WhatsHisName hasn’t called out Putin for putting bounties on the US troops with the Taliban pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Meanwhile New Zealand… Khirad 5 hours ago

Khirad–just as the virus knows no political boundaries, neither, unfortunately, does stupidity! glenn 5 hours ago

Khirad – There are always idiots in any movement or organization and always those who feel a need to “do something” that makes them feel big to the detriment of the purpose of that group. However, this will be a blip, not a big story that continues on and on. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad–I think both TX and FL have closed bars. Gee, who woulda thunk that being in a crowded, enclosed space with alcohol flowing freely would cause the virus to spread? glenn 5 hours ago

glenn, …..or a megachurch full of teens and no masks. Next week’s cannon fodder pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

PPO–Every single one of the RTLB’s administration are evil assholes. At this point, they have absolutely no excuse for continuing in this administration, except for the fact that they are evil. That’s it; you cannot be a decent human being and serve in this administration! glenn 5 hours ago

Hi all – took a lot of work to log in tonight. But here I am. Hope everyone is well? choicelady 5 hours ago

PPO – That’s good, hopefully that will restrict the possibilities of empty shelves but still, I think preparedness is the best path right now, to be stocked up on critical supplies just in case. AdLib 5 hours ago

Hi, cl! welcome pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

So here’s my thing. You complain the schools didn’t teach them well as you defunded them for decades? Khirad 5 hours ago

Hey, PPO – hope you’re doing well? choicelady 5 hours ago

Hi Choicelady! AdLib 5 hours ago

Hi AdLib! choicelady 5 hours ago

CL, still cocooned, new restrictions due to small upspike in cases here. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Khirad – that is THE point, isn’t it? Cut, cut, cut and wonder why schools don’t flourish. choicelady 5 hours ago

cl, yes, GOP ploy to keep the plebs uneducatedso they have cheap labor pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

PPO – CA is about to close back down I think. We got out for four days, now we’re back home staring at the same four walls – and each other. choicelady 5 hours ago

PPO–Yup. That the RTLB can convince people that wearing a mask is….Still can’t figure out why wearing a mask is a political statement, or what exactly their objection is…but the mask objection alone just proves to me that these people are in a cult. Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid. glenn 5 hours ago

Hi glenn – great to see you! choicelady 5 hours ago

Choicelady they cut ambassador and diplomatic protection and complained about Benhazi for six years… Khirad 5 hours ago

CL–Hey! So glad you’re here tonight. glenn 5 hours ago

glenn – if the Terminator can wear a mask, ANYONE can wear a mask. Arnold quit his gym over people disregarding that. choicelady 5 hours ago

glenn, so right. I wonder of any cultist will be wheeled into the operating room and tell all the surgeons and nurses to take off their masks! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Khirad – and one Rep, I can’t remember who, BRAGGED about the cuts to Benghazi and Embassy security and still blamed Hillary. choicelady 5 hours ago

Khirad, they’re wanting to question HRC again about the dead horse! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

glenn – Happy Birthday to your daughter! Yep, can’t help but be a reminder of our own age when our kids get older but you get to a point where you can just say, “Oh well, I’m here and doing fine.” AdLib 5 hours ago

Choicelady I know, but we all know that was not the point. Khirad 5 hours ago

Smoke and mirrors still. LOOOK OVER THERE! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Khirad–as a retired teacher, I just wish the pols would hold the cops as accountable as they hold teachers. Surely, we can devise a test to see if cops could pass it! glenn 5 hours ago

Anyway how hold is Biden? How is he losing it? He’s too old! – those are actual commercials… Khirad 5 hours ago

CL–didn’t know that about Arnold. He’s been scoring some points lately. glenn 5 hours ago

Projection defence, Kh. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Anyone here read “Democracy in Chains” by Nancy MacLean? If you haven’t, you need to because it is the best explanation of what is going on today. If it doesn’t curl your hair and curdle your milk, you are of stronger stuff than I am! choicelady 5 hours ago

It’s all projection and only the Lincoln Project holds him to it. Fuck Trump, fight back for fuck sake! Khirad 5 hours ago

glenn – Arnold is PRO MASK. He needs to do ads in costume – “The TERMINATOR WEARS MASKS! SO SHOULD YOU!” choicelady 5 hours ago

I heard of Democracy in Chains but can’t tell you a thing. Khirad 5 hours ago

PPO–The cultists shouldn’t be treated as people who tried to commit suicide. I realize that doctors and nurses have to treat them; but they should have to be treated as if they attempted suicide. Idiots! glenn 5 hours ago

I know that at the end of the day the Lincoln Project and Republicans for the Rule of Law will not be our BFF when Biden wins, but we’ve made alliances and positive changes with them. Bill Kristol – the man responsible for picking Sara Palin – is a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter, choicelady 5 hours ago

Khirad–Benghazi was never about the people who died. glenn 5 hours ago

Khriad – it is THE scariest book I;ve read in a very long time. And I read a lot of scary books. Libertarianism is what the GOP and Trump embrace, and it’s a radically pernicious view of our nation. Do read it. choicelady 5 hours ago

glenn – TX and FL closing bars isn’t going too make a massive dent. Their Governors along with Trump have doomed them to a massive disaster. All the Repub citizens shunning masks are still shunning them. And closing bars now (but leaving restaurants open) will not change that for the next few weeks, infections of people who got them this week will be spiking. It’s a tough future to get out of this with a pre-programmed Repub base that Trump has programmed to defy wearing masks…which, along with stay-at-home that they also shun, are the only ways to reduce infection rates. They will be hell but TX will get exactly what their LG Patrick wanted, spread the virus quickly, let the elderly die as a sacrifice to the economy all to help Trump. But it will only bury him. AdLib 5 hours ago

I have to admit, reluctantly that there do exist Republicans who abhor WhatsHisName as much as anyone and won’t vote for him. But, will they vote for Joe? pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

CL–Haven’t read it; I’ll look it up on my Kindle. glenn 5 hours ago

PPO – If you mean Kristol and Conway, yes. They have made it clear that they will vote for Biden. choicelady 5 hours ago

good, cl pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

glenn – it’s incredibly scary. choicelady 5 hours ago

PPO – the members of the two main anti Trump groups have ALL said they’re voting for Biden. choicelady 5 hours ago

oops–should read–“The cultists SHOULD be treated as people who tried to commit suicide.” glenn 5 hours ago

PPO – Yes, many of those Never-Trump Repubs will vote for Biden, some won’t but they won’t vote for Trump either. So less votes for Trump are good too. AdLib 5 hours ago

GOTV will be essential to overwhelm gerrymandering and voter suppression attempts. People must march and charge their pollies to fix inequities. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

CL–Hopefully, the folks at the Lincoln Project and RRL will continue to be positive about the changes that need to be made. glenn 5 hours ago

Interesting that the House has voted to make DC a State. What about PR? pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

If a bully, and I faced a few, challenged you? Punch them back. I’m not saying Biden, but I have no compunction to be evil, when it is for the greater good. Punch him back. Don’t get trapped in his narrative, but counterpunch. Khirad 5 hours ago

All -Ad Lib and I were ahead of the curve back when we first met in Palm Springs picketing the Koch family’s annual board meeting. In “Democracy in Chains” she makes clear that the Koch ideals of libertarianism are despicable, anti democracy, and dangerous. They are driving a lot of the fresh hell we see today. David died, but Charles lives on as well as their offspring. They are HORRID. choicelady 5 hours ago

Ad–I know. Republican governors will put lipstick on the pig (the virus), but won’t be able to make it look or act any better. glenn 5 hours ago

When Biden wins and the Dems take booth houses of Congress, as all seem most likely at least right now, they need to have a very aggressive 100 days agenda all prepared and ready to go. I want to see the Voting Rights Act fixed, the ACA fixed, immigration and DACA laws passed, DOJ investigations and maybe a panel to examine all the crimes of the Trump Admin and a list of laws to be enacted swiftly to prevent a future president from doing what he did and at the top of the list, reforms in policing that drastically change and control police violence towards citizens. What have I left out that you’d want to see in the first 100 days? AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad, more SCOTUS seats pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

AsLib, you have it all but look the other way when I punch a few people in the face. Khirad 5 hours ago

PPO – Oh yeah, make DC and PR states. Go for all of it immediately! Which means, end the filibuster in The Senate so only a 51 majority is needed for any law to be passed. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad–Every morning I wake up on this side of the dirt is a good day, no matter how old my daughter gets. And, I mostly still have my mental faculties, so I’m good. glenn 5 hours ago

Khirad – I think the tactic now is that Lincoln GOP and GOP for the Rule of Law along with other PAC voices do ALL the punching. That leaves the Dems and Biden to deliver positive and uplifting messages. The constant uptick in the polls for Biden show that tactic is working. Biden never gets into the mud w Trump. He stands outside the dirt and lies and treachery. That’s for the Lincoln Project et al. to handle, and then Biden weighs in with POSITIVE messages about hope and possibility. choicelady 5 hours ago

Washington gets to be a state so long as it becomes the District of Columbia or Columbia. Washington as a state is taken. Khirad 5 hours ago

cl, the best tactic is what is working right now with this 2-pronged approach. Also, let It condemn himself with his gibberish. Joe just needs to look and act Presidential – no big effort! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

I’m too Scots-Irish and German to just “believe” in a supernatural law. I believe in fighting. Khirad 5 hours ago

Khirad – it’s been proposed the state be named “Douglass” for Frederick. Not sure that will fly, but it’s a lovely idea. choicelady 5 hours ago

Khirad–I think ignoring and/or laughing at the bully works too. Biden has been coming out with rhetoric against the RTLB, but what he needs to do is just mostly ignore him, and continue to tell the American people what his administration will do regarding reigning in the police, BLM, LGBT, and most importantly, containing COVID 19. Because if the RTLB and repubs continue on this path, COVID 19 will be just as virulent in Jan. 2021 as it is now, if not more. glenn 5 hours ago

glenn – most of Biden’s messages are quite uplifting, and the dirt IS being handled by SuperPACs. choicelady 5 hours ago

Oh no, ignore him, of course. How has that worked out for four decades? Khirad 5 hours ago

Ad–I like that agenda! PPO–I like your addition to Ad’s agenda. glenn 5 hours ago

Khirad, the new Congress needs to flush any taint of religious impact in legislation right away. Deny the superchurches any political air, or TAX the fuckers! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

CL – Yes, those were good days for us, not great days for the Kochs who had stayed hidden until then. Remember Brietbart roller skating outside, taunting the protesters. Wonder if they allow roller skating in Hell? AdLib 5 hours ago

Khirad – ignoring Trump unlike Bush or anyone else IS a tactic. He cannot stand it. choicelady 5 hours ago

Ad – LOL! Breitbart isn’t doing a damned thing but roasting I think! choicelady 5 hours ago

CL–It’s why we all love you and Ad. You are true progressives and I am so glad to know you both! glenn 5 hours ago

PPO – Yes! Add two SCOTUS seats too! And maybe add a rule that allows moving judges from top courts if they prove to be incompetent or worse, not needing a 2/3 vote as in impeachment. AdLib 5 hours ago

glenn – well, that’s why we love YOU! choicelady 5 hours ago

cl, True. HE’s desperate to be seen and heard. Wonder how keen he will be when the Debates come around pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Oh, also pass a Green New Deal and infrastructure prgram. Repeal the Trump tax cut too. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad – I think you’d have to amend the Constituion to do that with SCOTUS? choicelady 5 hours ago

Khirad – I may not be looking the other way, I may beat you to punching knuckleheads. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad – Tom Steyer’s Prop. 39 is a great template for how to do a real Green New Deal program. I’ve worked with it, and it’s changed lives for the good as well as upgraded buildings to solar. It a REAL program, not just ideology. choicelady 5 hours ago

Khirad – I think DC residents would be cool with that, as long as they get to be treated like every other American, with representation and self-rule as a state. AdLib 4 hours ago

AdLib – you know I like left wing punk and Industrial. Khirad 4 hours ago

CL–I agree. I love the Lincoln Project’s and the Rule of Law folks’ ads. They don’t pull any punches! It’s driving the RTLB crazy that Biden won’t meet him in the mud! I think Biden should use the same tactics in the debates. No matter how much the RTLB insults him or lies, Biden should just keep repeating what he (Biden) is going to do for ALL of the US when he is elected president. glenn 4 hours ago

Ad – my “new” brother in law lives in DC. We’re encouraging him to run for Senate from DC. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – I don’t know about using proper names for states, calling DC “Doug” for short would make me chuckle. AdLib 4 hours ago

Washington is no longer Washingting the state and DC is DC. People in Washington have been praying for this. Khirad 4 hours ago

glenn – totally agree! We have great mud wrestlers on our side. Let Biden shine with hope and possibilities! choicelady 4 hours ago

Ad – I feel the same. It’s not my call, it’s theirs, but I did raise an eyebrow! choicelady 4 hours ago

Ad, how about restoration of the DOJ, USSS and FBI to places of honor and impartiality. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Khirad–the problem is, that the press has NOT ignored the RTLB, and now they can’t. But Biden can ignore him, to a great extent, which is why the RTLB is having to keep resorting to personal insults. glenn 4 hours ago

CL–Thanks. glenn 4 hours ago

PPO – the coolest thing about Biden is that he knows every agency and how it works, and he already SAID if people had been fired or left, he’d welcome them back. How cool is THAT? choicelady 4 hours ago

PPO – Yes, that too, create a more vigilent effort to remove tax-free status from any church participating in political events. Fund up the IRS to go after the wealthy. Pass a wealth tax. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad, I like it! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

OK – I’m caving. I can’t remember what RTLB is. I’m pretending I know. I don’t. choicelady 4 hours ago

Ad – perfect ideas. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL–A Green New Deal is something that needs to be passed. glenn 4 hours ago

Laws against nepotism in the presidency. Protect IGs from beiing fired by a president alone, needing Congressional approval. AdLib 4 hours ago

Racist Total lying B’tard, I believe! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad – as far as the churches the law is intact. The Yam Man did almost everything by EO that can be UNDONE quickly. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL–The Racist, Treasonous, Lying Bully who squats in the Oval Office. glenn 4 hours ago

PPO – OK!!! choicelady 4 hours ago

I stand corrected! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

I LIKE RTLB however it is names! choicelady 4 hours ago

Named. choicelady 4 hours ago

I know longer or ever have wanted to be a martyr for properness. I understand tact. But sometimes, fight back. Khirad 4 hours ago

PPO–Yours was good, too! Especially like the “bastard” part. glenn 4 hours ago

I prefer Nancy Pelosi’s taunt WhatsHisName. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

CL – “Breitbart roasting on a hellish fire, David Koch burning to his toes… AdLib 4 hours ago

Khirad – I am ALL for fighting back. I am ALL for picking who should do that wisely. choicelady 4 hours ago

Ad – You just ruined Christmas for me!!! LOL!!! choicelady 4 hours ago

CL, thanks, my grammar. CL, I’ll keep you in mind. Khirad 4 hours ago

PPO – I love that! Trust Nancy to stick it to him! choicelady 4 hours ago

PPO–WhatsHisName is good too. I wish people would stop calling him “Mr. President” or “the president”. They should just call him by his name (mine would be better, but I guess they have to have some tact), without the title that he does not deserve. glenn 4 hours ago

CL – Nope, nothing in the Constitution affects changes to the size of the SCOTUS or rules allowing Congress to move judges from top courts. But SCOTUS is different, if that’s what you meant, can’t just remove them without impeachment. But their terms could be limited too. AdLib 4 hours ago

Khirad – we all claim we have “dyslexia of the fingers” rushing to post here. Feel free to claim that for any reason at all. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – I haven’t read through it but I am wide open to bringing Steyer and others in to help get the GND off the ground federally. AdLib 4 hours ago

CL, ‘Kellyanne a’blustering as only she knows, Ivankas getting a new nose” pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Anyway, I still want to get back to flags… I’m gonna bow out. Khirad 4 hours ago

G’night Khirad. Hope you have a good weekend. glenn 4 hours ago

CL – Very cool, he should run! We need to make DC a state in those first 100 days. AdLib 4 hours ago

glenn, I note that most news may say President once, then it is Mr. Trump afterwards, or just Trump. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad – I don’t want term limits since we’d throw the baby out with the bathwater. But we need to bear down on impeachment for current and past lies made to GET on the bench or serve on any case. You know who deserves it. BTW – I have eaten at his fave restaurant that was my mother in law’s (never met her) fave. I resent like hell he goes there. That was ALICE’s RESTAURANT, not Kavanaugh’s! choicelady 4 hours ago

Oh I missed Khriad’s good night! Sorry! I’m delighted he’s back with us! choicelady 4 hours ago

PPO–Ivanka needs a new brain; and Kellyanne shouldn’t talk about someone having plastic surgery. Or being quarantined has made all of her wrinkles go away. It’s a miracle! glenn 4 hours ago

PPO – Yes, good call but don’t need Congress to restaff the DOJ, FBI, IGs, EPA, etc., aside from confirmed positions. WHich would be no problem with a Dem majority Congress. AdLib 4 hours ago

CL–That would be very cool if your brother-in-law runs. glenn 4 hours ago

Kellyanne’s botox or whatever lasted about a week. Her ugly is coming through again. And Ivanka needs a cheek suction. She’s looking WAY too Slavic. choicelady 4 hours ago

PPO–I don’t watch any MSM news, so I’ll take your word for it. He doesn’t deserve the title, even once, IMO. glenn 4 hours ago

glenn – my BIL won’t. He’s retired. He’s an independent, very wonderfully quirky. But no, it is a family joke rather than serious. choicelady 4 hours ago

glenn – He WOULD be good I think. He’s a deliciously honorable man. choicelady 4 hours ago

I’m reading that Putin has made the Taliban a bunch of bounty hunters to go after US and allied troops in Afghanistan, What will McConnell do about that? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

CL–Confused. Was your mother-in-law named Alice. Or are you actually talking about Guthrie’s Alice of restuarant fame? glenn 4 hours ago

CL – Right! Just meant we need an aggressive approach to building back up the seperation between church and state. But all of Trump’s EOs need to be torn up on Day One. And all the children in cages and taken from their families need to be freed and reunited. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad–Isn’t it amazing how long your agenda is becoming as we peel back the layers of corruption, malfeasance, and outright crime out of the RTLB’s administration? Well, not amazing, more like SAD! glenn 4 hours ago

Ad – I am TOTALLY for separation of church and state, and the laws are on the books. Yam Man did an EO suspending enforcement, and the laws need to be upheld. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL–Too bad he won’t run. We can always use good, honorable men/women in our government. glenn 4 hours ago

Ad – more than ANYTHING I want Bide to bring in the Red Cross that did family reunification after WW II and get those babies and kids back with their parents and siblings. More than any other thing, this is important. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – Me too, not wanting term limits, at least not short ones. And yes, the hearings for SCOTUS need to change and candidates MUST answer with specifics on how they would decide cases, no more, “That’s hypothetical.” So is their becoming a judge then. AdLib 4 hours ago

glenn – he would be great, but he’s recovering from oral cancer, and after a full career in the DOJ, he’s pretty much done. He is just great, but…age takes its toll. choicelady 4 hours ago

glenn – I imagine how delighted I would be if Ivanka joins Jared and Don Jr. in prison with Donald. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad – I get why no one ever answers questions about cases that might arise before them, but DAMN they do need to talk about how they see the LAW. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – The ugly is strong with that one (Kellyanne), of course it resurfaces on her face, it has nowhere to go. AdLib 4 hours ago

All – it seriously is my belief that Trump has been amassing a fortune in rake offs from the sale of PPE to offshore accounts, and that when he loses, he will FLEE the USA before inauguration day to some place (Myanmar?) that has good weather and no extradition treaty with us. choicelady 4 hours ago

Ad – you know the saying: beauty is only skin deep. Ugliness is to the BONE. choicelady 4 hours ago

Here’s something that I would like Dems to begin discussing now, too. The MSM is giving the RTLB and Barr so much press for their schemes to fuck up the election. So much so that it is becoming “normalized” in my opinion. “Will the RTLB leave office?” “Barr is trying to discredit absentee ballots.” Dems need to get on top of this and tell both the RTLB and Barr that if (or should I say “when”) the RTLB loses, if he refuses to leave office, he will be escorted out in no uncertain terms. They need to stop letting the press go on and on with these “what ifs” and tell the RTLB in no uncertain terms that he WILL leave. He can leave upright, or he can be carried out. He can leave in his suit and red tie, or in a straight jacket. Either way, he WILL leave. Shut this shit down NOW! glenn 4 hours ago

glenn – This is what neglect and the lack of Dem unified power in DC has caused, a very long list of action items. But they could all be done in the first 100 days and Biden would go down in history alongside FDR. And finally, we’s have leadership and a coordinated approach to dealing with COVID-19. AdLib 4 hours ago

cl, I bet the USSS and FBI have plans in place already to prevent him doing a runner. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

glenn – I think you’re correct that Dem publicity needs to be “We can MAKE a clean election with your help” and show people what they can do. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – That would be a great idea, to bring in a group like the Red Cross to handle the reunification, people who are accustommed to being compassionate and understanding in such a process. AdLib 4 hours ago

CL–Oh, please, please, let him leave. Congress can try and convict him in absentia and make sure that if he ever tries to come back to these shores, he will be arrested! And, freeze all of his assets that they can. glenn 4 hours ago

PPO – I know USSS and FBI are ready to drag him to hell if he won’t leave the WH,. but I’m not sure anyone gives a shit if he does a runner. What we DO need is a way to recover the money he’s stolen. THAT, I think, is where our work is. choicelady 4 hours ago

Ad – we can do so much now with DNA, too. The Red Cross KNOW this stuff, and with DNA companies (who arealdy offered) we could get kids with their parents, do legal asylum, and get them safe. choicelady 4 hours ago

Ad–I would love it if Biden could get all that done in the first 100 days! glenn 4 hours ago

cl, Invoke RICO somehow, freeze all his assets in other countries (State Dept can play along) and cancel his passport. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

CL – I understand the precedent for judge candidates not to answer hypotheticals but it is BS IMO. They used to until more recently and now its exploited by all candidates. They would not be ruling on a law, they can provide ay caveats but they need to say how they would rule so choosing them is based on knowing how they would act as a judge. And allowing fr impeachment if they lie about how they view the law. AdLib 4 hours ago

CL–Your reunification idea is wonderful. glenn 4 hours ago

Well, folks, time to say cheerio for this week. Please, please stay safe. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

glenn – i think you’re right on the money about what to do. I think he has Pick’s Disease, frontotemporal dementia, that accounts for his very weird posture, his lack of coordination, his weird word salads, etc. He only has a few more years to live. We need his MONEY and for him to be, yes, convicted in absentia. And law tightened and created so this NEVER happens again. choicelady 4 hours ago

PPO – have a wonderful week. Lovely to see you as always! choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – You may be right but I have a lower opinion of Trump’s long term thinking. And I would argue that his ego wouldn’t allow him to run away…”like a dog”. He will want to stay and be treated like Jesus by the RW fanatics who will continue to be his cultists. Would he deprive himself of that, even with criminal prosecution possible? AdLib 4 hours ago

PPO–best to Fergie! glenn 4 hours ago

Absolutely, the people ugliest to the bone populate the Trump admin. AdLib 4 hours ago

CL–Thanks. No matter what his diseases/conditions he has, he still needs to be held accountable. glenn 4 hours ago

Ad and CL–my turn to say goodnight. Always great chatting with the two of you. Have a wonderful week and hope to chat next week. Stay safe! glenn 4 hours ago

Ad – I think he believes that wherever he goes he will be venerated, but he KNOWS, esp. after this weekend’s revelations of actual TREASON, that staying would be horrid. He’s all about HIM and his comfort. I think Ivanka would do the planning, he’d just look forward to living in luxury. He’s not about to fight the Dems and courts on his criminality. He’s too lazy and self indulgent for that. choicelady 4 hours ago

Good night, glenn ! Hope all is well in GA and that you are OK. Hope to see you soon! choicelady 4 hours ago

glenn – First off, if Trump is beaten as badly as it seems he will be, he won’t have any motivation to refuse to go, he will be proven as the loser he is and sulk. Yes, he’ll cry about how it was all a fraud but the momentum of society, the miilitary, etc., is turning against him. Second, I am hearing from many Dems including Biden that they aren’t worried that Trump won’t leave, the military would be just fine with marching in and dragging him out. Trump is losing power by the day. AdLib 4 hours ago

Trump knows though that his cult is based in the U.S. and that most of the rest of the world hates him (he’s been hatng on the world for 3 years). Where would he go and be revered as strngly as in the US? AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad – I don’t worry anymore about his NOT leaving the WH. I do think he will leave the USA because why would he STAY? He is so self indulgent, he wants to live without accountability, and we will DEMAND that he be HELD accountable. It’s not his style when he can get out. choicelady 4 hours ago

I think he wants Burma (Myanmar) both for its tropical beauty, it’s rigid class system, and its lack of an extradition treaty. choicelady 4 hours ago

Tyrants LOVE Trump and he loves them. choicelady 4 hours ago

He can’t move his company out of the U.S. without having funds frozen. And he has hs resorts in the U.S. that he calls home. If he does flee, he will be depressed and defeated as a human being, which works for me too. AdLib 4 hours ago

CL – But he will be a loser in exile. How does he feed his ego like that? Will he be able to give up cheering crowds chanting his name? I think he is self-destructive enough to stay. AdLib 4 hours ago

He has properties all over the world now. I don’t think he’d go to Russia, but he has Vlad as his bud. If he has offshored everything, and I bet he has, he’s pretty free to do what he wants. Ivanka will help. Only outstanding question – who will go WITH him? I’m not even sure Jared is included. I am pretty sure not Melania and the three sons would be. choicelady 4 hours ago

And…he may be advised to pardon himself or step down on Jan 19 to allow Pence to pardon him. Won’t slve the NY and other state cases but he may feel he can fight them long enough to tame them. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad – IF he stays, he’s doomed. As with the draft, he will find a way to avoid ALL hardships. Cheering crowds are fairly new – luxurious living and golf are his mainstays. And he doesn’t have long to live if he does have this form of dementia. It’s a fast actor. choicelady 4 hours ago

But for a narcissist, who doesn’t like being outside of the U.S., whose ego couldn’t stand being seen as running away like a coward, would he be able to emotionally accept the life of an exile in a foreign country. The only president ever to have to flee the U.S.? AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad – All those are possibilities, but the cleanest exist is to leave. And he probably has transferred ownership of his USA assets to Ivanka. choicelady 4 hours ago

He loves other countries. As long as he is in luxury, I don’t think he cares where his gold course is. choicelady 4 hours ago

golf course. Though GOLD course is a factor, too! choicelady 4 hours ago

I think he’s too addicted to the live adulaton. He is vindictive too, he will want to pursue some way of “getting even” with the Dems and everyone he sees as taking away the power he was entitled to. And if he pardons himself or has Pence do it by stepping down a day early, he may not be in as much criminal trouble. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ivanka’s goig to jail too. AdLib 4 hours ago

Remember that the adulation is actually fairly new. Luxury is a long standing desire. He could build a major following anywhere with elites anywhere. choicelady 4 hours ago

It will take us time to get Ivanka. But she would anchor any effort of the gov’t to lock down his assets. choicelady 4 hours ago

Trump never traveled a lot, he is not someone who likes other cultures, he’s a white nationalist in this country. In Myanmar, he’s just annother rich, convicted American. No cult there and he’d lose all of his worshippers. AdLib 4 hours ago

He might step down for a pardon. I don’t think Pence is beyond NOT DOING IT!!! choicelady 4 hours ago

Yes but even if an addict is new to heroin, once they’re hooked, they’re hooked. Trump is now, living the life of a populist president then going to a hermit in exile? He couldn’t stand it. AdLib 4 hours ago

Oh he has traveled and LOVES other countries when he’s treated like royalty. The adulation from crowd is less heady than being a pasha. choicelady 4 hours ago

I don’t think he’d be a hermit – he would be an ‘elder statesman’ consulted by RW forces from around the world. choicelady 4 hours ago

Ivanka is in big trouble over the inauguration fund and the Trump Org’s criminal dealings, not to mention a host of federal crimes since Trump was in office. NY STate will nail her too. AdLib 4 hours ago

Yes Ivanaka will pay, but she can prevent federal seizure just long enough to get out herself. choicelady 4 hours ago

The rich have the capacity to bury and protect their assets WAY more than we do. choicelady 4 hours ago

Exactly, Pence is the personification of evil hiding behind religion. He is already assisting Trump in causing the deaths of tens of thousands of people via COVID-19. AdLib 4 hours ago

Pence is more scary than Trump. He’s just as evil but far more competent. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – I don’t know, Trump will look like a loser/has-been who was thrown out of office by his country. WHo’s going to be coming to him for advice after that. Losing coaches in sports who are fired don’t become popular consultants afterwards. AdLib 4 hours ago

When he loses the election, the issue will be entirely self preservation. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – What would be more satisfying than seeing Ivanka flee penniless? AdLib 4 hours ago

Being in prison, I guess. AdLib 4 hours ago

They won’t ever be penniless. They already know how to bury assets. choicelady 4 hours ago

Orange is NOT her color. choicelady 4 hours ago

And you know, the criminals who flee the country make mistakes and get caught when they’re driven to travel and get oout of their hidey-holes. AdLib 4 hours ago

I agree. But he won’t. He doesn’t have the capacity to move around that much as his physical decline continues. I think he has 2-3 years of life left. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – Yes, the wealthy are weasels who hide money away but eventually, that can be tracked down too. If Trump flees and is convicted in absentia, I think there would be a number of FBI officers who would make it their mission to nail him and bring him back to face justice. He has built up so many enemies in our intelligence community, I think they would be champing at the bit to get him. AdLib 4 hours ago

CL – The thing about Trump though is that he is self-delusional, he thinks that he can make reality conform to what he thinks. And he seems to be getting more mentally ill as each day passes, I could see him refusing his lawyers’ pleas to get out. AdLib 4 hours ago

Possibly, but I think he knows he’s sick and just wants time. He does not want to deal with indictments and trials. He wants luxury and golf. choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – Maybe then Ivanka can get a patent for making license plates? AdLib 4 hours ago

I thought that, too – until the PPE/respirator issue. He’s SELLING our supplies and that makes no sense unless he’s pocketing the money. choicelady 4 hours ago

Ad – I think the STATES have dibs on the patents! choicelady 4 hours ago

CL – If the weight of it all crashes down on him, being rejected by the country, losing his power and influence, being seen as the ultimate loser and going down as the worst president in US history…maybe he’ll take one-too-many Aderalls? AdLib 4 hours ago

That is another very real possibility. choicelady 4 hours ago

I think I’m crashing. One weird thing about seclusion – neither Greg nor I sleep. Not as if we have anything else to do, but I get about 5-6 hours and then get very tired after dinner. So I think I’ll bid you good night. Hope all is well there. Hugs to your gals! Hope to be on next week. Be well! choicelady 4 hours ago

I don’t know, whether it was in his early days in NY, on the Apprentice, on the sidelines attacking Obama, as a candidate and Pres, Trump has spent his entire adult life in the media, being a celebrity and now, having a cult of power. I don’t see Trump as a person who would just walk away and prefer peace and quiet and obscurity. He doesn’t care about money or the luxuries of life more than satisfyiing his narcissism. AdLib 4 hours ago

Would being under indictment offset any of that? He won’t be a cult hero no matter what. Why would he STAY and face that? choicelady 4 hours ago

Same here, I’ve got my items to help me sleep but sometimes I take an Ambian or I’m up till the dawn. AdLib 4 hours ago

Let’s hope for a return to normality soon! Be well, Ad. See you soon! choicelady 4 hours ago

Because Trump is the kind of guy who would foolishly go down with the ship as long as he got a fix. AdLib 4 hours ago

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