2014 Eric Garner said the words “I can’t breathe.” He died at the hands of a New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo.

In 2020, George Floyd, utters the same words and sadly suffers the same fate as Garner. Death at the hands of a police officer Derek Chauvin. He also ignored the words of George Floyd, “I can’t breathe.”

No attempts by any of the other officers to have Chauvin remove his knee from the neck of Floyd, instead we hear one of the police officers telling him to get up – an impossibility – with Officer Chauvin’s knee firmly implanted on his neck.

These officers saw he was in distress. Instead of checking to see if he was all right, they took on the role of circling vultures.

They just hovered over Floyd as his life drained out of him. While they watched Chauvin administer their collective version of “to serve and protect,” which for George Floyd, a black citizen of Minneapolis, was death.

When it comes to civil rights and Black Men and Women, police seem to have a collective view. Black Men and Women have no Civil Rights!

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